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KALEIDOSCOPE TV: The CHI-O with guest, Dr. Don Paris, PhD (h.c.)

Are you concerned about dangerous electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution? Pollution that comes from cell phones, cell phone towers, 2 giga herz+ cordless phones, computers, smart meters, and so many more things that we are exposed to? What can we do to protect ourselves from electronic “smog”? This show – all about The Chi-O – offers a scalar technology solution that is, well, really unique and actually quite beautiful and practical.

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In this program the dial turns again to colorful discussion (chock-full of cutting-edge information with research diagrams, photos, etc.) presented by Dr. Don Paris, PhD (hc) championing seminal work in radionics. Don returns to Kaleidoscope from his fascinating visit in 2016 for this in-depth conversation on scalar technology and how his work morphed into what is now, The Chi-O. (Suggestion: For foundational info on radionics, tune-in to that episode of Kaleidoscope – Scalar Technology, available here on the New Earth Project TV Network.)

A longtime friend to the NewEarth Project, Don is a faculty member of the NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation. He’s been a passionate pioneer in open-sourced breakthrough technology for decades, and is also a published author, speaker, video producer, and musician. Don’s book, Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions has been published in German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and English. He is well-loved for a warm style of bringing challenging concepts into an easy-to-understand language; and has been a popular speaker at the Global Sciences Congress, Congress of Spiritual Scientists, and the US Psycho-tronics Association. Recently Don spoke at the NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival in Indonesia, at the NewEarth Haven-Bali. Paris has trained people in over 30 countries in the workings of Radionics and the subtle dimensional realities. He was awarded an honorary doctorate degree (h.c.) in Human Sciences from the International University of Vitalogical Sciences in Stockholm Sweden in 2000 for his work with the SE-5 and scalar energies.

This Show’s Message: We CAN counter balance the negative frequencies by wearing a “Earth Frequency Generator” on us. We CAN live a more healthy life in a natural Earth Frequency field. To that end, Don (and his incredible team of designers) created a wearable “Tech Tool” that can counteract the negative effects of daily electromagnetic pollution, which surrounds us 24/7.

This Tech Tool is your Chi-Organizer. Watch how Don lovingly dives deep into the philosophy, creation and dazzling beauty of the Chi-O – a stunning, life-altering application of Scalar Technology.

Please visit the NewEarth MarketPlace at: https://newearth.market/ to learn more ~ InJoy the program (2017)


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