New Earth Arrivals: Prenatal and Consciousness of the Unborn Child


Written by Laura Uplinger | Conscious Conception & Prenatal Life Pioneer, Fellow of New Earth University, Conscious Birth & Dying discipline of NEU’s School of Health & Wellness

[Editor’s note: This article is republished from NewEarth Oracle (NEO) magazine, Issue #1.  Meet international speaker and panelist, Laura Uplinger at the 2019 NewEarth Festival in Bali, Indonesia:]


“…the environment presiding lovemaking impacts the conception’s quality.  It is worth gathering a maximum of harmony: let there be no clouds, no strong winds, no waning moon.  Let it be morning rather than afternoon or night so as to better compose with the forces of light, and let there be love!


Our physical body is home to an orchestration of trillions and trillions of cells, each performing its own melody while aware of each other’s score, engaged in a formidable organic symphony that supports our earthly existence minute-by-minute, day and night.  No cell is left behind and communication travels faster than the speed of light.  How does it all start?  With just one cell.  Well, with two cells who unite and become one thanks to the orgasmic plenitude of a sexual embrace that marks a pivotal moment of our physical arrival on Earth.

The months preceding this embrace have already set the stage for such extraordinary merging, but seldom does consciousness preside the pre-conception period, too many babies are, and have been for millennia, unplanned, void of the fecund desire of welcoming a son or a daughter.  This lack of dialogue between couples and incoming souls has been hurting civilizations, plaguing human beings at the very onset of their incarnation!

Pre-conception time harbors an immense freedom, a “yes” to cosmic collaboration and consciousness growth.  Indeed, to be invited conveys an exquisite knowing to the ones about to arrive.  This certainty of being wanted might well be the kernel of self-esteem, the basis from which a fulfilling life can blossom free from senseless inner and outer violence.  A couple who says yes to parenthood can post a message on our galaxy’s website stating their willingness to nurture an earthling and strive for his or her wellbeing.  An explicit message as to who they are, how each understands life, in what environment they live and what they can offer – genetically, psychologically and philosophically – to a son or a daughter.  And yes, they can specify that they wish to attract a benefactor of Humanity.

A fabulous gift for a child is parents who love each other, another grand gift is parents who cultivate a conscious relationship with the spiritual world.  These are two areas worthy of preparation before embarking on the parenting voyage.  Who are we as a couple?  How can we further respect and complement each other?  How, in our daily activities, can we enhance our reverence for life?  And as we hope, trust and surrender, our physi- cal body organizes itself according our ways of being.  Nerves, glands, immune system adopt our mood and convey harmony and health to each organ.

According to esotericism, nature has entrusted responsibilities to men and women, regarding a baby’s arrival:

– Men, 100% responsibility at conception, the father-to-be brings in the soul he and his companion have attracted.
– Women, 100% responsibility during pregnancy, the mother forms the baby’s body.

Thus men are also invited to mind their physical and spiritual health, as it all gets registered on their sperm, and I invite you to ponder on this teaching from Hinduism: gold is sun-rays in a solid state, sperm is sunlight made liquid.  To dedicate the energies of our lovemaking to the forces of light ensures that lower entities do not feed on them.  A simple dedication makes all the difference.  I once read a Plato’s exhortation for men to avoid being under the influence of alcohol at the time of conception.

Also, the environment presiding lovemaking impacts the conception’s quality.  It is worth gathering a maximum of harmony: let there be no clouds, no strong winds, no waning moon.  Let it be morning rather than afternoon or night so as to better compose with the forces of light, and let there be love!

In a woman’s womb cradled in a harmonious atmosphere, the newly fertilized zygote presents on its cell walls more receptors to growth factors than in a tense and stressed womb.  More growth receptors is an excellent omen.  In the medical journal, Biology of the Neonate, French neonatologist Jean-Pierre Relier wrote about this impact of a mother’s psychoaffective quality at conception, echoing the Vedas of long ago who taught that conception is the most important moment of our life.

