The World's First International Court is Emerging: The International Tribunal For Natural Justice

We live in a world where government and finance has literally taken over every part of our lives – our elected representatives are working for the corporations who fund their campaigns, the police use violence towards the public in the interest of “public safety,” and what we are told is the justice system has become so corrupt it refuses to follow its own rules… the time has come to ask ourselves one critical question:

“If I ignore the warning signs and don’t do what I can to fix these problems now, what kind of world am I leaving to my children and grandchildren?”


The ITNJ is birthed by the New Earth Institute’s Law & Governance Faculty; a worldwide group of volunteer researchers, lawyers, former government employees, business people, retired people, parents, grandparents, daughters and sons standing in solidarity in answer to this very question; each driven by the passion to restore balance and equilibrium to human society by holding the corrupt accountable for their actions.

The ITNJ operates in harmony with natural law – its forum is public, its rules of operation transparent. Its judges and court personnel are dedicated volunteers from all walks of life, from all corners of the world.

The ITNJ’s website is now live – please check it out and support this ground-breaking initiative by ratifying the Treaty of the ITNJ

What is Natural Law?

dnamanNatural law is defined as law consistent with nature and so is universal. In the context of human justice it may be best described as that which the conscience of all good wo/men would propose. Its application by the ITNJ is therefore interpreted as equity, or the fairness, reason and common sense by which all man-made laws are to be measured. Unlike common law which is local, natural law is universal. In other words, justice which respects natural law would be the same in Milan, Spain as in Virginia, USA. The famous statement respecting Equity applies likewise to natural law – “Common law is nothing without natural law, but natural law is everything even without the common law.

Who are the corrupt who need to be held accountable for their actions?

There is no doubt the court system has become corrupt, fraudulent and criminal. Rod Class and 2000 researchers have diligently documented the abuse in the landmark DC Gun Case that will be the first case brought before the Tribunal.

The number of violations witnessed from Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, and Court Clerks provided clues that the for-profit corporation is intent solely on financial gain for its owners and the Administrative Agents serving as willing enablers – clues which have led to investigations that reveal the most unimaginable .

Extreme harm has befallen Class in his plight for justice, but he is not alone – millions of men and women are incarcerated on “State Crimes” where the only “victim” is a greedy, voracious WAR MACHINE turned against the People.

justiceladyThe Courts have long hidden behind the words “justice,” “law” and “government” to lead the people to believe it is fair and follows the law as “government of, by, and for the people.” The evidence that this is an outright lie is now incontrovertible. This corruption is not limited to the United States – the brutal and systemic raping of the people’s property, their children and their financial futures is a worldwide problem that must be addressed.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is dedicated to exposing this corruption in a public forum. Dedicated people from all walks of life have volunteered their time, energy, and most importantly their love for the next generation, to participate in this People’s Court. The ITNJ will hold court, try the corrupt and show the public who these Administrative Agents really are, who they work for, and how they have knowingly benefited from robbing the people of their birthright, their property, and their right to live in peace. After all, Justice-making belongs to JUST US. It is our right, indeed it is our incumbent duty to create the world we want to live in. Will you join us?

To find out how to get involved and become a founding advocate check out the committee to support the ITNJ:

For further information: Visit the ITNJ Website

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