The Gain Of Pain

Written by Sheri Bessi


Dear Human,

I have lost so much in my life. At least tangibly. Businesses, babies, organs, money, homes, self-esteem, love, security, dignity, my mother, and most recently my father. Oh, and also for three short minutes I lost the heartbeat of my life.

Many times I have found myself sitting with sadness. The curious thing about this though is that for some reason I am able to quickly remember that it is all relative.

That loss isn’t only loss, it’s also change.

And in the midst of these changes that feel like pain, deep down inside …  I KNOW I AM OKAY.

And so are you.

We are being stretched. And in the stretching we are being made different and somehow new. Expansion isn’t always comfortable, but it always results in a deep and abiding wisdom that cannot be undone.

So perhaps it is all the more important to embrace our humanity and touch our feet to the earth. Perhaps it is all the more meaningful to wrap our arms around a tree. Perhaps it is truly healing to simply look up and watch the stars just be.

I know that this is how I remember my peace.

Yes, I am an earthling for the moment but I am primarily essence, energy and love forever. And so are you. And energy cannot die, it can only be transformed.

So in every loss we can find meaning somewhere if we try. Even if it is only in being stretched. And that makes loss a gain.

Life is constantly rearranging itself. The pain is often simply part of the birthing process of beauty, meaning, knowledge and understanding. And remembering this can remind us that everything is already alright.

Deep down inside we are all alright.

Originally posted @ The Wellness Universe


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