Sacha Stone: Bypassing the Status Quo

Adam Abraham interviews Sacha Stone of New Earth Nation, embarking on a conversation ranging from cosmogenesis to the here and now, looking at how to transcend the status quo.

“One could speak in terms of fear, representing much of the past, and desire, representing the idea of the future, and both fear and desire are ultimately the same thing in that respect.  Both of them are absent in being.  They are very full-some in doing, but there’s not much being when were connected to our memories or were wracked with guilt or were wracked with sorrow.  By looking at the past and being enchanted to the future, invariably, we are also removing ourselves in any capacity to engage with bliss, because bliss or joy can only be engaged in the here and the now.” – Sacha Stone

Please engage with this interview in the here and the now and gain great bliss through the reception of this inspiring dialogue.



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