Resource for Being Sovereign – Embodying Absolute Sovereignty


From NEU’s School of Natural Law faculty members (photo courtesy of N Ash from her private collection)


The moment one values the realization of their inherent sovereignty – more than they value their own self-indulgence, personal attachments and self-preservation – then, absolute sovereignty is theirs.

The simplest way to realize absolute sovereignty is to apply the spiritual truths that one has already deeply realized.  Spiritual truths to which we refer are:

  1. I Am (not the mind/body spacesuit which is a human form, but rather spirit/consciousness/life itSelf manifesting, for now, through a human form)
  2. There is nothing I can know for sure

Where these truths are not already a living part of one’s reality (and one wishes to pursue absolute sovereignty), it is crucial that one begins to engage in effective self-inquiry.

Self-inquiry is not a spiritual practice; it is our most effective tool for realization of universal truth.

The realization of the first of these truths nullifies the belief that we are what we ‘think’ we are, resulting in compassion and integrity, whilst the realization of the second of these truths brings with it humility.  (All of which are essential traits for effective embodiment of absolute sovereignty.)

Both of these truths are now living realities for millions of people across the planet, and yet, on the whole, few may have connected these realizations to the embodiment of a state of sovereignty.

If we have realized that we are not the persona through which we peer, then why do we continue identify ourselves, or allow others to identify us, AS a registered persona?

If we have realized that we know nothing, then how can we in good conscience answer the questions of those who presume to have authority over us?

To understand the significance of these two acts, refer to other information shared in the School of Natural Law resources section or NEU library related to your birth registration.

By ceasing to permit ourSelf to be identified as a registered persona, and by learning to ask questions (as opposed to answering them), those whom are already ‘self-realized’ may easily embody a state of absolute sovereignty while operating ‘in the world.’


~ We wish you Peace ~


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Originally shared in the Free Laibrary @ New Earth University


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