MEMO: Postcards from Gaia by Charmaine

I met Charmaine Smith on Facebook a few years ago about the same time as several other “awakened” individuals.   I always noticed her brilliant use of words and visualization, and considered her to be a magnificent writer and a poet. I’ve reached out to Charmaine about posting some of her writings on the blog here anytime she wants and it appears I’ve received the first installment today which I am very excited to share with all my readers.

Here is a short BIO from Charmaine:

Charmaine crash-landed on Gaia shortly after the moon landing. Ever since, she has roamed the wild and tame places of the land and of the heart, in waking and dreaming. Observing, connecting, marveling. Gradually coming to terms with time, gravity, food, money, and the other assorted challenges of pretending to be one small piece of What Is. She can usually be found gazing into an open sky, drinking sunlight, or smiling at a stranger.

Here is a link to her personal Facebook page. 


Her First post will be updated shortly.

I’m sure you will all enjoy!



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