Improving Health Through Design and Architecture With Juan Schlosser


In the West we are now accustomed to living in overpopulated and claustrophobic cities. We often forget that this creates stress on our bodies. It’s no wonder people are often trying to escape with numerous holidays a year and weekend breaks away from the impeding cityscape. In the East, set within the depths of Bali (just outside Ubud) lies an inspiring community that has been defying the typical laws of modern day living by creating a system that promotes well being through architecture.

The NewEarth Haven, Bali is a truly unique and special space. NewEarth Havens are retreat-like developments across the world, back dropped against the beauty of idyllic natural environment which serve as stepping- stones toward the collective creation of NewEarth Communities. Every Haven possesses a strong emphasis on aesthetic beauty, cultural infusion, wellbeing, playful exploration of conscious commerce and the conscious engendering of creative-community spirit. The Haven comprises of Villa Akasha, Akasha Restaurant and a number of smaller eco-domes used for accommodation. This became the home to the much anticipated Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival in April 2017.

We speak to Juan behind the NewEarth Haven about the importance of building designs and how it can promote healthy living. Thanks for your time today Juan, so what makes this community and it’s structures unique?
They are conceived with a completely different set of foundation principles than conventional architecture. Modern and especially the so-called rational architecture, are conceived in its majority by pure practical function: convenience in the fabrication systems and other standards of the set of principles of the modern building industry. Consideration towards any energetic aesthetic of architecture is completely ignored in most modern buildings. This is because ultimately the archetypes used reflect the actual social, intellectual, cultural paradigm in which we live, our current state of consciousness. This state thinks and perceives the physical, material side, and looks and conceives in linear terms.

Living energy is missing from the scientific paradigm behind this state of consciousness. This is reflected in the same way in the space we inhabit being this just an extension of our consciousness, new forms implied a new consciousness. A transformation of consciousness implies new ways in which we conceive and create the spaces we inhabit. The spaces we have created and design for New Earth projects around the globe are in their nature more close to the subtle energy that exists in a temple or sacred space. Defining this more than just a mystic or exoteric conception. It is awareness of an intrinsic energetic quality that exist within these environments.

To understand this we need rethink, the idea say, what is a temple? What was it conceived and made for once upon a time? What was the science of the creation of the sacred space and what was originally use for? What are the principles behind this science?

This is an exploration that we have engaged with and when you will begin to find the answers, this will bring you to a path, in which we will remember our origins, our roots within nature and the cosmos, and we will become aware of the universal truth underlying the origin of all human religious and cultural manifestations in its diverse manifestations through the ages…

Could you explain how these structures help to promote wellbeing for those who spend time in them?

To define the set of principles that we use to create spaces that resonate with life we need to see the situation from different perspectives. We can look at structures from their dense physical construction, or we can consider the subtle energetic quality produced within a particular space by the form and materials. A very convenient but also meaningful way to see this is the use of the five elements as an organizational chart, like we have used on the design and development faculty of the New Earth.

For example every space will always contain aspects of these five elements and will interact with them in a different manner. These five elements and their equilibrium represent the health quality of any given manmade environment. Earth, water, air, fire can be considered as represent solid, liquid, gaseous, plasma like the four states of physical matter, with aether relating to the keystone component missing from the current materialistic paradigm. Each one of these elements also relates to other different areas, to try to create a more cohesive and complete system. But the essence is the elements themselves.

Let’s apply this system into a conventional house in a city environment:
Earth = conventional buildings are disconnected from the earth energy. The practice of “earthing” has been shown to have dramatic effects on health, showing the importance of connection. Earth element also relates to agriculture. Food in most houses doesn’t grow in the immediate environment, therefore not only is it devoid of lifeforce due to modern non-organic, toxic agricultural methods, but it also lacks the local environmental biome  so essential to health that connects plants, animals and humans. Our modern world practices have severed this essential connection. NewEarth Havens are designed to connect to the local environment in a life-positive way, to promote the health of all.

