Who is they? – By Adam, Servant King (formerly Vic Beck)

They is men and women but some see policeman or policewoman (persons), lawyers, doctors,
debt collectors, government and corporate representatives, bankers, etc. All of which are fiction, not real.That is not what they are it is what they do.All of them represent a thing that does not exist, a legal entity, and a thing not real. When have you ever spoke with a legal entity; a bank, or Canada, or a state or a province? When has a bank or Canada, or a state or province, spoke with you?

Only a man can make a claim upon another man and so if a man is being tazzered he is being tazzered by a man or a woman. The question is, do those men and women, they, have the authority to do that to a man, or are “they” doing that to a man who is acting as, or appearing as, or identifying himself as, a person?

A word of caution: I would not hold court with a cop if you wish not to receive some shock treatment or worse.

I will answer the foregoing questions for you. If it is determined that a man that was tazzered, then the tazzerer offended the laws of man and God. The tazzerer has the authority to tazzer persons, not men.

Allow me to put that in perspective and leave your mind open to all other occurrences you may be or were involved in; be they civil or criminal.

You, man and woman, are never party to and have never been party to a criminal or civil authority, claim, action, legal proceeding, except you believe so.

This perspective I share is based on the readers of this are men and women, not persons. What I mean is that you know the difference. That you, the reader, know who you are, man or woman, and you do not confuse yourself, do something, that you make yourself out to be or appear as a person. In other words, reality becomes unreal if you act as, appear as, or identify yourself to be a person. And there are many ways one may do that, knowingly and unknowingly.

This perspective is offered so you may comprehend A man acting as a policeman arrests another a man. It does not matter what the policeman believes or thinks he knows.

If it is later determined a man or woman acting as policeman did not have the authority to arrest a man, and they do not, the man or woman, the real, acting as a policeman, an actor, may be charged criminally. That charge should not be your concern. On the other hand, believe it or not, you can have him or her held accountable under the laws of God, his judgments. Something only men and women, not persons, can do. Are you confused yet?

It is no different than me taking your body and holding it against your will = kidnapping.

Either scenario are offenses against the law. The question is: which law or whose law applies; man’s or God’s?

All of man’s laws are actually founded on the will of the people, the citizenry, persons: we govern and regulate one another. Whereas; the laws of God are founded on the will of God.

Huge difference in respect of your liberty.

The laws of man, e.g. Canadian or provincial or state or federal law, are relied upon and applied to persons, the citizenry; where true liberty is not. Men sitting as judges render judgment, punishment, according to state or federal legislation.

The laws of God is what men use to govern themselves and to obtain relief according to the offense and appropriate judgement of God, punishment. This is where we have to be to have true liberty because only men and women who are men and women can have true liberty. There is no such thing as true liberty for persons.

I will carry on here with an arrest as an example.

What happens next, which law applies, is determined or pre-determined by you, the reader.

Was it a person arrested by a person, a policeman; perfectly legal. Or a man arrested by a person, a policeman. If the latter then the arrest is an offense against the laws of God; kidnapping?

In respect of the taking of property; house, land, car, tv, child etc. Was property taken from a person or from a man?

If from a man then the taking is theft. The laws of God provide for your relief; restoration of the property.

If the property was taken from a person it is not theft because as a person, a citizen, you own no property, not even yourself and not the children. That is why the arrest of a person is not kidnapping.

I bolded as because you are not and can never be a person, but you can act like one in any number of ways.

How can a man BE a person? I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say, I am here as a man. A man is not as a man he is man. If a man sayeth to a judge I am here as a man then this begs the question. What are you when you are not as a man? This may seem silly but trust me, it is deadly serious. Your life and liberty and property is at stake.

Proverbs 28:1 (KJV): The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

Only a man may make a claim upon a man and there are only people, men and women, here.

So why do you flee when no man pursueth? Why do you flee, fear, apply to, bow to and serve persons; that what exists in your mind? You have to distinguish what is real from what is not real. You have to know what a graven image is.

You have to be aware that the men and women representing legal entities, Canada, Ontario, Nebraska, ABC Debt Collector, a bank, CRA, IRS, represent graven images, things that are not real, and are not the ones making a claim.

But nor can the legal entity they represent make a claim upon a man or woman except you believe. I say again, when have you spoke to a legal entity or a legal entity spoke to you? You are running from and fearing ghosts, graven images, false gods. A product of indoctrination.

The wicked are heathens, pagans, countrymen, who believeth in the unreal more than God.


People who claim to be man or woman think they do but they do not know how to respond to claims made in the name of legal entities. Nor do they know how to bring causes before a judge under the laws of God. In fact, they are ignorant of the law, of God, that will save them.

Perhaps now you are getting a glimpse of how important it is to renew your mind. To free it of years of exposure to humanly contrived education systems and indoctrination. People scoff at or discount the laws of God as having merit. When people hear or see the word God they think religion. When they hear about the bible they think religion but know this; the bible is the book of THE law. Everything else you are told is law are acts, bills, and we know what it means to be party to a bill.

Go here to learn more http://restorethekingdomofgod.blogspot.ca/

Thank you
I love you
Be Well

Adam, Servant King

Originally posted @ New Earth Institute


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