Free Energy Full Disclosure: QEG Chronicles – Part 2 – WITTS & The Millionaires in Yelm


Written by Hope Moore

Our full disclosure on the world of Free Energy continues as we reveal the personal experiences that led our family to the  beginnings of the QEG through our letters to Wilhelmina. Be sure to catch the beginning of this story in this post here.

Dear Wilhelmina,

It’s just after 6am and I can’t sleep anymore. I was awakened by the beautiful sounds of a man singing praises to God from a speaker broadcasting across town. It’s the early morning prayer that goes on for 15 minutes somewhere between 4-5 am.  I rise from my bed and look out the small iron gated window of my room. I can see the sun rising over the jagged mountains of Chefchaouen.  The rooster relay begins across this quaint Moroccan town as I hear one rooster after the other greeting the morning sun.

The Rooftops of Chefchaouen



I can hear the sandal-ed feet of a child as he runs through the narrow walkways that sit in between the ancient buildings of the town. Then a little later I hear the soothing whispers of Arabic spoken by young girls as they carry eggs to sell in the market square. I told my beloved Tivon yesterday that being in this town feels like living inside of an ant farm.  The buildings are so old and each one of them is nestled right into the mountain, one on top of the other.   All of them are painted with vivid shades of blue. The colors here are more beautiful than you can imagine.

Streets of Chefchoan


The tantalizing aromas of baking bread, warmed olive oil and spices have begun to fill the air. Soon breakfast will be served and I’ll descend the steep stairs of our cozy and well decorated Riad to ‘take coffee.’  But for now, I just have to start writing as my mind won’t let me rest. I hear a voice in my heart that tells me, “Its time.”  And with this dear friend, I have decided to finally tell my story of the last two years journey of my life of publically working on a free energy device.  Prepare yourself my friend, for the story that I am about to share with you here in these letters is by no means boring. Indeed in some respects it can be stranger than fiction.

morocco breakfast


Opensourcing and building our QEG free energy device has taught me more lessons than I could ever have imagined. However, the greatest lessons I have learned from this journey have very little to do with technology, engineering or the laws of physics. Rather, I have learned more about the characteristics of humanity which have all been brought to the surface through this one simple device.

As we both share the same interest in the work of Stephen Greer, I feel safe sharing this with you as it pertains to advanced alien races. I believe that we are not the only ones that exist in this whole galaxy, and I also believe that there are many alien races that are far more advanced in their technology than we are.  I feel that perhaps these other races view humanity as a ‘grand experiment,’ as it was appropriately named in some of the interviews I’ve heard with disclosure insider Corey Goode.

I have a hunch that the QEG was used as its own grand experiment with the human race.  I envision it might have gone something like this: Alien races decide to conduct a litmus test to see how ‘ready’ humanity is for handling advanced technology. Rather than giving us space ships, or materializers that make food out of thin air, they decide to give us something much simpler and almost primitive in comparison; a device that should have been introduced to humanity 130 years ago by the inventor Nikola Tesla. It was held back then from humanity by greed and the lust for power over people, as exerted by JP Morgan and Thomas Alva Edison.  So it’s almost as if the alien races said, “let’s see if they can walk before they run, let’s give them this older device and see what they do with it. We’ll see how much humanity has truly evolved in the last 130 years.”  Yup, I’m sure that’s how this conversation went, as what I am about to disclose to you in these letters are some of the most amazing accounts of human behaviors brought to the surface through the shared desire of obtaining advanced technology.  I’ve seen so much pain and so much good, and it is only fitting that I share this story once and for all, so that those who read it will know the reality of what happened.

Before I begin my long and sometimes painful reflection into the past, let me first explain where I am today.  I live in Morocco with my partner Tivon.  He is a brilliant engineer, and is strong and loyal. He has given me stability, something I need in my life. We chose Morocco as our place to be for a number of very good reasons.

