Zero Point Learning Faculty

Did you know that New Earth Nation has manifested a brilliant new revolutionary way of education and learning? Behold the Zero Point Learning Faculty: Vision, Purpose, and Mission…


“In this natural state we abide with grace in our sovereign throne of the zero-point of the heart, where the pure experience of unity with all that is, from moment to moment, is recognized beyond all limitations of words, concepts, thoughts and beliefs” – (1)



Written By Susan Terry 



New Earth Institute is creating the planetary hub for trans-cultural exchange of wisdom and knowledge, to unify the world’s leading visionaries, practitioners and seekers of insight through its Faculties and Academies. Luminaries and pioneering individuals have aligned in service to provide the tools and resources through interactive online learning platforms and physical discovery/learning centres within self-sustainable, sovereign communities around the globe.



Exploration and inquiry as the foundation of learning are critical to the creation of a New Earth. Our purpose at the Zero-Point Learning Faculty is to help one another and the planet transcend the illusion of limiting ideologies and thought systems that created a toxic world of guilt, fear, separation and scarcity.

Our education is designed to inspire and prepare all humanity to rediscover who and what they really are through the interconnection with all planetary life forms and the universe. A new cooperative ethic is arising– one that nurtures innate creativity and encourages youthful hearts and minds to engage their inner super computer. Extraordinary human potential expands, as we explore our innate gifts and witness all the wonders and magic this Earth life has to offer. As we grow in conscious awareness of the Universe of limitless possibilities, our experience becomes one of love, abundance, joy, peace and harmony.



Advance humanity by facilitating Zero Point holistic models for learning creatively, through the totality of the human experience for the illumination of knowledge and wisdom.

Engage humankind in the re-enchantment of education, guiding them to their highest potentials, through the provision of tools that ignite, unfold and augment the innate gifts of each individual.

Gather resources to assist in the construction of safe and inspiring environments in model green discovery centres, in the heart of self-sustainable global communities.

Restore a sense of wonderment in education through learning programs through an inquiry based and experiential integration of creative Arts and Ethos.

Welcome conscious, gifted, professionally trained Facilitators committed to the vision for a New Earth, who guide learners in the advancement of their innate gifts and potentiality.

Create an exemplar virtual online platform that connects and transmits a holistic creative, enlightened, Zero-Point learning journey.

Deliver interactive seminars where the global community share their perspectives, ideas and wisdom to empower self sustainable, abundant and peaceful living.

Create, cultivate, implement and continue to develop an organic curriculum.

Unite, inspire, encourage and empower playful engagement through the provision of interactive learning platforms that support and enable cooperative and collaborative action.

Transmute education and learning from a linear, left brain, classroom confinement into direct communication with living wisdom of earthly, human and cosmic design.

Gather, develop and share information as measured by the quantity and quality of love engendered.

Provide inquiry-based programs in natural settings, which reveal the interconnected relations between humanity, nature and the cosmos.

Develop new instruments to assess and measure learning.



“Don’t just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.” – George Carlin (2)



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