Agni Hotra Timing: How Does the Magic Work?


Written by Ann Ralles, Faculty Ecology & Regeneration

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Agni Hotra is the wonderful life changing practice of making fire with specific natural materials in a copper vessel. This ancient ritual, gifted to humanity through the Vedas, is actually a scientifically validated life-enhancing technology shown to improve crops, reduce disease and even neutralize harmful chemicals and radiation.


An intriguing requirement of the Agni Hotra practice is the precise timing at sunrise and sunset. Special timesheets tuned to one’s exact earth co-ordinates are essential. Even phone apps are available to cue to the window of only a few seconds when Agni Hotra benefits can accrue. In fact, studies have been done by NASA, Brazil SA, and Monsanto to prove that correct timing affects the very composition of the resulting ash. Ash from Agni Hotra fire (done at the proper time) contains all 94 elements necessary for life. However, if timing is incorrect, all the elements are not present.

What is the characteristic of the sun’s rays—at sunrise and sunset—that causes this astounding finding… as well as Agni Hotra’s other proven gifts?

According to electrical engineer, plasma scientist and spiritual adept, Dan Winter, the type or quality of the sun’s rays is not what makes the “magic” of Agni Hotra, but the angle of 180 degrees at which the long rays of the sun strike the copper pyramid. Dan bids us to envision “two pine cones kissing noses”. Using this image, as the sun crests the horizon, certain rays spiral towards the earth. This vortex of energy (one pinecone) interacts with the combined plasma of the fire and mantra also radiating as a spiraling vortex (second pinecone). As the vortices encounter each other head-on, their golden ratio geometry allows for the non-destructive in-folding compression, the hallmark of implosion. Thus, the implosive environment created is self-organizing, sucking in massive amounts of bio-energy—distributing it fractally, affecting up to 200 acres! It should be stated here that certain energy waves from the sun are not limited by “speed of light”.

If correct, this model shows that the angle of the energy waves from the sun provide the “boost” that energizes the Agni Hotra fire.


Note: This article assumes a basic knowledge of the components of Agni Hotra. To learn more please visit:


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