Why Movement Meditations are Soul Food for Mind, Body & Spirit!


Written by Bascha Meier, Faculty at NewEarth University, School of The Living Arts, School of Consciousness & Spirituality



In my experience as an Energy Medium, Healer and workshop facilitator, SO often people are just not in their body, either living up in the head area, disconnected from parts of their body for many reasons, or ‘think’ that ascension is going up into ‘la la’ land when it’s all about coming fully into the body, especially into the lower chakras and grounding through the soles of their feet. That is ascending! Feeling the nurturing energy of mother earth flow up from her deep core into the soles of the feet, through the entire body, permeating each cell with unconditional love. 

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” –Rumi

Movement Meditation is an emerging well-being practice combining the mindfulness of meditation and the health benefits of cardio. Movement Meditators develop body positivity, personal growth…WHY this growing trend??

For many reasons, minds seem to be getting more and more over stimulated and active, more sedentary ‘life –styling’ ? with computer technology, deep longing and yearning for connection with live beings, having fun and more laughter in one’s life!

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”

Friedrich Nietzsche

So what is Dance or Movement Meditation?

Depending on who you ask, you might get different answers from everyone. Dance meditation is, at its simplest, a combination of moving to music while in the state of meditation. There are many variations and possibilities for combining movement, music and spirituality – called, for example, ecstatic dance, trance, Dance Mandala, Nia Dance and also my development of ‘Alchemy in Motion’ Movement Meditation.

5 great reasons for encouraging readers of this blog to try dance meditation or continuing to explore the different endless possibilities of moving the body while stilling the mind to awesome music and the vibrant collective energy.

  1. Connection

    Even though there is no talking there is a lot of emotional connection made with other ‘movers’ or ‘dancers’ in a movement meditation class. Everyone in the space is intimately connected through the energy generated from movement and in essence are aligning to what I call ‘surrendering to the slip stream’ –tuning into the magic of the Morphogenic Energy Field that connects us all to everything and everyone, across multi-dimensional realms. Through our breath and vibration, we communicate on what I consider to be a deeper level than speaking generally offers. When the dance floor is filled with positive energy from bodies moving uniquely, yet in tandem, something akin to magic occurs.

    Equally, moving authentically can be quite vulnerable. Dance meditation is not about breaking out the latest practiced step seen in a pop music video; it’s about getting in touch with our emotions, and our spiritual essence, and expressing that energy through our physical movements. Experiencing this within a safe space comprised of both friends and strangers is special. Knowing that everyone else is holding the space, so to speak, creates a sense of trust among those participating. After class, we all understand that we have been a part of something sacred, even if we don’t know each other’s names still. Some of the deepest connection I’ve experienced in life have been during dance meditation, where we are all reduced to our simplest form — unique souls coming together in movement.

  1. Physical Exercise

    These movement or dance meditations are a form of physical activity that can fulfill us on an emotional and spiritual level as well as shifting and releasing energies out via the bodily movements. This speaks to the heart and soul of the dancer, and when we dance, we often don’t feel we are ‘working’ at all, even though one may sweat and get the heart rate up during the class; it’s reflective of the best kind of physical exercise that is one that comes naturally!

  1. Unique Experience

    Moving in a room to music with a whole lot of strangers in free movement, may seem strange for newcomers to dance meditations. Some people, even though they have been out dancing, have never experienced ‘expressing themselves’ through dance and movement before. Even more reason to give this a go! These classes offer a supportive space, well held by the facilitator, to let go and simply allow your body to move as it wishes, surrendering to the pulse and beat of the music. It often becomes a beneficial creative outlet in which to physically express yourself. And the bonus is you may well meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

  1. Catharsis

    It is well known that some Traumas cannot be fully healed without a somatic experiencing component – ie physical movement. Sometimes the most beneficial way to fully move forward is through physical movement, even though of course other ‘therapies’ like talk therapy, trauma healing, art therapy, etc. can also be beneficial. It is ancient wisdom that dance is a path for healing, releasing old stagnant energy, sounding out of pent up emotions and allowing a more vibrant energy to flow again. Movement meditations add a meditative component and this simply enhances the healing effect. I know of many people, including myself and participants attending ‘Alchemy in Motion’ classes, who have had positive healing experiences through free dance movement in this cathartic way. Releasing stale energy through mindful movement is a fun and enjoyable way to move forward with our personal development.

  1. Creative Problem Solving

    The flow of creative ideas and rejuvenation of the creative mind while doing dance meditations is incredibly powerful…Whenever I am feeling stuck, be in in a business matter or in a creative project, I simply dance out the creative blocks. Alchemy in Motion, is now available as mp4 separate tracks or can be purchased as one album, ideal to play at home or anywhere out in nature, in the car, aeroplane with earphones on and jive in your seat…! So it also helps with tasks such as problem-solving: through the experience of movement, music, and meditation, problems that previously had no solution suddenly seem clearer. Often, the answer is nothing like what my brain had been suggesting! By literally moving through our emotions, we can shift so much energy that would otherwise stay stuck.


Transformational Movement Meditation

Created by Bascha Meier

To find out more, and hear the tracks visit my online store: http://www.baschameier.com/

The background journey:

Alchemy in Motion’ is a gift of channelled ancient wisdom, creating sacred pathways through the seven sacred frequencies. Dancing is a moving prayer – a doorway to the healing powers of spirit.

While walking through the magical forest in Hanmer Springs, South Island, New Zealand, in 2014, I experienced a download of channelled information in the form of the seven sacred frequencies and a clear message that I was to create a movement meditation with the titles that were gifted to me at that moment. Luckily I carry paper and pen wherever I am, so I sat down and the automatic writing flowed which then became the framework for the creation of Alchemy in Motion CD, now in mp 4 downloadable separate tracks as well.

The project was very fulfilling and I chose to work alongside the intuitive musician, Phil Riley, NZ, who was also my producer for this project. We were obviously meant to work with each other, meeting once a week to record the voice-overs live in his Recording Studio. I would arrive with my script for the next part of the guided meditation and it would totally align and merge like butter with the pieces of music created by Phil throughout that same week. We were a dream team!

And so it was a labour of love and ‘Alchemy in Motion’ was birthed. Since then I have held group sessions at numerous venues and via invitation at Summer music festivals as a presentation.

What has been an ‘aha’ experience for me, and also now makes me realise why I was called to create this movement meditation in the first place, and that it was ‘way ahead of it’s time’, is that clarity has come to reveal it’s real purpose!

As a Light Language Channel and Activator, when I lead ‘Alchemy in Motion’ it sets the energetic grid and frequencies in a way that those participants that are, on a soul purpose level, ready to become activated to speak light language or that require transmissions and light language activations, are gifted these during the 50 minute classes! At the end, when participants are in deep bliss relaxed on the floor after the Samadhi track, I then, with their permission, gift any light language codes/transmissions or activations that are needed. In this way, ‘Alchemy in Motion’ Transformational Movement Meditation has become a tool to facilitate Light Language for people.

More on the Language of Light:


I offer participants the option of wearing a bandana to cover their eyes, this allows the dancer to release any feelings of self consciousness in a group setting, allows them to fully BE with themselves and also HOPEFULLY make a deep connection with their own body, and also come fully into their body through music and movement. Being blindfolded also demands a certain level of trust, to sense the space around them and explore and flow with it, releasing any ‘fears’ they will bump into another dancer around them.

Movement is Life, Life is Movement – via the breath, the elixir of life.


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