Modern Day Samurai


Written by Lee Davy, NewEarth University Faculty of the School of Consciousness & Spirituality


Truth * Honor * Nobility * Integrity * Inclusivity * Evolution

Everyone is polite. Everyone smiles and bows… But beneath this courtesy I detect a deep reservoir of feeling…

from the moment they wake, they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue…

…I have never seen such discipline…

…I learn that Samurai means, ‘to serve’…

There is so much here that I will never understand…I’ve never been a church-going man, but there is indeed something Spiritual in this place. And though it may forever be obscure to me, I cannot help but be aware of its power…

– Movie, The Last Samurai  (setting, 1876)


That deep reservoir of feeling, devoting oneself to the perfection of whatever they pursue: discipline, service, Spiritual Power, passion – are profound statements of what once was, and perhaps in few places, is still – a way of life. Yet throughout much of the world these and many other concepts that were associated with ‘the way of the Samurai’ have been forgotten and even trampled upon.

When I set out on my Spiritual journey nearly thirty years ago, firstly, I had no idea that’s what it was, secondly I had no awareness that it would lead me into such a wonderful world and discovery of how to live comfortably and healthfully in this physical meat-suit and thus, our reality and all that it’s made of. As a result of this journey and reconnection with Truth, with Spirit, fortunately, I’ve learned to look at the world through the lens of the Spiritual Warrior or what I like to call, the Modern Day Samurai. The result has been the pursuit of knowledge from wisdom keepers such as Faye Fitzgerald (, Bob Proctor ( and Nassim Haramein ( to name a few. This seeking has in turn lead me to the realization, inclusion and development of various tools essential in disciplining mind and body: Essential in Honoring Spirit while Honing Physicality.

I have tried to embody this knowledge and strive to live in Truth and Spiritual Impeccability. And this knowledge, these tools are what I wish to share with the world.

While we may not be preparing for battle in the traditional sense, what could be more important, nay, necessary, than learning and living a life of discipline, honor, respect and walking a line of Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aptitude, balance and awareness? Modern Day Samurai is an attempt to shed light and bring attention to disciplines, systems and practices that assist the student in their mind, body and Spiritual evolution, while raising compelling discussions for the need to once again parallel and mold our lives and societal structures to that of the Samurai. Perhaps it is time to rekindle a new age Renaissance within a world wildly in need of renewed morals, values, principles and actions on every doorstep.

What better way than to begin with the Self. With knowledge, proven systems and disciplined practices wouldn’t we be able to heal the Self? If we heal the Self, perhaps we can heal the world! If Patience is a virtue and Success is when preparation meets opportunity, then balance is not something you find, but something you Cultivate.


We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

~ Aristotle


Modern Day Samurai Training (MDST) is a compilation of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual philosophies, tools and systems designed to create balance and longevity in YOUR life. Created for the modern day warrior (can denote both male and female) and or shieldmaiden (if you prefer to use for female), MDST will have you thinking and feeling as never before.


Braverman Test

Braverman is a personality-type assessment based on neurotransmitters and determines an individual’s dominant nature and natural deficiencies. There are four main neurotransmitters that we focus on. Once you know your dominant/deficient nature, you can add supplementation and dietary means to rebalance (along with some mental and musical practices that we’ll discuss later on).


  • Controls rewards/pleasure
  • Regulates movement and emotional responses
  • Considered to be excitatory and inhibitory
  • Released during pleasure activities (sex, food, drugs, etc)
  • Drive, motivation
  • L-tyrosinie, Rhodiola and L-theanine help to boost

Acetyl Choline

  • Functions in both peripheral (activates muscle) and central nervous systems
  • Causes muscles to contract, activates pain response, regulates endocrine and REM sleep functions.
  • Helps in contraction of cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscles
  • Deficiency can lead to memory loss
  • One of the most abundant neurotransmitters in the body
  • Focus, memory
  • Choline, citicholine, high (good fats) fish oils, avocado, coconut oil, etc.

Meat and nuts in the a.m. is one of best natural ways to increase dopamine, acetylcholine


  • Inhibitory, widely distributed in cortex
  • Contributes to motor control, vision and regulates anxiety and calm,
  • Around 20% of neurons in the brain release Gaba
  • Helps produce calm or calms nervous activity
  • Acts like a break to the excitatory neurotransmitters that lead to anxiety
  • Taurine, Magnesium, Glycine, Glutamate, 5=HTP help support


  • 80 – 90% found in gastrointestinal tract
  • Can affect mood, social behavior, digestion, sleep, memory, sexual desire and function – is the ‘happy’ hormone
  • B Vitamins, D, Folic Acid, tryptophan, glutamine all help support, elevate


Frequency, Energy Meditation

Think of it as brainwave entrainment meets martial arts, meets meditation. The result is deep and profound healing. Heck, you’ll cry, your body will let go of pain, you’ll find your neurology and DNA will heal, you’ll feel more grounded, may get messaging from higher dimensions, anything goes here.


It is a combination of frequencies and various beats, more commonly referred to as brainwave entrainment music, mixed with guided meditation/intention-setting as well as Qi (energy building) techniques. After as little as six or seven minutes the beats will synchronize both hemispheres of the brain and (depending on the frequency you’ve chosen) take you from the traditional – and most frequently utilized as adults – Beta: logical, thinking, analytical, task oriented brainwaves, into the highly meditative or ‘zone’ like state of high-end athletes: Alpha patterns.

