Fusion Economics Chapter 2 – Voodoo Economics

We are living in a time of global protests, and increasingly, as the New Earth Institute’s chief economic advisor, Laurence Brahm mentions in this video, we are coming to understand that there is a difference between the increasing interconnectedness of all humanity that globalization has brought, and the exploitation of people, cultures, animals and the environment that is part of its unhealthy expression. This video speaks of the ideal of non-oppositional activism and simultaneously shows film shots of real conflict between activists and those representing the current system.

What would it look like for us to establish and together experience a healthy form of globalization; one in which our increasing interconnectedness became a support for establishing harmony between different cultures, between humanity and all animal species and with the Earth as a whole? How can the activism we embody move beyond aggressive opposition so as to become fluid, holistic, awakened action, and whilst still discerning clearly what is right and wrong, stand for this ideal of unity in diversity? These are lessons we are surely learning in this time of such global protests, and the New Earth community is interested to hear any thoughts and impressions people might have.

As one – love.