Help Wanted! Journalists and Creative Writers for the New Earth Nation Daily News

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with Sacha Stone, the founder of the New Earth Nation, and several other members of his team to create a new daily news project for all the New Earth Nation members.  We’ve put out a call today for some journalists and creative writers.

Would you like to be involved in co-creating a new amazing platform for news and creative writing?  One that will cater to the over 230 thousand New Earth Nation members?

This is going to be fun so please if you have some free time and are interested please get invovled.  Please see the bulletin below sent out today by the New Earth Project Facebook page. – JD


Stop Press: New Earth Daily News Project

A Call to Action: *Journalists & Creative Writers*    

We are looking for at least 3 English-speaking (preferably experienced) journalists to assist in our news platform for the NewEarth Project Media dept in alliance with the NewEarth University.

  • Must be available at least 10 hours per week
  • Must have a nose for the truth and the ability to communicate clearly
  • Editing experience preferable (at least the ability to proof read)
  • We will need at least One journalist with exceptional knowledge or expertise specifically in all areas relevant to the NewEarth Project
  • Written subjects will include but not be limited to current news is the areas of Science & Technology, New Discoveries and Archeology, Disclosure and UFO-related subjects, Health, Spirituality and Faith, Freedom and Sovereignty, Law and Economics, Art and Music
  • We are NOT looking for writers to simply copy and paste news articles from other sources.  Writers will always provide links to the main source but will do their own written interpretation of what is transpiring and if possible also why it’s important to the NewEarth community
  • WordPress experience preferable

Creative writers are also welcome to volunteer.  We would prefer poems, philosophical writings etc. to be in alignment with the hearts and topics of NewEarth.

If interested please contact us at: [email protected]

Please include in your email a very brief description of yourself, your experience, your sources (what articles do you read and what are the normal websites you visit or other news sources you may have), and what topics or subjects you have knowledge in; include how many hour weekly you may devote to this role..

Thank you for volunteering with us.

The NewEarth Project Team


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