Maybe you’ll want to take a dip into Theta: highly creative, childhood memory-storing patterns (be aware as you could very well have memories come forward for you to deal with/heal). Or dive even deeper into the Delta: usually reserved for deep, dreamless sleep and bodily recovery, but also very Universally connected, deep meditative state of the Masters, end of the pool. I recommend experimenting with all of the above.


Qi Gung:

I always like to appease the logical, left-brained individuals among us by asking, “Do you believe dogs can hear whistles and we cannot? Do you believe there are ultra-violet rays or auras that we are unable to see?” Reply is typically, “Yes.”

The Universe has an energy, a frequency that we can tap into and bring into our forms. We can build this energy and that of the form to tap into the boundlessness and infiniteness of Universal Energy. We can learn to wield it, using our bodies as a conduit for Source and Universal energy to heal and strengthen our form, ourselves, and others to manifest that which we desire. The possibilities really are endless.


I incorporate a mindfulness approach to the guided meditations. I incorporate grounding techniques, intention-setting cues, self-image and other forms of creative visualization cues that essentially take you to another plane of being. It really is quite magical.

To my knowledge it is the first system to incorporate these three aspects or practices, which makes it a very, very powerful practice. Participants typically feel an immediate reduction in stress and anxiety, reduced pain and discomfort in the body, removal of mental blockages, increased creativity and productivity; and walk away with a feeling of being relaxed and calm while being very focused and energized.


Fitness Training

Many people say they don’t like the ‘gym’, but what if you could do a fun program that inspires variety and creativity while training that you can do from the gym or the comfort of your own home? I decided it would be good to create a fun workout method that could dramatically increase results in a shorter period of time. Introduce RAMP Training: It’s like circuit training on steroids, but without the steroids. We get you moving, working those muscles, while making it fun and incorporating that cardio vascular fitness all at the same time! This is part of honing the physical vessel so that it remains strong enough and creates the longevity for you to stay here in order to perform what your Spirit came here to perform.


Thinking, Changing, Creating

A key component to changing any area of our lives is in how we think and what we focus on. Here I incorporate core aspects of what I learned from Bob Proctor as an affiliate success and abundance coach. Key components of learning include looking at, understanding and recreating the self image, the difference between the conscious/subconscious mind and how you can positively alter the images that reside in your paradigm (programmed way of thinking) in order to have, do or be anything that you desire. Success really is a system, not a secret. Once you have the systems in place and the support necessary, you really can live the life that you’ve dreamed of! This includes holding a grander vision and faith in what you believe is possible for you and your life, while overcoming fears, obstacles and self imposed limitations.


Universal Law

Everything really does happen by Law. Universal Law. Whether we know it or not, most of us are utilizing Universal Law in our daily lives and this, therefore produces the results that we obtain. Most people don’t realize it and don’t know how to make it work for them. I love to cook with a little bit of “Spiritual” language and a bit of science. I like to sprinkle in a little esotericism, aetherics, energy, mindfulness, physics and it usually comes out as a tasty concoction that awakens and enlivens one’s senses to new heights of understanding and awareness.

I draw on the vast amount of knowledge from Nassim Harramein, Faye Fitzgerald, and Bob Proctor, while grabbing a little from Bruce Lipton and other thought-leaders when I enter this area of the kitchen. 🙂 I believe as da Vinci did that all knowledge can be unified and I believe we are getting close to that period of time! Isn’t it exciting??!!


Manifestation, Create Your Life, Core Values

Again there is a process, a system to be implemented to gain the most from this experience we call reality. Cultivating the habits of introspection, and purposeful, creative visualization are part of this process. You’ll be taken on an in-depth internal discovery of your life now and what you want it to look like. Your health, relationships, purpose, abundance and all else in your heart’s desire – we help you go deep to discover what you really, deeply want, maybe what you want to Do, Be or Have, your passion, purpose-driven wants and desires…and then we teach you how to manifest it!


Training In Power Meditation

They say that with age comes wisdom. I would argue that perhaps we forgot that wisdom comes from within. The founder of Training In Power – the meditation practice I incorporate and teach – Faye Fitzgerald says, “without truth, there can be no healing”. Without awareness, we cannot change and evolve more intelligently.


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift

and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

~ Einstein



The way I look at it, these are all tools that we have at our disposal to create the most sound physiologically-evolved versions of ourselves possible. To me, this IS evolution of the human form. We have the ability to create human machines that are stronger and more connected than ever before. These tools are just like the pieces of a puzzle, the more pieces you add, the clearer the picture becomes of who we actually are and what we are actually capable of. With the tools of the Modern Day Samurai, comes the opportunity for YOU to discover your own Spiritual Truths, Honouring your Spirit and honing your physical or as the Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi states:


Know Thyself

and Thou Shalt Know All of the Secrets of the Gods and the Universe.


I believe with these disciplines, we will once again know ourselves in our entirety. We will heal and transform. As we reconnect with our essence Selves during this transformation, we’ll remember we are all one. As we come back to this Truth of Oneness, we will see clearly how we move forward with coherency and correctness, redefining and recreating our societal models, systems, and eco-systems. As we come back to this Truth, we will see clearly how to once again co-create and restore our planet back to health and perhaps – once again – experience a little slice of heaven here on earth.

     Justice * Courage * Benevolence * Mercy * Politeness * Honesty *


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