Near Death Experiences & Indelible Imprints


Written by Sheri Bessi

Near death experiences “A short voyage into the place of who you are, where you have come from and to where you shall return.

NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). Many people have had them. Many have written about them. Most all who have experienced them share much common territory. But why are they important to you? I think the answer lies in the way that this particular event actually changes the lives of those who have them. When a person walks through the valley of the shadow of death, they are forever affected by the journey. Most, if not all, return with a message they must share and live out.

The message is that we are all okay.

I myself had a near death experience. It happened shortly after I turned sixteen. About six weeks or so before the event I had surgery under life or death circumstances. I was a fifteen-year-old child trying to give birth to a baby. After nearly seventeen hours of hard labor, my body began to give out, as did that of my yet to be born child. The doctors decided an emergency C-Section was required. My mother was asked to sign a form choosing who was most important to save, my child or me. She chose me. Fortunately, both my daughter and I lived through it. Unfortunately, the doctors left my placenta inside me when they stitched me up. During the first week of June, my beautiful body did what it had to in order to save itself. It found a way to expel this septic material and along with it way to much of my life giving blood. The result was that I literally hemorrhaged to death. My heart stopped beating for three minutes. During this time, there were a few seconds where I knew something was changing. I felt a sensation that can only be described as traveling. Interestingly though, I didn’t go black. The truth is I didn’t miss a beat of what I understand as living. I went from knowing I was bleeding to death to knowing I was above my body and watching the paramedics trying to revive it. For me, I understood that I was somewhere in between two places. I tuned into the myriad of life that seemed to be all around me. The light was different. The way of existing was different. Yet there I was. It was beautiful and wondrously familiar. Frankly, so much was seen and heard that I can’t possibly write a fraction of it in this short article. Yet there is one sense of urgency that seems to return with all who have taken this voyage. This I think is the common thread of those who have had an NDE. The urgency is the message. Not only are we all okay, we are all so much more than we understand. It is a deep and very profound awareness of existence as an eternal source. But it doesn’t stop there. It is a clear understanding that we matter. Our existence has a meaning.

How did I walk away with that message? No one sat me down and said you’re beautiful and you matter. It was simply known. I also knew that I was not in a place, space, or dimension of unconditional love, but that I was and am unconditional love. I knew that on earth I wasn’t a spirit having a human experience, but rather that I was spiritually human and humanly spiritual. I understood that I am always one with the fabric of the universe, no matter what form I am, in at any given place along the path of existence.

We all are. I am. He is. She is. They are. And so are you. You are not a reflection of light my beloveds, you ARE the light that is reflected from the sun, the moon, and the stars. You are not a giver or receiver of compassion, kindness, and love, you ARE compassion, kindness, and love being expressed through your existence. You are not the gatekeepers of wisdom and knowledge, you ARE wisdom and knowledge gaining momentum. You are not just a person who has emotions, you ARE emotion. Energy in motion. And you are so much more.

Where did you come from and where will you go? I don’t exactly know the answer to my own question. But I have danced to deaths song. So while I can’t say for sure, and though I have no empirical evidence to support what I have shared, I hope somehow my affair with dying will help you along.

You are a sacred vessel of life. You exist to share who you are, not what you have. This is how you leave indelible imprints in time and space. Because you are one.

Yes, we are all okay. We need only to be who we already are.

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