Countdown to the Launch of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Bringing pure truth to corrupt law and governance systems, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is the world’s first People-Powered Tribunal.  The ITNJ stands as sentinel and protectorate for all nations and individuals, so we invite you to stand with them during their official launch, taking place Monday May 4th.

The ITNJ is the only Tribunal in the world not beholden to any nation or group of nations, nor any corporation or group of corporations, and is not directly funded by taxes of any kind. While the ITNJ may accept contributions from any source, the ITNJ does not rely on any sources except the People.

Relying primarily on funding freely given directly by the People of the World will keep the ITNJ completely neutral and unbiased as a pillar of justice for and by the People.

We offer our deepest gratitude for your contribution at any level. Launching the ITNJ is a powerful step the People are taking to regain our sovereignty. Every level of contribution enables the International Tribunal for Natural Justice to move forward on its mission, for the benefit of all. Thank you for your contribution and support.

Sacha Stone and Rebecca Cope host a panel of special guests to discuss how we draw the ‘line in the sand’ to stop fascism and tyranny creeping into our lives and taking over our world. This is a global online event where experts in pure-law will shine the light of truth on systems of law and governance gone rogue. They will discuss the role of the ITNJ as the new planetary leader in restoring natural justice and common dignity to humanity.


Monday, May 4th 2015, 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern USA London Midnight

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