Questions of Divinity: Part One

The human condition is made of many miraculous, messy and meticulous facets, and although it serves us to remember within each moment, our own sacred divinity held within every particle of our being, it is even more important is to keep a closely held reminder to our conscious minds and hearts, that above all, we are human.

Many moons ago, the first human flew open an eye lid and began the legacy of our species with a slow stumble, a shuffle upon the soils of our ever-expansively beautiful Earth. You are a direct descendant of this human, and all that came thereafter. You are now, here. There are few differences to the human, the person you are now, than to the person we were back then.

  • You still have four limbs, the same anatomy as a whole
  • You are still limitless in potential
  • You still hold the ability to communicate with anything
  • You still have a spirit, foremost, which your bodily vessel expresses itself through
  • You are still Spirit – and this, itself, has left you constantly asking the greater questions which can only be answered through your spirit

The cosmic cocktail of your existence, being a spirit in human form, has allowed you to consciously or unconsciously embark on an endlessly and unwavering journey to acquiring the ‘answers’ – not only to your own mortality, but also to your immortality, which even now, you still cannot fathom to put into a concluded and structured answer or route, at least not one which is plausible to your humanly imperfect rational mind.

You praise your divinity and remind yourself of your ethereal and limitless, a holy existence as an integral part of the system which is Earth, which is Life. Although, this sets the bar high for a wonderfully human existential being such as yourself, and finding the balance between the two states of existence and two very different states of consciousness, has proven to be a little more than tiresome, confusing, and an eternal array of questions – only followed by answers which allow yet another set of questions to arrive.

Reiner Maria Rilke once made a statement, which still rings true after many generations, in the ears of any human:

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”(1)

Upon first glance, there is a definable difference between childish and child-like. The child-like wonder and inquisitiveness we are naturally instilled with from our first breath, is meant to be a permanent state for the duration of our short lives – not something to be tossed out or folded up with our toys, rainbow-stitched clothes, and childhood dreams in a chest in the attic when we leave home to ‘become an adult’. This wonder, the natural inquisitive minds and hearts we are gifted with are intended to be a constant and integral part within you with which to navigate yourself through the physical world.

Now, we find ourselves more childish, than anything else. By stating this, scenes of small children throwing tantrums comes to mind – impatient adults which happened drop their cupcake on the side walk accidently and begin to cry at the top of their lungs, elderly woman arguing on the porch saying; “She started it!”, and even a law graduate fresh out of University yelling at the world because he can’t climb the corporate ladder fast enough – impatience. In the collective consciousness, the childish stem forth as wars; “My country is better than your country!”, “My faith is ‘righter’ than your faith!”, “My dad, and his dad, and his dad’s dad are stronger than your dads!”  Not to mention our childish games of acquiring the latest tech gadgets quicker than Bill and Mary next door, only to get tired of these after 2 weeks and then again have to go and grab something new to play with.

It’s ridiculous the separation we have created for ourselves and around ourselves, by simply being childish, instead of child-like. The sense of wonder and awe is packed away with the glow-in-the-dark stars and tiaras – to be forgotten completely, only until we cannot seem to handle the utter dissatisfaction which our lives inevitably become without this state of wonder, of not-knowing, of inquisitiveness.

Questions are natural. You are gifted the ability and freedom to wonder, in order to serve you on your path back to remembering what all ‘this’ is for, what ‘life’ is for. You are a question personified, you are a miracle – still unable to be decoded by modern rationale and science, only understood and used to its maximum potential.  Questions are a gift to guide your own way back to your essence, and in essence, the foundation reason of why you are in existence at this very moment – to remember, to unlearn the falsities of what you are told, and rather allow the answers to flow to you in the same manner as in which you ask them; with wonder, pure intent, and grace.

Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Seek, and you shall find.” – Matthew 7:7





Isabelle is a Crystal and Gemstone guru, free-lance writer and holistic, organic lifestyle enthusiast. She has taught Yoga at retreats along the coast of South Africa, and now still teaches crystal and gemstone workshops and healing in Cape Town. Through personal experience and applying holistic therapy to herself and others during her practice as a holistic Life Coach, she wrote her book ‘New Self, New Earth’ (,-New-Earth), which provides a delightful manual to living holistically as a modern day goddess. Visit her blog at, or for more info on workshops & the like: [email protected]