Regarding our inner environment, even when a sexual rapport seems a good way to wipe out the remnants of a fight, let’s remember that the body is still marred with the biochemistry of distress – not so inviting to a great soul –, and that a state of paroxysm is often conducive to ovulation.  From cell to baby in just nine months…

All of us have embarked on this journey which brings us from the invisible to the visible as wrote the Irish philosopher John O’Donohue in his marvelous book, Beauty, The Invisible Embrace: “There is no other way into the world except through the body of the woman.  Woman is the portal to the universe.  She is also the womb of Being.  Each person in the world commenced life as a minuscule trace within the depths of the mother whose womb is the space where that trace expands and opens to assume human form.”  In terms of one’s later identity and destiny abroad in the world, this is the time of ultimate forma- tion and influence.  In human encounter, there is nothing nearer than this; no two humans can ever come closer than when one is forming inside the other’s depth.

Naturally the relationship is hugely imbalanced: the one is a complete person, the other is minuscule and is just beginning a journey towards identity through absorbing life from the mother.  Yet within the night of her body, each is helplessly open to the other.  No man ever comes nearer to a woman.  No woman ever comes nearer to a woman.  This intricate nurturing and unfolding into identity takes place below the light in the physical subconscious of her body.  The mother sees nothing.  The whole journey is a hidden one.  It is the longest human journey from the invisible to the visible.

From every inner pathway, the labyrinth of her body brings a flow of life to form and free this inner pilgrim.  Imagine the incredible events that are coming to form within the embryo; how each particle of growth is like the formation of a world from fragments.”

There was a time – as a matter of fact, up until recently – when science believed in genetic determinism: sperm met egg and afterwards an intricate pre-programmed series of events would take place following precise genetic guidelines leading to the birth of a baby often considered a “blank slate,” unable to feel, taste, smell, hear, see and communicate.  Nothing can be further from the truth at the dawn of the 21st Century equipped with new modalities for assessing babies abilities, new findings in neurophysiology and the advent epigenetics.  We know now that our way of being affects how our genes express themselves – or don’t –, and during pregnancy this is of utmost relevance: no more Nature x Nurture.  In fact, these two have always gone hand in hand!  No wonder so many rulers throughout history have behaved in such detrimental ways, seldom minding the greater good…  Marriages were arranged to serve political interests, plenitude during pregnancy was never considered a must amid social elites, wet-nurses and preceptors took care of royal offspring.  Page after page, history books illustrate despotism, massacre, pillage, ravage, greed, indifference, treason and cruelty, all stemming from a severely low self-esteem.

At New Earth Nation, [the NewEarth Project] we embrace the understanding that how a pregnant mother eats, how she feels, how she sees herself and the universe, her ideas, ideals and imagination become the very matter from which, and with which babies are formed.

In our body we are poets, creators of a thousand tissues,” sings Chilean poet Joakin Bello, inviting us to be conscious of how we live and create ourselves.  Cosmic Intelligence has entrusted pregnant mothers with the power of conveying their most inner being to the making of Earth’s new arrivals.  Thus what we live in the womb is forever present in our body and psyche as a gossamer watermark, “a fundamental unifying principle underlying everything else – including DNA,” explains early human development expert Marcy Axness in her seminal book, Parenting for Peace.


Walk among trees and choose one to be your friend.  Touch it with joy and reverence: it is made of energies from the sun, the air, the earth and the rains.  Lean back on the tree with your right hand on your pregnant belly.  Place you left hand at the back, palm pressing the trunk.  Now ask the tree to share energies with your baby and you.  Feel the intensity of the currents flowing.  Afterwards give your tree a big hug of thanks from the two of you.

For a baby-in-womb, every smile, every joy and inspiration the mother feels, signal that the world out here is worth engaging in, that it is safe to choose growth, trust and expansion (versus fear, tension and protection).  In her book, The Oxytocin Factor, researcher Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg explores how calm, love, joy, growth and healing require the workings of oxytocin, a hormone and neuro-transmitter – and its related hormones – in our organism.

