Free Energy Device Update from Hope: QEG

Hope has sent an update on her Quantum Energy Generator (QEG)


THE PEOPLE are the value on this planet. It is important to realize this as it will be through the people that innovations such as the QEG will breakthrough to the rest of humanity. It will not come from a major corporation or government.

THE PEOPLE built these devices in their garages,
when government funded research labs would not.

THE PEOPLE promoted the QEG on the internet,
when the main stream media would not.

THE PEOPLE shared the technical knowledge in forums,
when the education system would not.

THE PEOPLE crowdfunded the building of the QEG prototype,
when the venture capitalists would not.

THE PEOPLE supported the creation of the QEG from its inception to this day and NOW IT IS HERE.

Therefore the QEG belongs to THE PEOPLE of planet earth, as they have birthed it into the world.

THE PEOPLE will build QEG’s with their own hands for their communities.
THE PEOPLE will market the QEG through their social media networks.
THE PEOPLE will improve their own economies through QEG production.

We live in a world where:

In 10 years, over 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer be here.
Millions of people have lost their jobs. They can create a job working on QEG’s.
Thousands of brilliant inventors have been ostracized. They can be vindicated through the QEG.

Social media is THE PEOPLES global voice, and it is where the QEG will spread to the whole of humanity through socialnomics: which is word of mouth on steroids.

Here are some examples that show the power of social media:

If Facebook where a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world.
Every minute, 72 hours of Video are uploaded to YouTube
Governments in Egypt toppled because of a tweet.
New Yorkers received a tweet about an earthquake, 30 seconds before they felt it.

The value is in THE PEOPLE and the power is in THE PEOPLE to bring the QEG to the world. ”


“Here’s some photos from QEG development. Things are going very well! Look for a blogpost coming up in a couple of days titled “QEG: We are serious and we are making it happen!” In the meantime, be sure to visit our campaign.”










Get ready for some worldwide massive changes!





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