Water = Our world’s water source are heavily depleted energetically. Our water is also full of chemicals. Water is the lifeblood of our environment and thereby our communities. Water attracts the lifeforce, or chi energy, when flowing in its natural pathways. We ennoble water’s inherent nature throughout our designs.

Air = Space. The quality of air is very low in most of modern building as they create an oxygen depleted environment, particularly in cold countries. With the lack of plant life and mechanical heating or air condition systems there’s also a deficiency of negative ions. This also relate to the quality of space itself, like apartments which are very confined leading to convenience problems. Ancient knowledge didn’t consider air as gas (that is a very recent materialistic development), but rather as a living emanation from the higher realms here to sustain our lives.

Fire = Light and warmth. Scientific studies, such as those by John Ott, point the importance of sunlight, and its full spectrum as essential to health and behaviour. Two thirds of the energy required for cell function come from light. Just imagine what happens to our body long term with lack of exposure to this fundamental source of energy, and then look at the general state of health of the industrialised societies. The play of light for optimum health and activity is essential to our designs. Warmth is more than just heat, it is the regulation of our biological temperature range, so our designs are made to create stable living conditions for each environment they are designed for.

Aether = Higher space, subtle energy, that mysterious quintessence whose existence is denied by the materialistic paradigm, yet still so essential to the qualitative aesthetics of life. Modern concrete steel reinforced square buildings not only create discordant subtle energy fields but also are heavily loaded with electrosmog EMF pollution, the byproduct of the over use of metallic structures and heavy electrical systems. So now imagine the antithesis of this, this is what we are creating, spaces where the optimal balanced presence of this primordial element to life are in harmony. This is its natural state, which creates a bio-resonant man-made environment.

The Five Element approach speaks mostly of a holistic approach to the creation of space and to the primordial elements. To read more detailed information one can go to the New Earth University web site where this information is presented in full extension:

But the special focus of bioarchitecture is to the element of Aether as it relates to the subtle energy or field effect produced by the structure itself. We have to understand that this is not an esoteric notion. This energy can be measured by two different methodologies and their different approach shines a light on the understanding of what is the nature of the field we are talking about. One is the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Sputnik ( ), specifically designed to measure space. This system, developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, is a commercial device that any user can obtain and produce measurement that show the intensity and charge density of the space, a is show in the image below which is an experiment in one of our structures at NEH.

There is also another system, created and prototype but not yet available in the market. Nonetheless showing efficient analysis, this system is using spectrum analysis and is a measurement technique developed by Dan Winter. As he wrote explaining also the relationship of this 2 systems :

It has long been known that the Kirlian Photo and the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) where a way to map the shape of the capacitive field of charge which was providing the orienting function to arrange biological liquids into life. It is also self evident that the sensitive crystallization (Steiner Technique), water drop experiments, and such techniques as Emoto’s work with water crystals shape revealed during freezing were all techniques to make the shape of the field of charge of the liquid visible.
The resolution of the problem then of quantifying and measuring LIFE is the problem of accurately measuring the order and COHERENCE of the electrical field of charge. The amount of life giving information in the charge field is
a) coherence ,
b) harmonic inclusiveness which is correlated to
c) ability to achieve charge COMPRESSION which IS information density.

Both systems measure the qualitative ability of a space to enhance life, a fractal self organizing, centropic energy field that will accelerate growth, consciousness, will enhance your immune system, increase your ability to focus, will reduce radiation, will help you to become lucid in your dreaming, will accelerate and produce healing and regeneration; all of this even if you maybe don’t realize the inherent connection, is the same field effect that will cause a seed to germinate and plant to grow and thrive beautifully. So simply imagine what will do to the inhabitants of this spaces .

What made you build these structures and how were they built in line with the environment?

