Self-Contained Prefab Home Lets You Live Almost Anywhere In The World


Written by Alexa Erickson

Every time I travel, I find myself more enamoured with the world, and yet I have a longing for home. Not necessarily the things in my home, but the way my home makes me feel. I know attachment is thought of as a form of materialism, but homes can serve as sacred spaces that exude positive, comforting, loving, and familiar energy.

The things in my home tell a story. The nooks and crannies my cat sleeps and plays in are heartwarming to me. The meals I’ve made in my kitchen bring me a sense of wholeness. The memories made sitting around the dining room table with friends are endless, as is the sand I’ve trekked into the house from the beach. Home, the home I have at this very moment, much like all the homes I’ve had in the past, is a huge part of me.

Minimalists and world travellers alike will tell you that home is where the heart is; that the less you have the more you experience and feel. But what if you want both? What if you could take your home anywhere in the world? What a dream…

Except with Coodo, it’s a reality. The eco-friendly mobile home created in Germany was designed to be able to pop up almost anywhere in the world. Want to live it up in the big city? Pop up Coodo on the roof. Looking to escape to paradise? You can bring your home to the beach, too.

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If you’re thinking, I wish I could do this with my business, you can. Coodo can double as a retail space, restaurant, office, studio, or social space thanks to its flexible blank box and modular design. Looking for a certain size? Coodo units can even be connected to form spaces of all sizes to fit your needs.

Their website explains:

A coodo, simply put, is a frame with nicely rounded corners and stabilizing sturdy walls constructed of heavy glass. Its  heating, cooling and power systems, are all neatly concealed within the flooring, ceiling, and inner walls of the unit. With your selected model, you choose from various options and we install it. After all, you’re not buying a coodo  to deal with the little details, but rather, to enjoy the bigger picture. The architects who created the coodo know this and  went above and beyond, to create a simple product that  is practical, beautiful and good. You choose your colors, fabrics, and details and let us do the rest. So when you move in, everything matches  everything else and most importantly, everything matches ‘you’. Now your new life can begin!

The prefabricated house can be quickly and easily assembled with minimal impact on the building site and environment. The company has designed various styles and sizes, from 36- to 96-square meters, and offer a variety of functions, including a houseboat called the watercoodo.

Some models are as easy to pop up as a tent, requiring just a few minutes of your time, while others are a bit more involved, and may require a couple of hours.


Coodo can be relocated at any time, giving owners the flexibility to get up and go — house and all — whenever they desire.

The company wanted not only to create a design that allowed people to travel with no strings attached, but also one that could minimize the home’s environmental impact as well. The website explains that  all units consist of “low-pollutant, ecologically compatible, and mostly natural materials.”

The homes offer triple-glazed full-height windows, high-tech insulation, an outdoor shaded deck built from recycled planking, a built-in micro-filtered ventilation, and air moisture system to keep the interior clean and dust-free.

“We want to lead by example by having a great impact on society and proving that high ecological and sustainable standards do not stand in opposition to equally high standards for design and comfort, but can work in harmony through innovation,” explained Mark Dare Schmiedel, CEO of Coodo’s LTG Lofts to go GmbH & Co. KG.

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