~ Zero Point Basis of the Psychological Mainframe ~

Written by MORPHEUS

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We are each like a microbe, an integral cell composing a higher being and a portion of its creative merits. We can only function at our full potential when all cells are individually proportioned in harmonic cohesion. Not necessarily synchronized at the same resonance; although this should be aspired, but receptive and identifiable in a feedback loop of cooperation. We function as independent integrals forming the organism of humanity, if we realized this truly magnificent nature of our being, we could coordinate ourselves in ways innumerable. This doesn’t mean we give up our individuality but that we all share the same common goal and most importantly love. Each individual “cell” or “entity” can take on the totality as the totality is composed of these “cells” that you represent, once you become more aware and evolved in your endeavours of love and progression you become more unified and embody more of the whole, while adding onto its fecundity through your individual ever forming self.

Every atom, even in what has be wrongly defined as dead matter comes from mind, and as it goes through a kind of dynamism it spirals through conscious evolution, until it accumulates the actualization of higher and higher gravitational orbits creating a molecular body with an ever evolving potential, progressing through higher states of mental activity, and awareness. The dynamism is directed by what has been perceived as the higher self – a dimensional rift of diametric correspondence, progressed by the infinite, eternal monad. It’s back being the universal ether, its foundation being life, and its existence being consciousness.

Many of the realizations attained by the psychological management of spirit are ephemeral, rudimentary in a phase of exploration, expiring into a field of higher inspiration, allowing the radiant glow of higher perception to take place within the inner world of our consciousness. As we continuously spin on our cylinder of spheres, spiraling through eternity and infinitude, the questions arises why? What is the point of all this if at the end, I am going to stop growing? stop learning? The resultant definite reality of whole self-actualization is beyond the grasping precepts of mortal, rudimentary mind. For when you pass through the gates of Eden, you shall be a master creator. God awakened in every segment of what was once your unconscious faculties.Once you realize nothing exists, you begin to understand everything. You lose judgment and move into discernment where your eyes are open. Each occurrence is apart of you and is therefore created by your intelligence as a collective manifestation, as you become one with the infinite non-existent foundation of existence, you will know all.Finite being the opposite of infinite is the biggest misconception. Finite is not the opposite of infinite, it can’t be. For something to be the opposite of infinite it has to embody infinite qualities to even intelligibly correspond to the infinite. Infinite is the opposite of the infinite, which is why it is indeed infinite. Therefore finite only exists as an abstract illusion.Imperative are the elements in balanced harmony in order to integrate your unconscious, unmanifest frequencies and faculties. You must find the synchronized consensus, evaluate into synthesis then the integration of the shadow/unconscious can engage and transmute into light through your love. You must understand yourself, how can you love your entirety if you are not aware of what lies beyond, in the unconscious? What we see in others is nothing more than parts of ourselves that we have indeed rejected, or are unaware of. I.e the shadow self. This is evident because, our perception is created by our intelligence, and our experience is merely the creativity of our intelligence. We are walking through our unconscious. And as we recognize that what we are seeing is indeed ourselves, then that gives us power to integrate it into consciousness, into “light”. As we integrate these aspects of our unconscious and transmute them, the aperture or lens in which we perceive reality expands, and we can see much farther into the darkness.

You are the zero point, and your unconscious is the Circle (The esoteric symbol for the infinite unmaifest) So as this zeropoint (the decimal in the middle of the circle, “you”) grows bigger it integrates the circle until it engulfs it (the unconscious) and as soon as it integrates the whole circle you have started the conversion of the circle into a spiral, and ascension begins. All though it is up to you to “climb”, many beings go around and around the same circle, sometimes for centuries. Do not stop your progression by conditioned thinking, education is nothing more a system of trained narrow thought patterns, study the world and information you get with criticism, albeit never rejecting the truth stored within. Each circle on the spiral is an extended perceived infinite space of your consciousness. Geometric modules of higher dimensional density expand proximity of conscious ability, in physicality and spiritual evolutionary quadrant.