Adrenaline and oxytocin are antagonistic.  Sadly, lack of joy, despondency and chronic stress during pregnancy deprive mother and baby of the life-dance they were made to dance.  Spiritual master Omraam insisted that even under the best political/economic regimes, human societies will still not thrive if the major significance of prenatal life is not addressed.  For instance, specific brain areas for compassion and empathy demand harmonious conditions for their optimal development, the same goes for resiliency, attention and self-mastery…

Is our race still on its way of becoming human?

Are we sub-human?  What would it take to gift our planet with generations much better primed for kinship with all life?  In 2012, I wrote Childbirth in 4012 – a utopian text – for the closing round-table, at the Mid-Pacific conference on Birth and Primal Health Research in Honolulu, organized by visionary Michel Odent.  My utopia tells of a plan dear to Omraam: parks all over the world especially designed for pregnant mothers to experience wellness, peace, joy and beauty:

Childbirth in 4012

The times we enjoy today in 4012 were only a utopia in previous civilizations.  For millennia, love had been diseased – love for self as well as love for others.  That essential kernel of self- esteem had never been collectively addressed and nurtured; it had never truly blossomed in any nation.  Yes, throughout the ages there had been individuals whose hearts and minds had flourished without ever betraying life, who were prone to kinship with all.  But they were not many.  Prisons were full; abuse, betrayal, greed, war, crime and indifference were common plagues among governing elites.  Always a foul thirst to diminish and control others in order to feel better.

However, towards the end of the 20th century and into the first decades of the 21st, diverse branches of science shed galaxies of light on the genesis of a wholly healthy human being, confirming what many sacred wisdom traditions had taught since the dawn of time.

The intricate physiological orchestration of our development in the womb was finally understood, appreciated and respected! Babies were given better and better conditions to grow robust and resilient organs – especially the brain – thanks to the optimal biochemistry and nutrients flowing in their mother’s blood.

In schools and universities, students of all ages learned about nature’s plan for a fulfilling primal period.  All over the world, governments start waking up to the simple yet grand reality that every pregnant woman needs above all to eat well, feel joy and be inspired by beauty.  For the first time in over 12,000 years, societies began dedicating important financial and cultural resources to the wellbeing of pregnant women, in order to protect this decisive stage of parenting.  For the first time in all those millennia the powers that be got it: Mothers birth civilizations.

The 21st century saw the start of the centers we enjoy today in cities, suburbs, and remote villages.  Gathering places built in gorgeous parks where expectant mothers walk in nature, sing together, rest, weave, paint, read, dance, swim… enjoying an exquisite and joyful synergy among the wee inhabitants of their pregnant bellies.  As humanity learned how receptive we are to the inner world of our parents, that the integrity our adult body and its trillions of cells begins in the loving nature of their sexual embrace, unplanned pregnancies became increasingly rare.  Even the months leading up to the conception started to be consciously lived.

Oh, and I have to tell you about birth!  The ignorance that had marred most of birth practices slowly receded and died.  The unbridled use of technological intervention, finally recognized as counterproductive at best and abusive at worst, peaked in the early 21st century.  Once and for all, “experts” left laboring mothers undisturbed, trusting their bodies’ wisdom.  Quiet and privacy were embraced as the primary facilitators of easy childbirth.

The decade of the 2050s marked a turning point when the first generation of the wellborn ones attained maturity.  They grew up to be teachers, artists, merchants and policy makers of a differ- ent breed.  Their presence on earth instilled more creativity, empathy, flexibility, social intelligence and resilience into the marrow of the human family.

They began to have their own children, and the benefits of investing in primal health were revealed to be exponential improvements across generations.  People lived longer and enjoyed greater wellbeing.  Breastfeeding became an uncontested and universal practice as wet nurses and formula faded into oblivion.  Prisons, psychiatric hospitals and NICUs, began closing their doors.  Artificial borders between nations were declared obsolete.

Well, this is how we reached the Golden Age that our ancestors so deeply longed for, and so tirelessly worked to realize.


Laura Uplinger


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