New Earth Haven – An Introduction

NewEarth Haven makes the dream accessible here and now. The project recognises that the most productive way of sharing ideas, creating solutions and developing projects is to provide a platform through which the Spirit of creativity is bound to flourish and quantum leaps are not only possible, but inevitable.

NE Haven promises to be the first ‘on the ground’ community project with roll out anticipated before the end of the year.  These ‘grass roots’ outreach hubs, simply put are the stepping stones for global community projects and eventually communities.  NE Haven provides a taste of the potential for our biggest vision for community and will feature bio- architecture eco-domes set within a stunningly situated community infrastructure.  The space will be a highly creative combustion hub of short to mid-term visitors, and time-share residents alike.  Art, beauty & consciousness will be imbibed as guests engage in creative expression and self realization within a loving community environment.

NE Haven offers the space to engage, and educate the public on the NewEarth Project and New Earth Nation, where the ethos of NEP can be absorbed and understood more clearly as well as provide a marketplace for showcasing NE Products, Technologies and Services.

Each venue will be a NewEarth beacon with it’s own signature, relative to the native culture and land, but the resonance of all Havens will imbibe the integrity of the project.  There will be major focus on collaboration with existing Community, as well as focus on the pillars of:

1    Healing of the markets / the economic and trade system
2    Healing of business
3    Healing of body, mind and spirit
4    Healing of the system (mirror, change, lighthouse, good example)

First Location – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Have land?  Want to be involved?  Contact Brian Kelly: [email protected]

The Vision, The Mission, The Concept


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