Kaleidoscope TV: Crop Circle Revelations With Patty Greer


Are you ready to chase a few plasma balls of light?

Journey to the epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomenon in this in-depth episode of Kaleidoscope TV, which shines a spotlight on the fascinating subject of UFOlogy (and the field known as Exopolitics).

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and NewEarth University faculty, Patty Greer, visits colleague Dr. Nancy Ash in eye-opening conscious conversation during 2017. Empowered global change agents for a New Earth, both voices joined in harmonious chorus while taking a pulse on women’s perspectives in the human potential movement. (Patty also created the film, Women of Today).

The overall message: It is time for a re-calibration. Evidence is everywhere if we are open to receive it. Patty continues to reveal UFO suppression, fraud, and how her intensive work was – and still is – severely hacked to keep the truth from being told.

Kaleidoscope’s special guest – the one and only Patty Greer from the USA – is a longtime friend and advocate of the NewEarth Project (its founder, Sacha Stone is featured in one of her films). In 2016 Patty subsequently joined the NewEarth University on the faculty of its School of Consciousness & Spirituality, and School of The Living Arts. Greer exposes the hidden scientific discoveries on the amazing phenomenon of Crop Circles. She is one of the hardest working UFO filmmakers in the world, completing eight full-feature UFO movies in only ten years. Patty received eight prestigious awards including five EBE Awards at the largest UFO Film Festival in the world: the International UFO Congress Convention. Her movies offer unrelenting explosive footage and evidence about the Crop Circle phenomenon. Greer’s conclusion after producing so many documentaries was that Crop Circles are produced by counter-rotating spinning plasma vortices coming OUT OF the earth! Please consider renting or buying her unique films at the Crop Circle Films website: https://cropcirclefilms.com

The Mission at NewEarth University (NEU) is to gather, embody, and share knowledge in service of human & planetary wellbeing and sovereign, creative self-expression.

Through heartfelt, conscious connection we encourage leading pioneers, movements, organizations, and educational institutions — aligned and dedicated to an open flow of ancient wisdom and breakthrough technologies — to nest and flourish within NEU’s evolving Schools and related Initiatives. Kaleidoscope is NEU’s complimentary educational and inspirational web TV talkshow. Visit the online NewEarth University here: https://newearth.university/

InJoy the show!


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