Ascend Academy: Way of the Empath 2

connectedEvery human mind is intricately connected.  It’s as if each person is a wave in a conscious ocean, every movement in a particular sector causing a shift in another.  Every thought and emotion we have, whether we choose to bottle them up or express them, will affect everyone we come into contact with- whether on a physical, emotional, or mental level.

We truly are one being, and as we all rise in consciousness, our collective mental state becomes increasingly reflective.  This is so we can further understand and integrate other aspects of our collective self, provoking more harmony and resonance in the whole.  As a result, every individual is beginning to gain more empathic tendencies on a subtle level, becoming sensitive to the vibrations we all constantly emit.

With full awareness of this phenomenon, Empaths compassionately and consciously direct their vibrations through visualization and breath work to positively affect the mental and emotional atmosphere.  They do this out of love for the whole; because they now know the whole is but a larger manifestation of the self.

Once enough time has been spent with the Breathwork and Empathy techniques in our last article, love naturally begins to overflow and transitions from serving the I to serving the We.  It is inevitable; the energy being absorbed into our bodies through the Breathwork process is shining a very subtle light into our beings, allowing us to see that we are united in some inexplicable way.

When we are full of this unity energy, and when we begin to tune into the energetic needs of others, our intentions will compulsively gravitate towards spreading this energy to everyone around us.

Two schools of techniques, which focus on the endeavor mentioned above, will be discussed in this article: Atmosphere Shifting & Radiant Creation.

(Before reading ahead, it is suggested you read Ways of Light, Way of the Sentinel 1, 2, 3, and Way of the Empath 1.  This whole series builds on itself, so you may miss out on valuable info!)



Atmosphere Shifting

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This technique utilizes the positive emotions and mental states that we naturally produce, expanding our mental and emotional fields of influence to envelope those in the immediate physical surroundings.

Emotions are essentially astral vibrations that consciousness produces and absorbs to specifically “reflect” a state of awareness to other beings.  They are full of a charge that will ‘tune’ a form of consciousness towards a certain astral frequency, resulting in an action/expression in the physical world.  Alternatively, a being may suppress their emotional charge and let it build up until it is expressed on the astral environment instead of the physical.

Once either the physical or astral reflection reaches another being, it will react appropriately to the nature of the emotion based on it’s internal tuning combined with the recently introduced frequency.  This creates what’s called an emotional dynamic, which is the very composition of any astral environment.

Let me repeat that, the astral environment is literally the experience of astral vibrations in an emotional dynamic.  It is multiple states of emotional awareness reflecting off of each other to co-create a unique, symbolic landscape.

These vibrations are mindlessly driving many people, subconsciously creating their emotional environment through victimization. Empaths with emotional mastery take the initiative to create deliberate emotional charges, become completely aware of the negative charges, and glean relevant life lessons and wisdom before transmuting them into positively driven ones.

Since those who have not mastered their emotions are unable to see the significance of learning from negative emotional charges in their stage of consciousness, many will be stuck in a karmic loop.  They will be unable to transcend their idea of a “problem” which originated in them, causing a negative charge to subconsciously perpetuate more entropy.

With the Atmosphere Shift, we aim to create a positive emotional environment in order to harmonize emotions, raise consciousness, and help others reach a state of self reflection with enough clarity to look at their life lessons from a new perspective.  The turbulent waters of the disillusioned mind can now be made still, so that we can reclaim it as our sacred mirror.  Let’s begin:


Heart Pulse

While in a public place, go into a meditative state (open eyes or closed).  Bring your awareness to your heart chakra, observe as it visually reflects the love energy that resides within you.  Inhale and imagine this blissful, warm energy gathering and growing, as you would if you were going to use the Pulse technique.  Imagine this love energy is being generated endlessly from the heart chakra’s core, knowing intuitively that it comes from an infinite source; your Soul.

Central Park, New York City

Visualize and feel it overflowing, radiating from your body in a green wave.  Watch and feel as this wave expands all around you, passing through and stimulating every heart chakra it reaches.  Imagine a soothing ringing sound washing over the area as this green wave echoes out.

Believe with all your strength that this is positively affecting every being around you.  You will see some people close their eyes or their body language will soften.  Some won’t even feel it until later in the day, and it may come in the form of positive reassuring thoughts.  Just trust that what you sent out is exactly what that person needed.


Tranquil Mist

While in a public place, go into a meditative state (open eyes or closed).  Bring awareness to your heart chakra and its emerald radiance; cultivate a loving tranquility in this space.  Inhale deeply and then exhale as you visualize this tranquil energy as a light, soft, cooling mist leaving your body and completely surrounding your environment.  Deeply believe that it will ease all tension and emotional blockages, that it will clear all negative thought patterns with this hazy cool tranquility.

Believe this with the understanding that two vibrations simply cannot occupy the same space, and that conscious creation is much more powerful than subconscious creation.  This means that your positive directed emotional charge can easily overtake any emotional atmosphere as long as your heart chakra is balanced and open.



This is more to clear your own body of emotional tension and stress, although it can also be used on others after some progress has been made.  Visualize an icosahedron (platonic solid for water) appearing 2 feet above your body.  Inhale deeply and imagine purified astral water gathering around this icosahedron.  Exhale and visualize this water washing over your body, completely clearing away all stress and internal conflict.  Repeat 2-6 times.


