Updates from Conservation and Ecology Faculty team member Kitzia Kokopelmana

by Kitzia Kokopelmana, Conservation and Ecology Faculty Team



Kokopelmana Seed Sanctuary in Cotacachi continues to produce organic seeds and is open every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. We have been receiving many groups of students from the Universities of Quito & Ibarra.

QUITO & TUMBACO PICHINCHA – starting October –
We are planning production of organic cover crop seeds with the Agricultural University of Quito.

We are planning production of honey bee organic flower seeds with BEE Farm.

We are looking for a location to create a seed sanctuary/organic food production/ Chocolat museum in Cumbaya area, near Quito to have a central operation to orchestrate Bioregional Seed Sanctuaries in Ecuador and exports of Andean Superfoods.


LA RIBERA July-August
I am looking for investors that would like to buy my shares at the Buena Fortuna Gardens so i can invest in my projects in Ecuador. I started the project with my ex-husband and now that i relocated to Ecuador we have decided to sell the land.

The property is over 3500 plant species, edible, medicinal, construction, fuel crops, etc. It is my interest that is amazing seed bank passes to the right hands so, my focus now is to find investors to preserve this jewel.

CABO PULMO July 2014
This is a solar powered town 30 min away from La Ribera, it is the second largest Coral Reef in Mexico. I am Master Planning an Edible Park for a Yoga Hotel on the beach.

I have been teaching a series of workshops on gardening at the Local Learning Center for children.

I am orchestrating to start a women’s cooperative to create a line of natural cleaning products so the gray waters can be used for gardening.

This is another town, about 40 minutes from La Ribera, The water of the town comes from hot springs and it has to be cooled down for home use. The jacuzzi and pool are filled with hot springs water. It is located on the beach, good for swimming.
I will be Master planning an Edible Park for a Spa-Hotel.

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