Hope and Tivon at Home in Morocco

It is a completely different world here than it is in western cultures. The people here are still connected to the earth and working with the land and their hands. They speak to each other and they all know their neighbors. Life is simple, yet a little chaotic here. They do not have all the modern conveniences that we are used to in the west. They are developing towards this, but ever so slowly. You have to completely adjust your way of living and thinking when you’re here. Moroccans don’t have watches, they have time. They have a saying “enshahallah” which means “God willing”. It also means, “I’ll get to it when I get to it.”  An appointment made on Tuesday easily becomes a meeting on Wednesday, or Thursday, or as soon as possible.  The people here are incredibly laid back, making this a perfect environment for developing free energy devices because for the most part, you can do what you want and no one really bothers you.

Moroccans understand their own form of natural law. We witnessed an incident where someone stole from a vendor on the street, and immediately three Berber tribal women held back the boy while a local man scolded him in front of the whole town.  This was way before the Gendarmes arrived, who sided with the people. The people understand right from wrong.  If you harm another person here, it is quickly corrected through the long standing culture. Of course it’s not perfect and has its flaws like any other country, however, I can handle Morocco’s flaws a lot more than I can handle the police state that has become America today. Morocco is a Muslim country, however, all the crazy propaganda you hear about Muslims on western media is nothing but the biggest bunch of lies. People are people wherever you go. I am a Christian, as is my family, and many of my friends are Muslim and they are the nicest people I’ve ever met!  They show us the greatest respect, and I return the same respect to them and their traditions.


A former acquaintance of mine (we’ll call him Peter), once told me “Do NOT bring a free energy device to Morocco, because it is a lawless country, A LAWLESS COUNTRY!!!”  I still chuckle today when I think of his statement and how incorrect he was in his perception, especially since he’s never even been here. Morocco has plenty of laws, and they have an understanding of the natural laws of the universe. What they don’t have is an insane series of corrupt, gestapo-inspired regulations, and unnatural  laws like we have in the western world; the same kind of laws and hidden oppression that the western world has that makes it near impossible to build a free energy device in peace.  So if this is what he meant by “Morocco is a lawless country” then heck yes, this is the exact reason why I’m building free energy devices here!

Everywhere we go we get support for what we are building here.  Everyone knows and respects Nikola Tesla, including all the standard engineers.  People are happy with what we’re doing and they want to help us get this technology to the poorest people here who don’t have any electricity at all. But most of all, I feel safer here than I’ve ever felt in any other place in the world. I live in peace, everything here is very cheap, and people are so warm and friendly that I know if I were to ever run out of food or need help they would help because that is their culture. They care about other people.

It’s really not easy to figure out how to get into Morocco on your own.  Not many people speak English, and you need to know someone who knows the area.  I actually plan on writing a book soon called “HopeGirl’s No Nonsense Guide to Morocco” which I think will be very helpful. But that’s another story for another day.  For now, we will stick to the saga that is the world of free energy around the QEG, and my family’s quest to help humanity.

Our story begins in 2013.  At the time, my stepfather James was working on an energy device called an RRFC which pulled radio waves out of the air and converted them into useable energy.   James is a self-taught electrical engineer who worked at Shop Vac Corporation for 27 years but has spent his entire life from childhood tinkering with electronics, motors and radio waves.  In 2013, no one in my family, not even James, had any clue about the ‘world of free energy’ and all the nuances and personalities that have been in this playing field for decades.  We were an average American family, struggling to make ends meet like everyone else. We just wanted electricity, we wanted to get off the grid of energy slavery, and we wanted to help other people do it too. This was, and still is, our only agenda to this day.

At this moment in our story, I had already started writing the HopeGirl blog, and had been involved with many groups through skype calls. I had written a business plan and was looking for investors to help me fund a humanitarian projects company (and two years later, I’m still looking!).  This is when I met a woman whom we’ll call Carol. We met through an online spiritual group.  She is an extremely wealthy woman whose husband we’ll call ‘gadgetman’ (owns several electronic companies in Hong Kong).  Carol invited me to come to visit her at her estate in Washington, where she said she would introduce me to all of her billionaire friends there and spread my business plan around to help get me investors.  Carol told me that these people are so rich they don’t even know what to do with their money, and that they are looking for something spiritual to redeem their souls, and my humanitarian projects business fit the bill.

