Here are some more very cool videos of possible galactic visitations.

This first one is filmed by my friend Dave Schmidt that includes multiple witnesses of a UFO over Cottonwood Arizona. Dave Schmidt spent 20 years in politics, including 12 years in the WA State Legislature, finishing as a Republican State Senator.

This one is from January 23, 2014: Reports started coming into the Okinawa Times about a strange array of lights over their capital city Naha. Japan’s Self Defense Force and astronomical experts are without answer, yet witness accounts and videos claim a dozen or so bright orange lights appearing to hang and shift around in the sky could be see in the area.


Best UFO Sightings Of January 2014, AnonymousFO



Tucson Arizona “James” Captures Massive Mothership Or Fireworks Display? Audio Muted Due To Explicit Content…


Published on Feb 1, 2014

UFO Sightings Massive Stealth Aircraft Or UFO? Three Incredible Reports Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon! Watch Now!


UFO over Jerusalem 2011 – Five angles – Dome of the Rock


UFO mainstream media coverage MASS SIGHTINGS





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