Kaleidoscope TV: Dr. Robert Gilbert – Vibrational Science Applications of Crystals – Part 2

(Note: Our entire channel was censored and de-platformed! We’ll be back; stay-tuned)

Part 2 of Vibrational Science Applications of Crystals.  Conscious conversation continues in this edition of Kaleidoscope with host, Dr. Nancy Ash.  Her special guest, Dr. Robert Gilbert, PhD shares expertise gleaned from decades of cutting-edge research on the vibrational sciences.

Founder and director of the world-renowned Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, Robert returns to share his wisdom about the powerful mineral kingdom with subtexts on properties of certain stones and his vibrational testing methods.  Learn practical applications of crystals from A to Z … with his unique approach based on vibrational science; clearing methods, vibrationally-imprinted lasers, Shen tonics, para-magnetic stones, and more during this engaging dialogue chock full of fascinating facts on our beloved mineral kingdom.

Dr. Gilbert, a distinguished Fellow with the NewEarth University, teaches quality courses online through the Vesica Institute.  Check out a few like: How to Use Crystals and Gemstones, The Personal Wavelength, Sacred Geometry and many other Spiritual Science-related topics. (2018)

NewEarth University (NEU) https://newearth.university

Vesica Institute is an Affiliate of NEU



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