Paradigm Shift – Epic Global Meditation

ONLINE NOW – The Epic Synchronized Global Meditation.

On March 1st, Paradigm Shift Radio hosted a special synchronized meditation that has since yielded some incredible results and experiences. We practiced the importance of using our imagination and maintaining the integrity of our focus in order to deepen our own experiences as well as open ourselves up to receiving information from ‘higher source’ in a practical way.

In the second half of the meditation, everyone collectively imagines themselves rising up out of their physical bodies and above their locations as we synchronized our intention to channel life force energy through us and projected it as healing energy back onto our communities and back into the grid of the earth, much in the style of Dragonball Z. So yes, it is a lot like the picture.

“Amazing. Simply amazing. I have never experienced a meditation like that before. I feel empowered and inspired by what we are creating together. The meditation opened me up to a new perspective on reality, and I am glad it did. When we were all floating above our cities and channeling love energy – I could literally feel it. I understand now that it is through our synchronized imaginations that we are able to expand together into new realms of being and new ways to help transform and heal both the planet and ourselves.”

Many who took part in this meditation all the way confirmed a sensation of ‘kundalini energy’ – the activation sensation of energy running up your spine in potent ways like never before.

This broadcast is medicine. If you heard it live, then please continue to share the Youtube version. If you are planning on experiencing it yourself, than enjoy.

Experience and synchronize with the mediation for yourself regardless of time.


Full Broadcast

Featured Meditation Music by Darren Austin Hall

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– Brendon / Skull Babylon Host of Paradigm Shift Radio


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