New Earth Peru Blog: Two Projects Are Better Than One


Written by Greg Paul

Originally written on 12/1/16

On returning to Aguano, Aurora had been doing pretty good, but it was unfortunately only a matter of time before she began to show signs of struggling again… now evident that all the while the whole problem had really been the climate – it is hot as shit here, and very humid – for anyone the conditions are challenging, but for a new born baby of European blood, it is simply too much to handle.

It is for this reason that we have taken the decision to leave Aguano…

Before we came here I had been a little reluctant about the move – to go to Peru, in the depths of the amazon jungle, with a young child and 8 month pregnant wife with zero resource base had seemed a little outrageous, even to me, and it was actually Emma (well Aurora) who had driven our move… Emma simply KNEW that Aurora had to be born here, and I knew that, on this occasion at least, I had to follow her judgment… I did however insist that we had a back-up plan which, as we had long since been drawn to Ecuador (and since we have a friend there with a desire to create a New Earth Project/Nation on a 2,000 acre property which is by far the most breath-taking property anyone has ever proposed to New Earth), Ecuador was that plan…

So when everything came to a head last week, I was very much left wondering why on earth we had to go through all this… Why would an unborn child be so insistent upon being born in a place that she had no capacity to survive, let along thrive, in? Why would New Earth have been engaged in two years of discussion and activity in this project if it was never going to go anywhere? And a great many other questions each of which made equally little sense.

Well last night, I received those answers…

Having just returned from Tarapoto organising our trip to Ecuador, I was back not two hours before I felt compelled, actually by Aurora, to have a foot bath (with the same local crystal salt that was always intended to form the basis of our enterprise development). This is only the second time I’ve done this in the 8 months we have been here, but I simply HAD to have one…

As I was mixing the salt in the water with my hands, I picked out a large diamond salt crystal. The second I put the diamond in the palm of my hand I received a flurry of information telling the story of how it all really does begin with the salt (it has long been my view that conscious sustainable community begins with enterprise development – money or no money, every local community needs to be a benefit to the global community in some manner, and it was likewise always the intention that enterprise development in Aguano begin with this remarkable Peruvian salt) … and as I then sat there bathing my feet, the story continued to unfold – how this whole trip to Peru was all about Aurora; how her purpose was to receive and transmit a certain new set of crystal coding; how Aurora has exactly the same effect on me when I hold her as the salt; how she is the living embodiment of this precise coding of the Peruvian salt crystal; that she is the only ‘outsider’ child ever born on Aguano soil; how the whole idea of the Aguanina brand (meaning ‘child of Aguano’ and which was intended to be the mark under which we created salt products) was literally birthed when she was (unintentionally but at the same time); the EXACT mechanism for how the large diamond crystals could be distributed to literally transform the planet (by recoding the morphogenetic field of the human species); that our leaving need not spell the end of the project; and how it all fitted together!

Upon realising this, I immediately set about firstly consolidating a plan for the continuation of this project in Aguano Muyuna in our absence – that plan is that the villagers will be taking responsibility for redistributing their land holdings as necessary to provide a 20-50 hectare piece of land (the most beautiful piece they can find in their territory), and commit that land to the project, at which point we will return to create a New Earth Haven or similar objective. Part of the ongoing profits from which will go into a Fund for village projects and initiatives… The people are happy with this, the Mayor is happy with this, and the President of the Association which cares for the 5,000 hectare preserve bordering the village is also happy with this. Once the people have formally committed their landholding, we will assemble a team to deliver the project, and with me being only a few hours away just over the border, can help to coordinate all!

In respect of the salt, when we head out to our new place, I’ll be taking a large bag of salt crystals! Vilcabamba (where we will be based) is one of the ‘conscious’ capitals of the world and the ideal place to initiate a project of this nature. I have a trustworthy guy on the ground here in Peru to coordinate all further salt supply needs (based on initial success) and a cunning plan!

This is Aurora’s gig – she makes the plan and I carry it out… it’s going to be fun seeing where this goes!

I am particularly excited about this new adventure in Ecuador – not only is it the place we have hoped to settle in for some time, but what is proposed for the NE Project in Ecuador is also a vastly more simple project to initiate than the somewhat ambitious one initiated here (and I am seriously missing the act of physical construction, which I was very much born to do).

That the trip to Ecuador took two days to organise, and the trip to Peru two years, and that everything surrounding the prospect in Ecuador has ran like clockwork, and everything surrounding the Peru project has been a challenge, I take as a good sign of a fair wind…

The challenges continue unabated as we prepare to leave (gas bottle ran out so we’re cooking on open fire again, internet is down so have to travel a long way just to check emails and coordinate the trip, and on and on and on), but they are somehow less of an issue now that we are set to head to more pleasant climbs!

We had to come to Peru, there were things fundamental to our journey that only existed here – the missing piece to complete the understanding for the real New Earth Exchange, to meet the wonderful Matias who will be journeying to Ecuador with us (and others – like Luiggi, Fernando and Jorge whose remarkable contributions to our mutual undertaking will surely continue long after we leave Peru), and most importantly, to birth Aurora and get the salt!

The reality is that Peru has tried its very best to kick our asses – which, having never quite managed to finish the job, has prepared us perfectly for what now lies ahead, with great lessons learned in fatherhood, brotherhood and leadership, and a significantly increased capacity to resolve seemingly endless problems simultaneously…

This blog will continue – stay tuned



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