Project Pegasus: Time Travel and Teleportation

According to several reports and eye witness accounts the United States government achieved time travel and teleportation back in the late 1960’s. Events of what took place throughout the late 60’s through the 1980’s in a program called Project Pegasus seem quite astonishing. Most people reading the information I am posting here simply will not believe it to be truth. When you look back you would think that this technology was not even possible during that time period. But we are forgetting a very key aspect of what supposedly took place back then. According to many reliable sources humanity was in the midst of exchanging technologies with an advanced species of extraterrestrial races during this time. So it is conceivably possible to develop these technologies from a race of E.T.’s thousands if not millions of years ahead of us in evolution.

Here is the mission statement for Project Pegasus according to the website

“Project Pegasus is a quest begun in 1968 by Andrew D. Basiago when he was serving as a child participant in the US time-space exploration program, Project Pegasus.

Project Pegasus was the classified, defense-related research and development program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which the US defense-technical community achieved time travel on behalf of the US government — the real Philadelphia Experiment.

Project Pegasus was launched by the US government to perform “remote sensing in time” so that reliable information about past and future events could be provided to the US President, intelligence community, and military.

It was expected that the 140 American schoolchildren secretly enrolled in Project Pegasus would continue to be involved in time travel when they grew up and went on to serve as America’s first generation of “chrononauts.”

The children found, however, that in the process of serving as child time travelers attached to Project Pegasus, they became America’s time-space pioneers.

Andy was the first American child to teleport and one of America’s early time-space explorers, as will be told in his soon-to-be-published book, Once Upon a Time in the Time Stream:  My Adventures in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age.

In 1968, he resolved to one day tell the true story of his time travel experiences in Project Pegasus and reveal to the world that the US government had made secret a teleportation technology that if made public would revolutionize transportation across the face of our planet.

Today, Andy serves as the Team Leader of the new Project Pegasus, the only group in the world that is lobbying the US government to declassify its time travel secrets.

Under Andy’s leadership, the mission of today’s Project Pegasus is to lead the campaign in law, politics, and culture to urge the US government to disclose its teleportation capability, so that this revolutionary technology can be used to advantage humanity in the 21st century.

Andy envisions a world in which teleports will replace airports for “real time” transit between major transport hubs around the world, thereby making long-distance travel faster, easier, safer, and cheaper.

The declassification and deployment of the US government’s teleportation capability may also be the most important environmental cause of our time, for it will prevent billions of tons of pollutants from conventional transport from entering the atmosphere every year.

Project Pegasus invites you to join Andy in his heroic quest to usher in the Time-Space Age. Together, we can transform life on Earth. Let’s go for it!”

So from what I understand Andrew has been involved in time travel and as a child went back to civil war times and below here is a photo of Andrew in Gettysburg during the Lincoln speech.


Here is a clip from the Huffington post about his travels.

“Basiago said he experienced eight different time travel technologies during his stint in the program. Mostly, he said, his travel involved a teleporter based on technical papers supposedly found in pioneering mechanical engineer Nikola Tesla’s New York City apartment after his death in January 1943.

“The machine consisted of two gray elliptical booms about eight feet tall, separated by about 10 feet, between which a shimmering curtain of what Tesla called ‘radiant energy’ was broadcast,” Basiago said. “Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.”

Basiago said project participants would jump through this field of radiant energy into a vortal tunnel and “when the tunnel closed, we found ourselves at our destination.”

“One felt either as if one was moving at a great rate of speed or moving not at all, as the universe was wrapped around one’s location,” Basiago said.

Basiago claimed he can be seen in a photograph of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg in 1863, which he said he visited in 1972 via a plasma confinement chamber located in East Hanover, N.J.

“I had been dressed in period clothing, as a Union bugle boy,” he said. “I attracted so much attention at the Lincoln speech site at Gettysburg — wearing over-sized men’s street shoes — that I left the area around the dais and walked about 100 paces over to where I was photographed in the Josephine Cogg image of Lincoln at Gettysburg.” (The boy on the left in the photo below).


