Believing is Seeing


Written by Danielle Brooks, PhD, Health & Wellness Advisor, New Earth University, School of Health & Wellness

I remember the first time I experienced a miracle.  It didn’t happen the way I thought it would.  In fact, it took me by surprise.  But isn’t that the magical way of miracles?   You have to be open, you have to dream and you have to be willing to let go.

I was 6 yrs old and desperately wanting animals in my life when I had my first miracle.  Lions, elephants, hippos and horses not to mention monkeys and crested cranes filled my every dream.  I had done my research and thought long and hard about how to go about building a zoo in my basement bedroom.  I had poured over books, pictures and movies.  I felt confident I could do it.  I had it all planned out.  I dreamed of nothing else as I harassed my parents to no end.   Oh, I understood that I couldn’t push for the pony, elephant or unicorn just yet… I would begin with a long-haired guinea pig and build my menagerie, literally, from the ground up.  Well, I must have worn my poor parents down, exhausting them into agreement.  With 5 young children they could take my nonstop trivia and facts about the guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) for only so long.  God help them.

When the day finally came to go pick out a long-haired beauty from the pet store I was beside myself.  This little guinea pig was the start of something great!  It was late in the afternoon and the store’s closing time was approaching when I realized it was now or never.  I had to maneuver my dad into the car.  Lots of careful planning and life long ambitions were held in a delicate balance.  The pet store was closing when the shop owner quickly led me towards their one and only guinea pig.  Can I share with you my disappointment?  Ideas of long wild hair and bright eyes went right out the window.  Immobile in front of me was a very plump, short-haired, brown and white guinea pig that appeared to be napping – or in a coma.  Not exactly what I’d hoped for but even a 6 yr old knows opportunities sometimes only come once.  I snapped her up without hesitation.  I had my dreams to think of.

It’s easy to laugh at a child’s wishful thinking.  They believe anything is possible.  And it is.  A zoo in the bedroom?  Why not?  I felt elated that first night as I tucked Guinea, the guinea pig into bed in my woven doll basket.  Soon I would be surrounded by animals.  Well, that night my prayers were answered and a miracle did happen.  Guinea gave birth.  Yes!  By sunrise, I had a mother and her five baby guinea pigs.  As far as I was concerned this was a divine sign.  My prayers had been answered and a miracle had clearly happened overnight

But you know, sometimes miracles just don’t look exactly like you hoped or imagined.  I was now surrounded by short-haired guinea pigs instead of tigers and lemurs.  It really didn’t matter though.  Animals are animals and I knew I was blessed.   I loved them all dearly.  Like many, this miracle had come wrapped in a surprise package.  When you are open to them, they have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect them.  Miracles unfold in the most magical ways when you hold true to a dream and let go of how you think it will show up.  If you allow them, miracles will help shape the dream into something even greater and more incredible than you could ever have imagined.  Miracles happen every day.  We just have to have the eyes to see them and the hearts to follow them.  And that begins with holding our dreams close to our hearts.  When we believe in our dreams and in ourselves, anything is possible.


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