“The Power of Healing Thoughts” from the Life Coach and Healer Gala Ross

Many people right now are going through some real life and health challenges, and it can be very stressful and painful. It can drain your energy, leaving you hopeless and empty, especially if you don’t have enough love and support from others. Many years ago I almost lost my kidney, and at this time I was only 30 years old single mother with 2 little children. Sure I was scared and very upset. Doctors told me that I need a surgery immediately because my kidney was abnormal in size and it was toxic for my body. I was absolutely desperate, and was screaming “Why me, God!”. At this moment I met a healer and his loving kindness and healing hands were helping me to bring my health back, after few weeks my kidney was healed, and doctors told me that it was a pure miracle.Now I know that more than anything this kind man/a healer was teaching me HOW to think the healing thoughts.

Everything in the Universe is energy, our feelings and our thoughts are energy, and with the Law of attraction we co-creating events and patterns of our Life. Your life is actually what you think and feel. If we thinking – “I am sick”, we creating the energy “to stay sick”, and this coming right back to us in the form of illness. As soon as we think – “I am healthy, I am healed”, we creating the energy of Health and Healing, and it will start shifting energy within and around, this way we can attract the good health and recovery to our life.

And those words are not just words for me, I am the living proof that it WORKS, and my saved kidney is the proof of how powerful we really ARE. Even while you are not feeling well, even when you are facing a health challenge, even while it is scary and stressful, even if you didn’t feel that change and healing is possible, I am begging you at least to try…Try to keep hope.

I know that it can be hard, but if you know that it can give you a chance to be healed, even if it is just one chance in a million, it’s worth it! Even for a few minutes a day, even for one minute please try to repeat to yourself out loud or silently:

“I am healed, I am healthy. My body is healthy, vital and alive. Every cell of my body is healthy, vital and healed. My recovery is fast and in the most benevolent way for me now.”

You can find your own words, but it should be a daily practice. And very important to BELIEVE in those words; not just say it, but trust and believe in those words deeply, at least for a moment or for a few minutes a day.

My mother is a cancer survivor, so I know not just by words how difficult can be to deal with a health challenge in the family, but my family was fighting this problem together with my Mom; and more than anything (as she told me) her healing was empowered by her strong will to live for her three children.

I deeply believe that we ARE powerful, even when we feel that we are so weak.

“No medicine cures what happiness cannot.” 
Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

I know that skeptical and professionally trained medical society will be laughing at my words, of course they will, because actually they want us to believe that we can not cure our physical body without all those medications and treatments, without all those procedures and diagnoses, without all this huge structure which was actually created to making people…stay sick, and not actually healthy.

I don’t want to dispute about this here, because actually this is whole different topic for a special book, but what I want is to share with you a real life story of a young woman, who were cured with a power of…Love.

We met each other in South Carolina at the sound healing concert few years ago; and this young woman was obviously hurting and in pain, you can see and feel how each movement was hurting her body so much that her face was almost holding a mask of constant tension and stress.

I felt that healing energy immediately start flowing from my body to her, and I told her that if she wants, she can come back to see me and I will help her. I was not trying to sell anything to this woman, those words were not actually my words, it was almost like somebody very powerful gave me those words to deliver a message, message from the Universe.

God, Universe, healing energy – you can find your own words for this beautiful and powerful healing energy; but I knew that it was available for her instantly, all we were waiting for – was her free will.

She came back to me in a few weeks. Her name was Beccy, 38 years old mother of four beautiful children, the oldest was 11, the youngest was only 2.

“I have a body of 80 years old woman, my body is in constant pain. Each morning my husband will give me first few pain medications, and only after that I can move…”.

Pain was everywhere, in her back, neck, head, bones and muscles.

Even with all those medications she was never actually pain free, and taking care of the family and four little ones was making her life even more miserable, because her kids were suffering too. Her little daughter start feeling constant guilt, because her mother was always unhappy, and the child start creating a feeling that she is doing something wrong. Her oldest son became distant. All her kids were missing her smile, because she was not able to even hug them without hurting her body.

During our first healing session… the miracle was created. And actually I was just the witness, just may be the guide, but the real miracle she was creating herself.

Because she was ready finally to accept the healing and health, and she was DONE with her illness. In her soul and in her mind she was “done” with that unhealthy and very painful chapter of her life, and she was willing to start over and live pain free and healthy again.

Yes, sometimes her recovery was still painful and stressful, but each day she was fighting for her new life. Beccy slowly stop using all those medications, lost some weight, start doing yoga at least once a week, was spending more time with a kids outside the house, she also found a support group of a like-minded people. We saw each other few more times, and one day she came to me with a words: “I just can’t stop smiling! So happy to have my life back”.

The power of our intention and will is really amazing, and the real change will always come with your new pattern of your feelings and thoughts.


“Two men looked out from prison bars,
One saw the mud on the road, the other saw stars in the sky.”

           ― Dale CarnegieHow to Stop Worrying and Start Living

One of my clients was a 62 years old artist, she was unable to talk to her son for three years, and it was breaking mother’s heart. She starts practicing unconditional forgiveness and was sending just love to him every day, instead of being upset and angry at him. Guess what’s happened only in 2 weeks? Yes, her son called her, and actually they had a very nice and long conversation. And it was first time in 3 years. She was speechless. And even more – now she is living with his family and helping her son to take care of her beautiful granddaughter.

Was it a miracle?

Yes, it was.

But this miracle was created with energetic shift, and she created it herself.

We CAN change our life. But it is always start within, and the key to this – to let go of anger and frustration with life or people in our life, find true forgiveness for all, and let it go. And bring back into the heart and soul – Love and acceptance, and if you will be able to do that, life will start smiling back at you.

We always have something to complain and be upset with, and it is so easy for us to find the reason to be unhappy with this or that…But if we are making a choice to bring change in life – we need to break down this pattern.

The truth is that there is only ONE person who can help you to do that. And this powerful and beautiful person is……YOU.

And may this Loving Kindness blessing help you on your way to your new healthy and happy life. There is a belief that this blessing creates a sense of tranquility, acceptance and peace and calls for the attainment of one’s highest potential in order to spread healing and love to the world:

“May I be at peace. May I be happy.

May my heart remain open. May I realize the beauty of my own true nature.

May I be healed. May I be a source of healing for this world. “


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