The Shanghai Death Simulator for Awakening


Written by Billy O’Brien

Ever wonder what it would be like to simulate your death?


Turns out, in Shanghai, China, people will pay $68 for the transformative experience. The attraction is called “Xinglai”, and it’s creators hope it gives participants a new perspective of life. Their goal is to help others cope and reevaluate their lives.

The translation of Xinglai is “awaken”. While the entire world is experimenting with ideas to “awaken” the collective unconsciousness, this attraction is simple. Visitors are asked to think of a life or death scenario. Then they are met with a moral dilemma, do they sacrifice themselves or someone else to save them? An explanation for their decision needs to be provided and whichever participant gives the least convincing explanation “dies”.

Their version of death involves the participant to lay down on a conveyor belt, while they pass through a dark tunnel which will then simulate fire as cremation,  which ends with being “reborn”, while they climb through a latex womb into a ball pit.

“It gives you the chance to calm down, give in to some deeper thoughts and think about some of life’s problems,” said Lu Siwei, one of the first participants. “I think this (feeling) is different. When you walk through that door, you will experience changes in your mentality, and it will be different from what it was before you entered. I think this is really great, and very worthwhile.” 

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The cycles of life are punctuated with the experience of death. Humanity has spent most of existence trying to cheat death instead of understand it. When we ignore the inevitable, we tend to forget the impact of our decisions in the present moment and how the ripple vibrates through time. The only thing immortal are the stories we leave behind, regardless of the medium we choose. Some people choose to ponder these concepts alone and channel their intentions through their endeavors, while others seek experiences, allowing them to interact with others to better shape their understanding of what cannot be known. Once we realize we are not alone on this journey we see that the only personal experience is our perspective. It’s how we choose to view these concepts, because it’s our mental interaction with these ideas that tend to be the root cause of the decisions we make. When action is guided by fear, we tend to be destructive and distance ourselves to further misunderstand the dark. If we choose to confront these fears, the result reveals the power of your perspective as your beacon of light.

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