New Paradigm Healthcare: Reclaiming Your Health Sovereignty


Written by faculty members and staff at The NewEarth University School of Health & Wellness (NE photo from the 2019 World Health Sovereignty Summit, Indonesia)

A Core Human Right

We believe that vibrant healthcare is a core human right.  Reclaiming your health sovereignty is an essential component of exercising your absolute sovereignty – and therefore, embodying your best healthcare strategies.

Most corporations and institutions have served their own financial interests, relegating humanity to the desperate health straits that we face today.  There is a way to spirited health, even in the face of a heart-crushing diagnosis, even if you are advanced in years, even if you have been living with chronic diseases that you have been told are “incurable” or require lifelong medication.

Through the continued growth and dedicated refinement of resources and curriculum offered at NewEarth University (NEU), we thrive to provide you with exhilarating, inspirational and transmutative healing information – as new paradigm healthcare.

The organically evolving toolkit content offered at NEU’s School of Health & Wellness is founded on natural, universal laws; and is specifically designed to support your highest personal expression and individual sovereignty.

Goal of the School of Health & Wellness at NewEarth University

Faculty, fellows and staff are constantly researching new ways of being for your optimal health and wellness. Their intention is to preserve the highest quality of experience while exploring a vast scope of potentialities in new paradigm healthcare.

In recognizing the interconnectedness of all life which defines our essential natural approach, NEU’s School of Health & Wellness proceeds from the insight that every aspect of health and well-being is an integral and inseparable part of the whole, and therefore espouses a return to wholeness and quality of life perspective.

From such a space one may naturally enjoy the varieties of wellness opportunities in a manner that is fully integrated with the human experience. This is the true beauty and wonder of diversity, individuated personality and creativity.

Respecting this natural foundation enables us to see the true root cause of illnesses and to decipher the best healing modalities to employ for various symptoms that may be presenting in yourSelf.

Once we learn Nature’s simple language and laws, we are able to identify and rectify our own imbalances with more ease.

With reverence to the infinite wisdom of these natural laws and through their diligent application, one becomes re-centered in their own health, wellness, wholeness and connectedness to all of life.

Your Experience is Yours to Create

Your life in its totality, including your physical body, is your living art, your sculpture — a masterpiece.

So as you engage with the dedicated conscious women and men of NEU’s School of Health & Wellness, we encourage you to explore a new and functional paradigm for healthcare… learn, grow and evolve with us.


Originally shared in the free Library @ New Earth University



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