Crown Fountain

Focus on your crown chakra, listen to and feel the subtlety and vibrancy of this nebulous sphere.  Imagine your awareness centered inside your crown chakra, as if you were inside looking out.  Feel what it is to be crown chakra energy.  Begin to do Breathwork on this space, filling it up to the point that it becomes pure white and not violet.


Visualize your crown chakra opening up like a lotus and releasing a fountain of pure cosmic energy around you.  Trust that this energy will heal, purify, and balance all other energies with the undiluted intention of Source consciousness, or God.  When you are done with this technique, make sure to visualize the lotus closing to its natural state and returning to a violet hue.

Here is an outline to progress in this school of techniques (remember, this is just so you can provide yourself with some structure in your development, it’s not some universal cosmic standard):

Apprentice:  Use 1 of 4 Atmospheric Shift methods 10 times, record each experience in detail.

Adept:  Use 2 unfamiliar Atmospheric Shift methods 20 times each, record each experience in detail.

Master:  Use all 4 Atmospheric Shift methods plus one created method 10 times, record each experience in detail.



Radiant Creation


A Radiant is a thought form very similar to a Guardian.  The only difference between them is that their purpose is to perpetually pulse out harmonious energies.  It does not need more intelligence than a shield does and only needs to be fed emotional energy, but you can alternatively create an intelligent one that can move with you or to remote locations and pulse appropriate positive responses to situations it perceives.



Begin by deciding on the feeling or intention you wish to create in your emotional and physical environment.  Thoroughly envision what that energy will feel like.  Imagine what this thought form would look like, how it would move and react to stimuli, and how it would pulse out energy.

I prefer to use a spherical light orb, or even one with an icosahedron in it, as this is a versatile shape in the astral plane.  Feel free to draw this being or describe its characteristics through writing, as this will amplify the energy and belief being put into the thought form.  Give it a name, a symbol/sigil, a crystal, a drawing, or a grid to chord ground it’s energy to.  No matter what you use as an associative physical vessel, it will be present with it.

Feed the idea of the Radiant with emotional energy by imagining it in full livelihood.  Feel gratitude for it and let it well up inside you, this will strengthen it a great deal.



Have your grounding object or symbol ready nearby.  Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and use your hands to pulse out energy, sculpting it with your intention, visualization, and gestures.   As you see it taking shape in your mind, speak to it directly, saying, “You are now a Radiant, emanating a constant flow of blissful, positive, replenishing energy.  You will ensure the harmony and balance of my consciousness, and I am eternally grateful.”

Send off this thought form into the air with your hands.  Point at the thought form, and drag your finger or crystal point towards the grounding object or symbol.  Simultaneously imagine a chord of green light coming out of the being and attaching to the grounding object.


Believe wholeheartedly that this will associate the thought form to the grounding object.  If you call its name or place it’s object/symbol anywhere, it will shift the atmosphere in that space for you with repetitive heart pulses (or whatever technique you decide to use).  You can alternatively treat it like a spiritual IV, connecting it directly to a chakra to gather energy and program it to transmute the necessary energy to balance a system.  Shield the object or the thought form, making sure to program the shield so that it doesn’t impede the Radiant’s purpose.

Once again, an important thing to remember is that this is an aspect of your consciousness, you’re not enslaving a being to do your bidding, you’re creating a story in your own consciousness for your own energy to travel through into manifestation.  Only create a maximum of 6 at a time until you’ve become a master in this method.



Visualize a sliding light-switch appearing before you and gesture with your active hand downwards on the astral switch as you send forth the intention to dim the Radiant’s energy pulses, eventually bringing them to a complete halt.  The association with the light-switch accesses a neural pathway that we usually use when we dim our electrical lights, and thus it will be easier to commit mental energy to this task.

Take 3 deep breaths, call the being before you, and say, “You are now disintegrated and transmuted into raw positive energy to be absorbed back into my being.”  Visualize this disintegration and imagine the energy being sucked into the grounding object.

Ignite your passive hand chakra by visualizing it as a flame (I chose a blue hue) that pulls in, purifies, and metabolizes energy.  With a crystal point or index finger, point towards the grounding object and drag the energy into your hand chakra, imagining it all flowing into your palm, flawlessly integrating with your being.  Clear the object and yourself again.

The template for improving upon this technique is presented as such:

Apprentice:  Create 3 thought forms that are maintained for a week each, absorb them back into your being, and record throughout.

Adept:  Create 5 thought forms that are maintained for 2 weeks each (2 of which are attached to grounding object), absorb them back into your being, and record in detail throughout.

Master:  Create 5 thought forms that last for a month each (2 of which are unique and creative, 2 of which are attached to grounding object), absorb them back into your being, and record in detail throughout.


Equipped with these skills, any environment can be brought into harmony with the right amount of patience, compassion, and unconditional love.  Take this seriously and develop your energy body; be the light in the darkness.  In fact, be the light and the darkness.

Take back your sovereignty of mind and genuinely choose what you want to experience.  These techniques don’t rely on a foreign spirit or extraterrestrial, they rely on your own conscious intent, your own grounding and belief in self, your own energy.  Use the power that is innately yours.

I hope you’ve gained something valuable from this river of symbols.




Ryan is an avid lucid dreamer, astral explorer, meditator and philosopher who seeks to reveal the many mysteries of reality and the astral plane.

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