Geoengineering Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

A large group of credible scientists, aircraft pilots and PhD’s within various fields are passionately speaking out about Geoengineering/Climate Engineering (aka chemtrails).

Perhaps the time has come to take this subject a little more seriously folks.

To make a long story short after a lot of research: it seems like some crazy folks at the top believe that they can stop climate change by spraying toxic aerosols into the stratosphere to block out the sun. Completely not taking into account that those toxic aerosols will end up in the soil and thus eventually in our foods and our bodies.

Do these Scientists, Pilots and PhD’s look like tin foil hat conspiracy theorist to you ?

Regardless of how this information makes you feel, remember that becoming fearful does not serve anyone (nor does it serve you!). However, allowing yourself to be informed about this, without getting paralyzed by fear will serve all of humanity and the entire universe as such.

The people who are doing this may even believe that its for the greater good of humanity. They may think that they are ‘saving the world’ from global warming or something.

So just take it easy, its not the end of the world! 🙂

This is what ‘Expanding consciousness’ is all about anyway. yinyang

True expansion of consciousness happens symmetrically into both the Ying and the Yang aspect of this world. There is no denial in a truly expanded consciousness. Its not all about ‘love and light’, its also about allowing ourselves to be aware of the negative and darker aspect that are present in our existence.

So, be sure that I’m not spreading this information to get you into a state of fear, in fact its exactly the opposite.

I’m encouraging you to get into a state of love with an open mind and an open heart. Love for the Earth and all of its children. Love for yourself, the coming generations, including your entire human family, your own children or the children of your friends and family.

heart rippleHow we react to this information as individuals, and what we choose to do with it has a tremendous effect on which direction this can go.

Why ? Because we are not just a single drop in the ocean. We are the entire ocean in a single drop.

You are powerful beyond the capacity of the mind to fully understand. We all are.

Every single action, thought and emotion that you emit will help co-create the outcome of where this is going.

I don’t know what you should do with this information and I’m not going to suggest anything. Simply allow yourself to feel it and feel it fully in your heart, and see what it inspires you to do (or not to do!).

If you want to research more about what is going on and get more information about it, I’d recommend the following 2 documentaries. Both of them are a good starting point to get informed about this.



Be well and be informed, much love.

– Mehdi Nodehi

Originally posted @ Iterated Reality


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