Solar Liquid Power Launches into Space Today – New Earth Innovation Reaching for the Stars

Image Credit: United Launch Alliance

Get Ready For The Experience of A Lifetime

The launch of OA-4 is this week!  We are so excited for the launch, and we hope you are too.  This will be our second launch to the International Space Station for on-board experiments of our Solar Liquid Power.  The launch is scheduled for TODAY December 3, 2015 from Cape Canaveral Florida. New Earth Nation Science and Technology Faculty Director Dr. Doug Linman is currently at Kennedy Space Center.  To see the launch of this historic event from all over the world, here is the link

The launch is scheduled for 5:55 PM EST today.

PLEASE CHECK THE NASA launch schedule times for December 3rd, ORB4 launch and simply use this link to view the entire launch.  Watch anywhere on NASA TV – on December 3rd.  NASA will be running a live stream at


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