Welcome to the New Earth Sports Network

Written by Jamar Speight and Jamie Riddell 

The New Earth Sports Network (NESN) is a unified network of sports from around the world that is guided by the philosophy of bringing joy and wellness to the games we love. The NESN’s team consists of many individuals from different backgrounds who all share the same belief of sports being a very important factor in advancing the mind, body, emotion and spirit. Right now astrologically speaking we are in Pluto in Capricorn up until 2021, and this means one of the themes is of endurance. Tough times mean patience and faith and all the physiological requirements needed to perform at your optimum in sports.

The NESN will utilize new earth’s Zero Point Economic system to eliminate the disparity between athletes and fans and will design a true interactive and festive gaming experience for all our sport leagues. We feel that by integrating with the New Earth, sports people will awaken to the dynamic interrelation between mind, body, emotion and spirit. And with the hardships we are facing with the decaying old world, people will focus more on the value of what is most important which is your joy and wellness, and not your bank balance.

In our effort to reshape the entire sports industry from a global standpoint, we have gathered a growing team of very talented and passionate individuals. Our mission is to gather all resources to create an international sports network that incorporates the professionalism and competitive edge of today’s sports, but also focus on the well-being of the athletes, joy of the fans, and the unity between both. As positive energy flows through our plane, we continue to see the negative energy diminish and we are riding that wave of force. We are dedicated to reshape all professional, amateur and youth sport leagues, to progress what is working for ALL within the sports industry and to replace what is not beneficial for the athlete, fans and staff with our NESN philosophy.

Our Sports Nutrition and Training program will express how to merge the mind, body, emotion and spirit into your daily physical routine.   Created by our Sports Nutrition and Training Coordinator, Lee Nelson, our Sports Nutrition and Training surveys will allow any individual the opportunity to have an individualized nutrition or training routine created for them to use at their own leisure. The Nutrition or Training coaches will help assist each individual with their daily routine either through webcam, videos or in person. In our journey to become completely self-reliant, we are planning to launch nutritional smoothies, drinks, bars, etc.The program will highlight the importance of nutrition and training when it comes to performing to your highest potential.

The New Earth Sport Facilities will be immaculate, innovative and sustainable structures. Our Project Facilitator, Eric Fox, is utilizing bio architecture, piezoelectric energy, natural building and much more to design living structures that are powered by the fans energy. The sports facilities will be built on new earth communities and retreats. Each facility will have its own food production system to allow for 100% food self-sufficiency. New Earth residents, fans or volunteers will help operate the facilities and prepare events and celebrations. Our sport facilities will be completely self-sustainable, volunteer based, entertaining and captivating.

We feel that an effective sports system must involve fans in every aspect. As most sports leagues today view fans as a means of income, we view our fans as part of the network. There is no better feeling than being part of something beautiful and enlightening! We have all heard people say it before, “I like watching college sports instead of professional,” and when you ask why, it’s always the same answer “because they don’t play for the money, they play for the passion and love of the game.” This is not to say that professional athlete’s do not love the game they play, but there is a strong attraction between fans and a team expressing their unity and passion to the fullest. The unveiling of the New Earth is what allows the transition to happen in the sports industry, where ego, money and separation are replaced with joy, wellness and unity.

The NESN will assist all in discovery of themselves through sports. We will share and utilize the connection between science and sports. Athletes will gain self-reliance and a significant improvement in their character when they begin to integrate the NESN philosophy and methods into their daily lives. Our athletes will be surrounded by a positive, creative and devoted staff who will work with the athletes in unison to develop and maintain all aspects of the network.

As we embark on our sports journey at a young age, we have so many hopes and dreams that fade as we get older due to negative influences of the old world. The NESN will encourage a dreamer to dream and to pursue his or her dreams. We will promote the philosophy that nothing is impossible and we will provide the resources to achieve it. When you do away with the for profit business structure of today’s sports leagues, you get a sports network where money is not the influence, businesses do not dictate, contracts aren’t necessary, and there are no owners but just pure joy through creativity.

Sports have an enormous impact on communities it influences and creates a culture. Within a culture there are traditions which are based on values. Values generate behavior and explain the daily decisions people choose to make. The NESN will show the relationship between sports and other areas of social life, such as family, education, economy, the media, etc. When these positive connections are presented to the masses in detail, athletes, staff and fans will realign their spiritual beings with these values and will begin to create a conscious shift in their respective community. By studying sports as they relate to other forms of social life, we will achieve social change in a sports setting.


To listen to a recent radio broadcast of our NESN team members please visit New Earth Radio @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newearthnation/2014/05/31/new-earth-sports-network


For more information visit: https://www.newearthproject.org/institute/team/index.php?ti=47&pi=2

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