The Inner Light

Lately, as soon as I lie down and close my eyes for sleep, a brilliant light appears, in one color or another. Brilliant white. Deep cobalt blue. Lime green. Etc. The light is very bright and stable, not moving. It occupies roughly the whole inner visual field but can sometimes appear to be coming slightly from one side or from an angle. Not disturbing, but vivid. Several times I have opened my eyes, assuming that someone must have turned on a very bright light near my camping spot. But no: with eyes open, the light level drops back to normal for a dark night with a little moon outside and a few distant light posts. Hmmm. Again, I close my eyes: The brilliant light immediately returns. Okay, it’s an inner light.

Side effect of meditation? If anything, I’ve been slacking in that department. Energy running around in my spiritual neurobiology, as Yogani might say? One of the many symptoms of ascension-in-progress? I have wondered if I could fall asleep with it present, as I am more accustomed to darkness, but awareness slides toward sleep as usual and pre-dream imagery starts to form. Dream recall has heightened, too, after a temporary trough. Lucidity is growing again in the dream state.

Perhaps this inner light is a short-term guest, and perhaps it is here to stay. Only time and the luminosity within will tell…see you in the inner light.