What Do Consciously Birthed Babies Look Like When They Grow Up?


Written by Linda Hamilton

Within the first few hours of discovering that I was pregnant with my first child, back in 1983 – after the “dust settled”, I was overwhelmed with an enormous sense of TIME, and HISTORY that was being created right then. I knew that I was literally holding the future in my belly, and in my body.

Through the tears, I remember praying that this child would do great things for humanity and for all life. I set about to do the BEST that I could for him, fostering this sense of responsibility and love and concern for LIFE.

Many years have gone by now. I’ve since given birth now to 6 more children, each experience and birth going a bit deeper, and stronger into what I felt was the best for them. It wasn’t until my last 3 that I had the awareness of the importance of the pregnancy and birth that has only continued to become stronger. And I see now that the conception may be the most important time, developmentally, on the new humans being incarnated here on earth.

I’m writing today because I’ve just recently become aware of a most amazing young woman. If I could close my eyes for a minute and fantasize about what a consciously birthed baby would look like all grown up – it would be this woman.

It happened a few days ago, a short post on my FB wall that I would have normally overlooked. It caught my attention though, and I stopped to check it out. What I found was that one of my truest heroes, Sarah Buckley (pioneer and advocate for peaceful birth), was tagged in a post about her homebirthed daughter Zoe, who was one of 6 volunteers with Greenpeace, who had just climbed aboard a ship that was carrying a Shell oil rig headed for the Arctic Ocean.

read about it here

I was overcome with emotion as I watched each video, and read each post, tears of solidarity with these brave people poured down my face.  It turns out that I’m not the only one feeling the connection, the event is acting as a catalyst to draw millions of people together to send a loud message to Shell that the people of the world DO NOT give permission for this. It’s staggering to me to think that they beleive that they have the right to harvest even more fossil fuels than what they already have bled from our planet. It’s unconscionable to me to grasp that the laws that are in place ALLOW them to do what they plan to do – especially since there is a 75% chance of what would be a large and un-containable oil spill in one of the most pristine areas of the world. The fact that they are taking advantage of climate change to even access the Arctic – to harvest fossil fuels that will be used to FURTHER the crisis of climate change – is too much for me to wrap my heart around. NO! absolutely not can they be allowed to do this thing!!


Just a few years ago, Shell could have easily slipped into position, without anyone else in the world even knowing about it. But not now. We must use the tool of global communication to let as many people as possible know about this. As much as I would have wanted to be with the crew on the Esperanza (more than I can tell you!), it’s completely possible – easily possible – to write this, and to share via social media to everyone I know that this is happening. And I ask you to JOIN ME, and Zoe and her mother (did I mention that she is one of my heroes?!), Sarah, along with the now almost 7 million people who have signed the petition to STOP SHELL.


The 6 brave young people who climbed aboard the ship carrying the oil rig, came down yesterday (safely – thankfully!) and are back on the Esperanza, headed for Seattle. Shell has made an agreement with a seaport in Seattle to dock there, as part of their whole plan. As we wait these next few days, we will see what they will arrive to. My hope is that there will be many who will be greeting them, with another loud message that we, the people of the earth, do not agree and will do everything we can to stop them from carelessly bleeding our mother earth for greed and profit and control.

If you are reading this and can go to Seattle – PLEASE GO! I would if I could, but I am in the jungle of Costa Rica, writing this blog as toucans fly by and as turtles swim past in the river in front of me, muddied from the beautiful rain that fell early this morning. I am living my life here – a refugee from the U.S. – a country that I love so much but cannot live in anymore.

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I’m here, taking these moments to share with you a story of a young woman, a woman who was born 21 years ago to a mother who had similar hopes for her children, I’m sure – as I did. A mother who felt her baby move inside her and silently prayed for her to grow to be a peaceful warrior for our beautiful world and humanity. She felt committed to do all she could do for this child, so she gave birth to her peacefully at home, carried her and her placenta for the first days together in a Lotus birth. Breastfeeding her with love and hope for her to find her destiny and to boldly live it.

As I watched the videos of Zoe, and each photo – I haven’t been able to lose the sense of wonder and beauty and the knowing that “this is what a consciously birthed baby looks like grown up”. Incredibly beautiful and strong, passionate and articulate about things that affect us all. A true peace warrior of the bravest kind. I hope all who read this – who feel the strong guidance to birth in love and peace, that this will serve as inspiration for you.


YES – our choices in conception, pregnancy, birth, and the VERY important time following (*see my post on the Nest) – MAKE A DIFFERENCE. They make a huge difference, and collectively, we are at a time in history that we have to act with as much consciousness as possible and how we treat the newest members of society – especially NOW – and we will change the future of our planet and humanity.


Thank you Sarah – for consciously making the choices that you have. For bringing Zoe into the world in the way that you have. By doing so, you didn’t “create” a super woman – but rather, created the environment to allow her to be who she really is. This is what it’s all about – to me. Giving our babies and children the BEST that we can – allowing them to fully develop and grow NATURALLY into their destiny. Allowing them to truly live their lives the way we are all intrinsically designed to do. It may be the most powerful thing we have right now, to bring balance to our world and to all living things, and I thank you.

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