Remember The One Who Gave You Everything


Written by Ryan Boyd, Director of Consciousness & Spirituality at the New Earth University

Every day we wake up in a bed and under a roof.  We breathe clean air and can immediately access a seemingly infinite stream of water for whatever reason we may want to use it.  We have the ability to walk down the street and step into a building that contains all of the world’s agricultural produce for us to consume.

Many of the luxuries we value in our daily lives are treated as necessary and civilized endeavors, yet we seem to be very oblivious to the fact that the only reason we have any of these things is because we are living on a very fortunate but finite planet.  We treat our modern world and all of its achievements as sacred, as a legacy to carry on and endlessly expand, but the very foundation upon which our society is rooted is treated like a landfill.  This paradigm is not sustainable.

But we know better than that.  We know that the Earth only has so much fertile land; only so much clean air and water.  We know that we can’t keep taking from our only source of life in the universe.  So then why do we continue to treat the Earth like it doesn’t matter?  Is it because were all just too caught up in our own lives?  Is it out of denial?  Is it because we don’t believe we can make a difference?

Regardless of the answer, it is time that we look beyond our rose-tinted glasses for a brief moment of clarity.  The Earth is life.  It is all the life you have ever known and possibly ever will know.  Everything you have ever experienced, every joyful moment, every intimate connection, every breath you will ever take is all a result of the Earth.  This is so blatantly obvious that it is certainly a cosmic joke where we have yet to understand the humor.  It is time to see clearly and choose wisely.  If you value your body, your time, your family, and everything that humanity has achieved up until this moment, then first and foremost, YOU MUST VALUE THE EARTH.  It is the ultimate priority beyond all else, because it provides the opportunity for all else to exist.

There are many things we take for granted in life and it’s easy to become complacent when we have received whatever we needed conveniently, affordably, and with no questions asked.  It is not your fault that our collective paradigm encourages and downright brainwashes many to lead this lifestyle of melancholy, but this was all put in place so you could forget one important thing.  Society didn’t give you anything, the Earth did.  The Earth gave you everything you are, and by extension, you are apart of the Earth.  This is your home, and now that you remember, it is time to call your mother; she’s been waiting patiently.


Happy Earth Day! from all of us at New Earth



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