When we reach full spiraled circle or “Infinite” we no longer recognize ourselves – we just are, and we have become a master creator we have reached God state. After moving through all our fears and misconception (the darkness) we are back in Eden, no longer needing experience, no longer learning or progressing, but consciously creating. The I am presence is the key and the gateway into the ascension spiral. The AM presence is the understanding that the outer exterior world exists, without the I presence the AM presence is nothing more than that. It is due to the prevalent orthodoxical state of the “AM” that scientific exploration has limited itself to the exterior “how” of secondary ramification. Such as the perception of time being duration, and materialism giving birth to the mind and consciousness. The archetypes have complete control in this state of consciousness. The archetypes are unconscious fundamentals of your experience. What we need to do is embody the archetypes, ie, realize the “I” presence, which is sovereignty the realization of godliness and sentience. Having complete awareness of your I presence will start the process of sublimating the unconscious into consciousness, the dark into light. A good way to start exercising this is to realize, that everything you see in others is part of you. Since it is indeed your intelligence which forms your perception. For example Jesus Christ as a collective psychological projection of the divinity existent in the masses at the time, that they rejected and didn’t realize was a part of them, the same with the devil, the devil is the part of you, that you have claimed as ugly and unfavorable. There are no unfavorable attributes, just attributes you don’t know how to put to good use. For example, aggression should be channeled into creativity, hate into an impetus of personality betterment. If you experience an annoyance emitting from somebody say, they are narcissistic, then ultimately it is your narcissism that you are seeing, if something isn’t a part of us it doesn’t disturb us. The consciousness you were seeing was an impulse of your consciousness which then turned into realization of the narcissism that you embody, when you reach this realization, it’s good to start on inner work. Whether that person is narcissistic is beside the point, if you can see it and it effects you then it is trigging something inside of you, which means it is you that you are experiencing, see this is what I mean by the “I” presence and the “AM” presence, You need to harmonize both and realize your effect on reality. The structure of the reality is merely a living canvas.

The archetypical expression can be understood as the quantifiable mass of psychological fragmentation. Understanding this level of self-integration it is realized that TIME acts as part of the power structure, as time in itself is the measurement of archetypical variation and changeability, i.e. our psychological archetypes are the measurement of our environmental introversion. As such it must be noted that: duration is an abstract experience of time concentration, duration is a secondary ramification of debris mental calculation. Ultimately time is the measurement of quantifiable excitation of internalized equations in the macrocosmic spheres of creation and manifestation. There are infinite probable realities existing simultaneously, focused conscious adaptability is the primary constituent of composite reactive realities.

From this perspective it is realized that cooperative construction of digraph stimulation is the constituent of the vital systemic waveforms of time variation. As change occurs through vibratory acceleration the spiraling motion of consciousness reacts on a conversion calibration, instituting time manifestation. The symphony of the spheres being the macrocosmic vortexijah bestowing depth through their spin dynamics, as speed accelerates, friction convulses producing more depth and a more rapid interactive web of intelligence between each sphere. Time being the depth induced receives and emits intelligence into the cosmic web of receptive channels of intelligence. The quicker the spin, the higher the frequency, the higher frequency the deeper the depth, the deeper the depth the more receptive the channels. The aversion of each sphere inflicting pressure on one and another produces time. So as we can see, time is part of the power structure.

The energies composed through the spinning dynamics and pressure thereof affects each sphere in a succession of dynamism, producing progressive states of pressure and friction. We can see here that time, the morphogenic field and the psychological mainframe are apt in cooperative simulation. The more we realize our selves, the deeper the depths that are reached, the more we embody the infinite unconscious we epitomize, the lighter we become the more receptivity is resulted and the faster time seems to engage. This may seem hard to conclude without understanding the zero point basis of its tether. Yet from the perspective of dimensionless manifestation and the holographic principle, it is probable and explanatory in correspondence to the void/dimension creation loop. The paradigm experienced is an inextricable mental expression of construed spirituality and psychological liaison.

Incipient thought migration occurs when one starts to become conscious, and steps into the “I” presence. It is when all the “memories” of experience begin to surface within the perspective mind of awareness. When a being becomes conscious and centers in the “I” presence all the dormant analysis which should have occurred during its unconscious states of worldly experience begins. Living in the now moment renders this function irrelevant as being present on a constant you are experiencing reality while self-analyzing and expressing.

Finding yourself moving in and out of incipient thought migration is normally the outcome of falling into the AM presence during certain periods then regaining consciousness later on thus analyzing, there are a myriad of reasons for this, the entire orthodox religious structure and educational system is prone to the conditioning of humans to the AM presence. Television, music, movies all focus on the exterior world, you need to turn your eyes around so to speak and let every instance every moment be a self-analysis, not rejecting the exterior world as a whole, you still need the balance of the AM and the I but realizing its you who is experience the world, and not just the world experiencing you.

The only thing we can ever experience is ourselves, until we reach a certain degree of consciousness, above judgment where we embody discernment. It is from here you really start to progress and understand the cosmic code, the spiral of evolution and become interactive with beings that have achieved the same level of awareness. Until then, it is a type of dream state in which requires attaining a level of self-mastery to level up from. This state of “awake” is a classroom to learn self-mastery, whilst the more lucid, astral state of “dream” is a classroom of co-creation, and becoming a reality creator on a higher scale. We see the astrological devises appealed in the cyclical scale of personality, time and the equative properties of dynamic progression. We are none perfect, if we were we would not exist in this interactive dimensional contrast. Though the ego can achieve perfection, it is not possible within this octave, once a certain degree is achieved here, we traverse.