In addition, Basiago said he traveled to Ford’s Theatre the night of Lincoln’s assassination on five or six occasions. “I did not, however, witness the assassination,” he said. “Once, I was on the theater level when he was shot and I heard the shot followed by a great commotion that arose from the crowd. It was terrible to hear.”

Basiago said each of his visits to the past was different, “like they were sending us to slightly different alternative realities on adjacent timelines. As these visits began to accumulate, I twice ran into myself during two different visits.”

Being sent back in time to the same place and moment, but from different starting points in the present, allowed two of himselves to be in Ford’s Theatre at the same time in 1865.

“After the first of these two encounters with myself occurred, I was concerned that my cover might be blown,” he recalled. “Unlike the jump to Gettysburg, in which I was clutching a letter to Navy Secretary Gideon Welles to offer me aid and assistance in the event I was arrested, I didn’t have any explanatory materials when I was sent to Ford’s Theatre.”

And how did these alleged time travelers return to the present day or their point of origin? According to Basiago, some sort of holographic technology allowed them to travel both physically and virtually.

“If we were in the hologram for 15 minutes or fewer,” he explained, “the hologram would collapse, and after about 60 seconds of standing in a field of super-charged particles … we would find ourselves back on the stage … in the present.”

Basiago said the technology should only be used for real-time teleportation, not time travel, because, “It would be chaos.”

Andrew and several others claimed to have experienced teleportation through what are called “jump rooms” and say that they have been to Mars. Here is a clip from angelic view.

“According to Basiago, an elevator in that building would morph from a box into a cylinder and then passengers could step out onto the surface of Mars. He claimed to have interacted with Martians and been taken to their underground civilization where he was taught about the various Martian typologies. Basiago identified the figure in the Martian head photo as Homo maris maris, a humanoid species indigenous to the planet with an elongated head, a bulbous crown, pointy ears and a spindly body. He credited photo analyst Patricio Barrancos of Argentina with finding the head and suggested it is corroborative data of the CIA’s Mars jump room program and his claim that Mars is inhabited.”

Here is more from 2012 the big picture

“There are now five Mars jump room whistleblowers who jumped to Mars (Michael C. Relfe, Andrew D. Basiago, Arthur Neumann, William B. Stillings, and Bernard Mendez), a corroborating Mars colony recruit (Laura M. Eisenhower), four public servants who have been identified by others as Mars jumpers who have not come forward publicly but might (Barack H. Obama, Regina E. Dugan, Admiral Stansfield Turner, and Mary Jean Eisenhower), one deceased US astronaut who has been identified by three of his co-trainees as a fellow jumper (William C. McCool), one Naval attaché who has been identified by two jumpers as being present at the El Segundo, CA jump room site (Michael Strickland), one CIA agent who has been identified by two jumpers as a Mars training officer who they went on missions to Mars with (Courtney M. Hunt), and one Army scientific and technical intelligence officer who has been identified by three of his Mars trainees (Major Ed Dames).

That’s 14 Americans of impeccable reputation. I ask you, if 13 colonies were enough to found America on, are 14 Americans enough to found the truth of the existence of the Mars jump room program on?”

~ Andrew D. Basiago, US chrononaut

I cannot tell you either way if there is truth to Andrew’s claims but I will say he has a good vision for the future.

“Imagine a world in which one could jump through Grand Central Teleport in New York City, travel through a tunnel in time-space, and emerge several seconds later at Union Teleport in Los Angeles. Such a world has been possible since 1967-68, when teleportation was first achieved by DARPA’s Project Pegasus, only to be suppressed ever since as a secret weapon. When my quest, Project Pegasus, succeeds, such a world will emerge, and human beings linked by teleportation around the globe will proclaim that the Time-Space Age has begun!” – Andrew Basiago

Both time travel and teleportation are possible according to most scientists of today. And if you believe an exchange of technologies took place with highly advanced E.T. races back in the mid twentieth century, then Project Pegasus was definitely in the realms of possibilities. And in fact regardless of whether or not any of these events took place, time travel and teleportation are in our future. Transportation will no longer involve the use of vehicles of any type. And with time travel you can just imagine what time and place throughout history you would want to visit. How about Roswell, New Mexico July 8th, 1947?


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