A Call for Collective Healing


Written By Dr. Ellen Abramson Conner

PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Worldwide Research Coordinator, NewEarth University


UnNatural Systems promote UnNatural treatments that only further disrupt homeostasis rather than aid in its return. We cannot treat DIS/EASE with distress. To effectively treat the pandemic created by ignorance and greed and return to our natural state of being, we must learn and promote Natural treatments.

Selling heavenly slips of paper falsely guaranteeing rewards in heaven for your suffering on earth is Not Natural.

Your inflammation-based disorders are Not Natural.

The treatments being prescribed for your DIS/EASE state is Not Natural.

The amounts you are paying for the poisons that treat the Disease: Not Natural

The amounts of poisons you’re paying for in Food, Air, and Water that cause disease: Not Natural

Treating humans with conscious minds and souls just as poorly as we treat the animals we pump full of drugs to feed to them: Not Natural

We have been led astray.  The henchmen of those who have conspired to do so are just as smart and dedicated to their cause as you are to yours that comes with a pink ribbon wardrobe and have far more of your money to spend on research supporting their synthetic products as well as the politicians that launder their mandates into laws.

Laws that we follow. Laws that when broken by us receive swift lifelong and often lethal recourse.

If you try to treat yourself, you can go to jail: Not Natural.

If a trained physician prescribes nutritional medicine or natural supplement treatment they can lose their license to practice: Not Natural (Birth of medical tourism)

The majority of doctors have been selectively educated and censored into submission. Offering nothing beyond the cold blank statement: recommend changes to your diet/exercise to lower this without any further resources or instructions on how to do so effectively.

BUT in the meantime, because (Doctor looks at your chart) your levels of (something you vaguely remember from Biology class or a Pharmaceutical commercial) are so elevated at this time, it might be a good idea to go ahead and start a course of brand X pills!  Let’s see if we can get that one physiological variable back in the safe zone with a pill that instead causes 5-10 side effects due to its impact on 100’s of other variables at various levels of regulation.

This ensures the next time you go in it’s due to the combination of side effects from brand X as well as an unknown combination of the metals and carcinogens (often associated with the manufacturing and/or disposal of brand X and other pharmaceuticals) slowly short circuits homeostasis, our natural state of being. From painful urination or symptoms of irritable bowels, your brand X treated symptom is gone but the new blood labs reveal a possibility for adrenal fatigue or other inflammation related disorder and further testing for a possible immune deficiency is warranted.

Here’s another pill for adrenal fatigue to fix your complicated endocrine system we still know way too little about. Or if you’re male your symptoms of chronic low T due to xenobiotic pollution from the production of brand X and others like it being recklessly dumped into our water supply.

So a glass of water to wash it down counts as a double dose then?

A phone call from the doctor reveals an abnormal immune panel. Most likely Lupus, Fibromyalgia, possibly Cancer, or any number of immune/inflammation-mediated diseases popping up today whose cause is so difficult to elucidate due to differential environmental distress and drugs designed to treat your disease. Your treatment is even further complicated by the fact that your disease will be treated exactly the same as that woman twice your size you were just comparing your health to in the waiting room.

After many more months of inconclusive doctors’ visits, you are now taking enough prescription drugs to warrant getting some of those MTWThF pill organizers you always thought were for old people but you’re only 43. Not Natural.

One of the side effects of your pill regulating gas build up in the digestive tract causes lethargy.

Funny because the antidepressant you’re taking to quit smoking is giving you nightmares and all of this will eventually cycle in a stew of cortisol until it finally claims you. You succumb. First it kills your spirit. The accumulation of unnatural interactions that pollute the mind, body and soul will do that. Unfulfilling, Uninformative, Uninspired, Doctors visits, pharmacy pick-ups, pills, another pill, another problem no one can agree on long enough to solve. Anger nurtured self-destruction at the hands of those you trust: Not Natural.

Does any of this sound familiar? Does anybody ever long for the days when it was just Strep throat and a low dose course of penicillin was enough? Too bad we took those antibiotics for granted back then.

This systemic affront to our Health and Wellness sovereignty will never be ended by the intentionally ineffective systems in place to regulate healthcare. In reality, they end up regulating us making it easier to protect them. Not Natural.


Why is every single piece of the current system designed to return your NATURAL state of being, HOMEOSTASIS, into something UNNATURAL?

The current chaos, however, doesn’t just allow for our continued exploitation. It also provides us with tools/resources we can learn to wield against those who profit from our pain.

Until we do something, the doctrine of science, like the word of god before will continue being censored and perverted for the purposes of profit.

That is until the tobacco, petroleum, and GMO industries have had enough time to catch their collective breath from the 2012 tech BOOM that ushered in this possibility for ENLIGHTENMENT.


That which doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.


Sounds like a Dog Whistle slogan for Monsanto not a positive mantra for coping with chronic pain and suffering.

It’s time to invest in any and all endeavors that seek and validate natural methods for returning to our natural state of being. We must first and foremost begin investing in the development and promotion of Natural treatments, capable of reversing this massive global allergic reaction to the unnatural materials and methods we have been forced to swallow. In pharmacology/toxicology labs all over the world, empirical studies are conducted every day to assess the physiological impact of this or that drug on these enzymes or that disorder. This research is peer-reviewed and published like all other scientific data and discovery. It is rewarded federal and private funding and has led to some amazing breakthroughs in our understanding of transcriptional control and elucidated the micro-pathways of regulation and communication that exist at the cellular level.

Bad Cholesterol? Might be your LXR transcription factor. There’s a paper and a pill for that. The academic research infrastructure is there. We’ve just lost our way. There is, absolutely, no logical reason, other than money/funding, why the necessary research to implement natural treatments isn’t being conducted. Without it, researchers are left with two choices.


  1. Go do something else for a living
  2. Compromise your research goals for the sake of obtaining funding from the few


The NewEarth (NE) Health & Wellness initiatives are meant to spearhead the processes needed to rectify this by providing access to thoughtfully created open source based platforms devoted to the investigation and validation of Natural Treatments. Embedded in every NE resource are evolving methods meant to encourage productive sharing and discussion by patient and practitioners, scientists and students, congressmen and citizens alike.   We all have unique insights to contribute and the sooner we curate those for all to review the sooner the collective consciousness created by this endeavor will reveal patterns toward the Natural truths behind our collective healing.


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