What Would Your Body Tell You About Your Life?


Written by Dean G Allen, PhD, faculty at the NewEarth University

The BodyTalker is an Infrared Science that measures and tracks Life-force energy flow between your 23 organs and glands, and decodes your energy flow patterns into unconscious decisions, which are creating and maintaining the problems in your life, body, business and relationships.

This is true because everything that happens in your life, body, business and relationships comes from specific ‘conscious or unconscious’ decisions made at specific points in time.

The question is:

Are your ‘decisions’ being made consciously in accordance with the natural Laws/Ways of organ/gland Spirit Life-force energy that creates what your Spirit really wants for your future? OR are your decisions being made by triggered projections of unconscious memory reactions associated with specific memories from your past… causing you to make decisions in the present, as if you were reliving your past… which then causes you to unconsciously re-live your past in your present… and your future.

Since you can’t have a solution any better than your clarity of the cause (so solutions are only clarifications of consciousness for one’s unconscious decisions that are causing specific problems), which also raises your consciousness. This allows for making clearer decisions quicker (before your unconscious reactive decisions are projected into your ‘moments of power’) so you can make more conscious choices.

Real “Change” happens when you are ‘clear enough, quick enough’ to make clear decisions and actions ‘in-your-moments of power’ to direct your energy to create what your Spirit really wants.

This brief video shows The BodyTalker technology in-action during a one-minute face scan:

I use this computerized Infrared Science to measure and track a client’s Spirit Life-force (bio-electrical) energy flow patterns, and decode them into one’s specific unconscious programming creating their life, body & business problems.

The BodyTalker is a revolutionary scientific system of “organ/gland psychology” …that uses natural organ/gland functions as an organic map of emotional, mental and Spirit Life-force energy functions, which allows clients to clearly and quickly see their unconscious programming decisions creating their life/health problems, PLUS identify the specific organ/gland issues/decisions needed to create real Solutions!


Dr. Dean G Allen holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Utah State University and was trained in traditional psychology and biofeedback. He began his career in the early ‘80s with his doctoral dissertation research using biofeedback focused on “Autonomic Nervous System Control as a Function of Imagery”. At that time Dr. Allen also taught a University course (for three years), on “The Psychology of Consciousness” and then continued as a Wellness & Stress Management Consultant for five more years until it finally became clear to him that biofeedback does not provide what his clients needed (clarity for how their decisions are creating their life, body, business and relationship problems) to provide solutions to their problems. Dr. Allen gave up his focus on finding these answers to focus on another career until 1987, when he found this Infrared Science. Since then Dr. Dean Allen has used Infrared BodyTalker Science full-time for the past 30 years with thousands of clients, …to get more clinical insight from a one-minute face scan, than he ever got from seeing clients weekly for years using traditional psychological methods.


Endorsements for Dr. Allen and his work with the BodyTalker Infrared Science:

Dr. C. Norman Shealy sponsored Dr. Dean Allen’s presentation on “The BodyTalker” infrared science at the National Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) Conference in December of 2000, where he was received by an overflow audience who were very receptive to Dr. Allen and this revolutionary new scientific technology.


Dr. Shealy says…

“This system of theory and technology is a revolutionary perception of who we are and
how we function as an integrated body of emotions, mind and Spirit Life-Force energy flow. Alternative practitioners have long been looking for scientific methods to measure and validate their claims of changes in the subtle-energies of disease, disorder and dysfunction, in their clients. I urge my colleagues to examine this system.”

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, Founder of the American Holistic Medical Association


Louise Hay said…

This system will blow your mind! It is light years ahead of any other form of therapy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to release old patterns.”

Louise L. Hay, author of, You Can Heal Your Life & founder of Hay House Publishing


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