The New Earth Project

Many people around the globe are tired of fighting the system of control and the powers that be.  There seems to be endless promises of changes to come that continue to drag on hopelessly. But is there a better way to become a truly free and sovereign individual that does not involve fighting the elite head on?  I believe so and a better way to bring the house of cards down is by creating a whole new world or should I say a “New Earth”.  About a quarter of a million people have signed up residency to do just that. I am also a resident of what is called the New Earth Project as well as one of the Content Editors for the team.

Back in the fall of 2013 I was following a few different groups and organizations that were working towards changing our world as we know it.  These organizations I trusted and believed in because they were tangible and very transparent.  For once I could see that indeed changes were happening and ones that I could start to see real results.  The Fix the World Project , the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement , and the cashless society behind Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu’s Party were a few of these organizations that were bringing about real change.  But I thought we needed to combine the efforts of these groups as well as several others and work together since there seemed to be a common theme and common goal.  And that’s when I stumbled up the New Earth Project that saw that exact vision of bringing all these groups and organizations together.

The founder Sacha Stone was being interviewed at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Colorado last year (posted below).  His vision to create what will soon be known as the “New Earth Nation” was captivating. Sacha spoke about creating a new cashless society under universal law (do no harm to others), where everyone has true freedom and sovereignty.  If everyone has a choice to continue playing the game of the Global Elite, or to live as a free and sovereign individual, I sense many will choose the latter.  Therefore ripping apart the global structure from the inside.

“The new earth project is a pioneering planetary initiative which intends, through the power of numbers, to demarcate a line-in-the-sand between humanity and over-reaching big-government. This historic sovereignty movement will define a world shaped by conscious people, and bring about healthy, joyful and prosperous lives for all its residents, members and affiliates. People around the world, in all walks of life, are finally realizing the artifice and fundamental injustices of our current model of reality. We are rising up and demanding that overbearing government stand down. None of us wish for our world to be colored any further by the engineering of drone-wars, surveillance-culture, forced-vaccinations, food- stamps, corporate-insanity and media-manipulation. We reject the wholesale manipulation of our information and our livelihoods and are ready for a different civilizational download… one determined by humans with open hearts, open minds and a sense of reverence for all living beings. The new earth project is the unified sovereignty movement offering not just an exit-strategy from the wage-slavery paradigm – but also the means by which we can realize heaven on earth, in our world – in our time.

The new earth movement is uniting humankind in a common cause promoting self-determination, freedom and prosperity amongst all people of the world. We offer beautiful homes in enchanting locations, within fractal communities of conscious people. We invite you to contribute time, resource and creativity towards manifesting this great collective vision”.

Locations of these fractal communities are spread out around the globe and are about to begin construction as we speak. There appears to be over 650 square kilometers of land already that has been donated to the New Earth Nation. There will be no debt, no going to work a job, no war or violence, abundance and freedom, and all the necessities you will need to live and enjoy life to the fullest. The homes and communities are built in alignment with sacred geometry and sacred principles. The communities will be powered by free energy devices and will offer a free range of new earth technologies. They will have advanced Healing and Wellness facilities, locally grown organic foods, structured water supplies, and 100% eco waste management. The new earth institute will be providing a global focus standard for higher learning and creative expression.

This is not some hippy commune pipe dream but this is a reality and there are over 200,000 signed up and ready to begin a new life.  For a thorough understanding of the project and all its principles I suggest reading the New Earth Blue Print pdf that can be found on the main webpage.  It’s a 49 page document but covers just about any questions you may have on how these communities will operate.  Also visit the New Earth Project on Facebook for recent and important updates.

For years I’ve been waiting on the promised changes to begin that so many have been talking about that will usher in the new golden age here on earth.  But as Mahatma Gandhi once said ”Be the change you wish to see in the world”.  Yes we are the ones we’ve been waiting on. It’s time to get up off the couch and forget about relying on anyone other than the person you look at in the mirror.  Become a part of creating a new world where everyone is truly free. As the great Bob Marley once said “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”.  And let’s also emancipate from the physical slavery that is designed for all to work their entire lives to make the large banks and large multinational corporations wealthier.  It’s time to break away from this madness and begin to know peace, joy, and abundance.

Together we have the numbers and we can create a new and better world and a new societal structure at its very roots.  I will be expanding on many of the topics discussed today as well as Hope girl’s Fix the World Project, the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement, and the Ubuntu Party. Please sign up today and be a part of this quickly expanding community.






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