Is Your Self Image Holding You Back From Changing Your Clients Life and Living A Fuller One Yourself?


Written by Lee Davy, Teacher, Modern Day Samurai, Faculty, School of Consciousness & Spirituality, New Earth University

I’d like to delver deeper into the Self Image and how it reaches into and controls every area of our lives.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz who wrote Psycho-Psybernetics said “we act, behave and feel according to what we consider our Self-Image to be and we do not deviate from this pattern”

If you think about it for a very short period of time, you’ll realize that you have an image that you think of to yourself and one that you portray out into the world and generally, they do not match.

Your current results are a direct reflection of your self image.

If you are seeing limited results in your life, it is due to a limited Self Image – and typically one that was programmed or created for you.

The beautiful thing is you have the power to change it.

Huxley said “There is only one corner of the Universe you can change and that’s your own self”

If you are getting results in your life that you do not like, you can’t change the person or the circumstance, but you can change yourself. You can gain a greater awareness of how your mind and body work, that you are so much more than just physicality. You can realign with your Spirit, and as your awareness grows, you’ll be able to look at the same situation with a different perspective.

Once you alter your perspective, you’ll then be able to make different choices, and ultimately change the results.

There is a basic law in the Universe that states “What we focus on grows”.

Is the image you project out to others one of confidence, security and knowing-ness? If so, great! Is that matched on the inside or do you berate yourself if something doesn’t go your way, say “stupid” to yourself if you make a mistake or think yourself inadequate when comparing yourself to others?

If you answered yes to any of the latter questions, than no matter how much of a facade you present to others, that’s exactly what it will always be until the inner Self Image – the one you think in secret has changed.

Yes, you need to change that inner dialogue.

In order to do so, ACT AS IF.

Act as if you’ve already become the person you want to become. Emulate and watch those that you admire. How they walk, how they talk. Build that and other traits into your own personality, while reconnecting with Your inner Divinity.

Watch video’s of these people, listen to them over and over again, study and learn as much as you can, learn to meditate, and listen to that quiet voice from within – for you have all the answers already. Take speaking or acting lessons if you feel that you are shy and add all of these components to your Self Image. You may want to change your dress attire. For many years I’ve been a fitness coach, dressed in sweat pants and shorts. When I began wearing button up shirts and began dressing more as a business person and speaker rather than a ‘gym rat’, the way I felt about myself changed. The way others looked at me changed. It will for you too.

James Allen said “We think in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but our looking glass.”

What is the internal image you hold of yourself? Has it been holding you back?


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