UBUNTU Party ~ I am because we are ~ May 7, 2014 SA Election

I support Michael Tellinger and what he is trying to do for South Africa and humanity with all my heart.  Please share his message and watch this amazing 13 minute video. -JD

** NEW EARTH NATION in collaboration with UBUNTU PARTY **


New Earth Nation allies with UBUNTU Party, Michael Tellinger in full support of his world wide vision of bringing the power back to the people starting with him running in the

****** election in South Africa on May 7, 2014 ****** UBUNTU PARTY

Not being a man of politics but of heart, integrity and vision, Michael cleverly decided to use the political platform in a proactive way of inspiring truth and bringing the power back to the people.

“If it’s not good for everyone, its no good at all! ” ~ Michael Tellinger

A union of hearts claiming our Sovereignty back!!! Back from the banks, back from time, back from the fear that has governed our lives in falsity. We stand as One Heart, One Love, together in Unity, UBUNTU! I am because We are!!!!

” My life, my thoughts, the same as my beautiful, talented international crew, are just configured into this process of ending this bad dream that we’re living through, and beginning to engage in manifesting the dream that we all wish to share.” ~ Sacha Stone


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