A Treadmill That Washes Your Clothes & A Lightsaber Knife? 2014 Electrolux Design Competition Offers Some Radical Innovations

(Editor’s Note:  Although this competition was last year, I wanted to present these incredible designs so that we might get ideas for further New Earth Innovations.   – Ryan Boyd)

Written by Jeff Roberts

It’s called “The Wheel,” appropriately so considering the hamster wheel inspired design. South Korean industrial designer Si Hyeong Ryu has created a treadmill which lets runners use their kinetic energy to power an innovative ring-shaped washing machine.

Inside the surrounding wheel is wash canisters that can be filled with dirty clothes, soap and water like any other washing machine. The size and shape of the canisters reduces the need for a lot of water. When the jogger runs, the motion spins the canisters, agitating the laundry. Extra power gets saved onto a battery as electricity to run the machine on days when the person is not jogging.

A flexible display on the front of the wheel gives the runner a visual experience.

The treadmill is an entry for the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition, a global design competition that challenges artists and designers to rethink how people live and work that has been taking place annually since 2003.

Other Contenders

The 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition is in full swing, let’s take a look at some of the other fascinating contenders.

SPIC021-940x530 spice_hungary

Spice – Composting Biosphere

A natural in-home biosphere which composts and grows various plants and herbs all based around what each specific household member requires to balance their overall health.


06a2 042 052

BISE – Air Energizer

“BISE” is an air energizer that keeps your bathroom clean and healthy. It removes all the pollutants coming from hair spray, perfume, deodorant & humidity in order to respect your environment and your basic needs of health.


chandelier_purifier-B.28-940x530 stage-2_submission_Page_52-940x530 stage-2_submission-4-940x530

Lotus Flower – Air Purifier & Lighting System

Lotus Flower is an air purification/lighting system, consisting of flexible ‘petals’ and inner core that filter the air of dust and other airborne pollutants.



Lightsaber Knife – A Liquid Metal Adjustable Knife

The concept describes a knife whose blade can change shape and edge as required. Too much Star Wars on the brain? The knife would have a finger scanning safety feature to protect young children.


woo_china woo-21

WOO – A Wall That Turns CO2 Into Oxygen

WOO is a new air purification system that purifies the air while decorating the room. You can interact with it and control it with your fingers not only on the wall but also on your phone.


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