Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

Written by Travis Moore

Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Chances are you’ve heard of meditation before, but do you really understand what it is?

It seems that a lot of people have this set image of what meditation should be in their minds… That you have to sit in complete silence with your legs crossed, arms on the knees, hands out with palms facing upward with your pointer finger and thumb touching as you stare at the back of your eye lids until some prophetic message comes to you.

I’m not here to tell you that specific technique is wrong, I’m here to tell you that the image of expectancy you have for the experience should be dropped if you wish to truly experience a blissful and worry free moment that is meditation.

What Is Meditation?

Simply put in my own terms, meditation is relinquishing the need to control a moment. It is about accepting everything as it is, and finding inner peace in the moment. It is about the shifting of one’s awareness to a new state.

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has countless benefits ranging from physical to emotional, and of course spiritual. With the belief in yourself and your thoughts, and the awareness that you manifest your own reality you literally have the universe at your fingertips during mediation.

You can manifest the life you desire with the right amount of love and belief; and this isn’t magic I’m talking about… It’s physics. The law of attraction clearly states that you attract what you think about; and since the reality you perceive consists of your thoughts, you are living in the reality that you built for yourself… This is something that many people struggle to realize, and can’t quite grasp.

But if you don’t believe it and need proof, look at your own life. Have bad things happened to you? Sure. But ask yourself, is that only because you consider them bad? If you took away the adjective ‘bad’ what are you left with? Things have happened to you. Neither good or bad. It is the thought association with these situations we create in our minds that shape our perspective and due to the law of attraction, our ensuing reality.

By looking at everything that’s happened to us as holding us back, we’re creating excuses to stay stagnant in life instead of progressing. As a society we’re portraying ourselves as victims because we find it easier than accepting that we brought this upon ourselves through our subconscious thought patterns. Through meditation one can disassociate themselves from the labels society loves to put on things and break free from social conditioning.

What To Expect From Meditation

Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. Expectations limit the potentiality of an event for you’re only paying awareness to a specific outcome; which according the the law of attraction, will be the outcome that manifests… This applies to everything, even meditation.

It’s quite ironic, how the single most profound form of emptiness has taken on such substance. Everyone wants to be a guru, and everyone wants to tell you how to do it right. Well my friends, there is no wrong or right; there only is… and it is whatever you make of it.

 Myself, I like to leave labels out of situations entirely. For that creates a mental image of what that thing is to me as opposed to what it really is, hence limiting the potentiality said situation has of changing from my perspective because I already see it as something else.

The Inner Voice

Inner peace doesn’t always mean silencing that inner voice… Because if it’s saying something, you’d be wise to listen. Your every thought that runs through your mind is there for a reason; most of which we aren’t even aware of. But I assure you, everything that makes itself known to you is being manifested into your life for a reason.

That being said, thoughts need not be silenced nor ignored; but rather embraced and paid awareness to…. Take heed though, there is a difference between paying awareness to thoughts and feeding them. Feeding a thought is when you dwell on it and continue to justify reasons why it’s right or wrong.

Paying awareness is when you do not associate with the thought as coming from the physical self, but rather the influence the thought has in terms of progressing the specific perspective of one of many fractals of the source that is consciousness.

In Layman’s terms; instead of focusing on what the content of the thought may be, focus on the reason why the thought has made itself known at this particular moment in time.

Why You’re Not Doing It Wrong

I think one of people’s favorite things to say to me when they don’t get the results that they wanted out of mediation is “I think I’m doing it wrong,” or “I just can’t figure out how to do it right.”

Once again, there is no wrong or right… So you’re not doing as bad as you think you are. Once the mental image of what it should be is released, you will be able to do the same exact routine only with a more evolved understanding of it which allows you to get more out of the experience.

Everything comes to us exactly when we need it, so there is no need to judge or look down upon someone who you feel doesn’t comprehend something you believe to understand. Everyone is having the experience they need at this very moment, which is exactly why everyone has different experiences with meditation.

There are countless techniques, none of which are wrong or less effective than any other. Judging someone for doing something different than you will never allow you the opportunity to see that situation through another perspective; objective thinking is critical to a more diverse understanding.

How Do I Meditate?

Just be. Short, sweet, and to the point right? Some people might laugh and scoff at this statement; proclaiming me just another hippie who thinks they know what they’re talking about, or some guru who thinks he knows it all… But depending on your level of awareness the two little simplest words can either have a profound effect on you, or not even resonate at all as your eyes scroll past the letters before your brain gets the chance to contemplate the meaning.

Depending on how you perceive things, your ideal meditation might be one of many things; such as listening to music, playing your favorite sport, performing on stage, doing yoga, or the traditional sitting alone in a dark silent room. There are countless ways to meditate, you just have to pick one and go into the experience with the mindset that whatever comes up in this moment is essential to your growth and development as a soul.

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