Kaleidoscope TV: Robert Gilbert, PhD – Vesica Institute Part 2


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KALEIDOSCOPE TV: Vesica Institute / Spiritual Science – Part 2 of 2 with guest Dr. Robert Gilbert

As we awaken… what helps us access higher levels of Human Consciousness?

Tune-in for conscious conversation at Kaleidoscope (first of a two-part series) with your Host, Dr. Nancy Ash, worldwide director of the NewEarth University (formally known as NE Institute). Check out the beautiful new portal at:

Nancy’s special guest is Robert Gilbert, PhD from North Carolina, USA, sharing expertise gleaned from decades of cutting-edge research on the Vibrational and Spiritual Sciences, as two sides of the same coin. Founder and director of the world-renowned Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, Robert gives you a foundational 360-View of it, with a thoughtful whole-systems look at consciousness through Science and various Spiritual Traditions. Dr. Gilbert explains his textual spiritual understanding as a complete, holistic context for our lives… without dogmatic contraints. He touches upon the clarity of Spiritual Science as an expansion of consciousness through inner initiation, mindfulness, re-membering, and the capacity for calm and clear self-awareness to develop superpowers latent within us. Robert sprinkles in kaleidoscopic dimensions from Steiner, Gurdjieff, NLP, Buddhist, Taoist, and Rosicrucian traditions, etc. to help articulate the practical nuances and patterns of accessing higher levels of human consciousness. Joy is a touchstone of spiritual technology. Today we have great freedom in a flowering of resources. Gilbert says, “Every person incarnates into the world with a particular destiny or path…”

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert is a former U.S. Marine Corps instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense, with 30 years of research into both mainstream and holistic health methods. He holds a Ph.D. in International Studies, and contributed to the first academic textbook on Transformational Politics. Robert has extensively studied the Spiritual Knowledge and Practices of many different world spiritual traditions to create his trainings in a clear, concise, and unified new Spiritual Science. He also teaches unique courses in Vibrational Testing and Healing methods, including rare French methods of Vibrational Research from the early 1900s.

Since this multi-faceted, heart-centered discussion with Dr. Nancy Ash, Robert Gilbert, PhD has joined the NewEarth University as one its esteemed Fellows in association with the School of Consciousness & Spirituality. Also as an affiliate of the NewEarth University: explore Dr. Gilbert’s cutting-edge online courses – at Vesica Institute – in Sacred Geometry, The Personal Wavelength, Essential Teachings and Practices of Spiritual Science, Vibrational Testing & Healing, and other Spiritual / Science-related classes, etc.

The Vesica Institute is dedicated to creating a new, Universal Spiritual Science providing access to hidden knowledge & practices from multiple world traditions, described clearly and concisely — with the “veils” removed. Please visit www.vesica.org to learn more. InJoy the program and stay-tuned for PART 2 as they dive deeper in inspiring dialogue for pathways to raise human consciousness.


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