They are eco-structures because they are simply built with ecological materials. La logica ecologica – ecological logic – is that which if we don’t integrate into our environments we can’t survive as a species on this planet in the long term. So we must find a way to do this . The use of natural materials sometimes is criticised because it’s believed they will not last. That is the case of most of natural organic matter, but there are ways of treatment which can extend the life considerably as a system we develop to petrified bamboo by the use of silica, vastly extending the lifespan. In any case we think the point here is that everything is impermanent, So most important is not how long it last because sooner or later everything organic decays and transmutes. It is about what we leave in behind for the future generations in design and philosophy…or even perhaps what we will have to deal with in our next reincarnation !! Sustainable mean that which can be sustainable within the whole of life, and the circles that exist in tune with all beings within the ecosystem. If the whole process of creating a building from the obtaining of materials through construction to its final decay do not respect the environment then we have failed as bioarchitects of life.


What is the science behind what is created here with these structures?
The science behind this name bioarchitecture. In a sense this about mimicking the energetic quality of living systems. Sacred geometric relationships exist from cosmic bodies and their relationships through all life on our planet, all the way to our DNA.

The etheric rain engineering work of Trevor Constable shows how specific geometric ratios in simple materials can have a dramatic effect on balancing the climate. This is fundamentally the same.

To emphasize even more how real the nature of these fields are we should look in depth to the explanation of how these fields are measured. Trevor Constable utilised Dr Walter Stark’s Orgonotester, based on the Orgone Field Meter developed by Dr Wilhelm Reich, for testing the flows of aetheric energy in the atmosphere and around organic life and materials. We also have the heart coherence method of measuring the electromagnetic field of the human heart. It is well known by doctors who have analyzed the magnetic field of the heart that they know that harmonic inclusiveness is a prediction of heath, an interesting connection to this is that it is well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine that the spirit of the heart is call S hen, it is the king of the spirits of all the organs. They state that a strong heart is followed by strong man . Harmonic inclusiveness is the nature of a fractal field, a fractal field is the signature of life. In other words the only way to create a field that can sustain charge information energy density without creating destructive interference (chaos) is using the principle of fractality as this is the perfection of coherence. So what this has to do with space ..actually every thing. Because the way we measure space is exactly the way we measure the heart. Harmonic inclusiveness is then the energetic signature of every thing alive. We can measure life in a tree by harmonic inclusiveness, we can measure health in a person, and we can then understand that the field effect that is created inside a structure can have the same characteristics. Any living thing that inhabits the environment will be affected by this field effect, will thrive and be profoundly enhance by the nature of that energetic environment. A fractal field will nest beautifully inside another coherent fractal field, and vice versa.

Could something similar be created in the West?

This is naturally an impulse that is eminently usable around the globe, with variations for local materials, climate, etc. A different approach from our Bali Haven needs to be taken in the Northern Hemisphere. Materials like bamboo are not native to many regions so a local material should be investigated and used. Of course bioresonance and bioarchitecture can be created in colder countries, as long as the material quality as fractal or mineral compounds like the use of geopolymers or bioactive concrete mixtures can be use in the creation of fractal energetic materials. Natural organic materials have this intrinsic bioenergetic quality simply by fact that they are materials produced by a natural growth processes that imply a fractal coherent micro self-organizing structures that produce quality a beautiful bioactive field.

This is Nature’s basic design, to hold and sustain these biopositive fields that are an intrinsic and requisite to all life .. Forms and proportions are an intrinsic part of the design energetic output of the structure. Modern architectural computer controlled design and fabrication opens incredible possibilities to create any given shape or form of building. Shape is equally if not more important than the material used. Ultimately the material energetics are also determined by shape, in this case by the coherence and geometry of the internal structure of a given material …

To understand this principle of how shape is capable of create subtle energy fields we can simplify and look to simple geometric shapes like is the case of a pyramid. It is well know that pyramids are able to produce energy fields that can produce life affirming effects, healing effects. Other related effects have been study and documented …there was a reason why ancients cultures used this shape power in their temples and sacred artefacts. The point here is that not only can a pyramid create energetic effects every shape does it, from a flat mandala, to a symbol, to a dome,a flower, a spoken word, to an egg, to a seed; all create different energetic effects, different energy densities, coherence, energetic quality. If we understand the inherent energetic quality of shape and form (in-formation ) we can design bioarchitecture and sacred space at any place on earth.

Bioarchitecture, bioresonance, and healthy designed communities are expressions of the collective heart within the NewEarth movement.




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