So I spent my own money to fly out to meet Carol in hopes that I would be able to fund my company.  The moment my plane landed in Seattle I was greeted by Carol’s ‘driver,’ a middle class woman who owned her own local cab company, who regularly picked up guests for people visiting Carol’s estate.  Within minutes of getting into the car I was grilled and vetted by this cab driver for the entire hour’s journey to the estate.  She wanted to know who I was, how I knew Carol, where I came from, what my background was, all about my company… she was very nosy.  Me, being overly friendly and a bit naïve, happily obliged her interrogation session and answered her questions truthfully. I had nothing to hide. I told her that Carol and I met through an online spiritual group, and that Carol was interested in my company, which is an organization for humanitarian projects. Much later on in this story we will revisit this cab driver… as she played a role in how this whole story turned out.

Carol’s estate consisted of a huge custom-built home, several hundred acres of land, a full horse barn, gardens, and lots of dogs, cats, horses and chickens.   She has a full staff working for her; maids, cooks, farm hands, gardeners, drivers, etc. Her husband was not home when I was visiting, he was in Hong Kong for almost half the year on business. In fact, I’ve still not met him to this day.  Carol spent 4 days introducing me to her friends and pampering me with her wealth. She wanted to be my spiritual teacher and take me under her wing.

Yelm, Washington, USA is home to the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, which is a huge horse farm estate run by a woman named J.Z. Knight, who allegedly channels the spirit of a 35,000 year old war god named Ramtha.  Thousands of people have become disciples of the school over the last few decades, they practice ‘energy work,’ and are known for their ritualistic exercises like walking around blindfolded, rigging the lottery numbers with their minds, and becoming drunk at wine ceremonies.  (They have been called a cult by many people, and many former students suffer from PTSD symptoms.)
At the time I was there I didn’t know anything about the school’s history, I had never heard of Ramtha at all. LATER I READ THIS ARTICLE that shone the light on some of the school’s darker aspects.   Many of the people I was introduced to in Yelm through Carol’s rich friends were all part of this spiritual school. One man named Míceál Ledwith, was a close friend of Carols whom she insisted I meet and have dinner with as, according to Carol, he “used to run the Vatican.” He seemed like a friendly guy, though a bit odd… then later on I found the above article that mentions him as being “defrocked from the Vatican under pedophile allegations.” I’m amazed at some of the things I’ve learned about the people I’ve known now that so much time has passed.

This is JZ Night who channels “Ramtha” in her very luxurious home in Yelm

Carol was an 8 year student of the Ramtha school, and had moved her family to Yelm just to be a part of the spiritual community. Many people who live in Yelm are millionaires and billionaires that are former CEOs of well-known companies, and even some members of the infamous ‘13 families’ live there. According to Carol, many of these people feel empty inside regardless of how much money they have, and they were seeking out spiritual fulfillment through new age methods.  There is a cult film called “What The Bleep Do We Know” that comes from this community and portrays the culture there.

I met many characters there, including a woman who was a ‘psychic to the stars,’ a man whom had just come back from an Ashram experience in India, and a well-known film star from the seventies. I even had dinner at Carol’s house with author Joe Dispenza, whose work I really respect.  Not many people know this about me, but I have opera training and I sang an opera song for Joe and his wife at Carol’s house. I think that was a moment they will never forget 😉

Now that I’ve set the stage, here is where the QEG comes into our story. While I was in Yelm, Carol introduced me to a group called WITTS (World Improvement Through The Spirit).  She had been following their work and speaking with them for quite some time.  She had ordered a small product from them, a series of small tubes to put in your car engine that would supposedly increase your gas mileage by 90%. I met their spokesperson everyone calls ‘Sir T’ on a skype call with Carol, while standing in her living room.

Here is some more background: Carol’s husband gadgetman was open-minded enough to try an energy device. Carol had convinced him to try a device that WITTS was building called the 40 Kilowatt Generator.   This generator is a variation of Nikola Tesla’s Electric Dynamo.  According to my conversation with WITTS, the generator that they have in their possession was designed by an inventor named John Ecklin, who has built many successful devices, including a car that ran without gas that he drove around for 30 years.   He is the original designer of this generator, which was a variation of a Tesla patent that is in the public domain.  John Ecklin died a while back, and many of his devices and patents were sold off at the auction of his estate.  I don’t know how, but WITTS acquired the device.

WITTS claims that they can build and reproduce these generators, well actually they claim to already have 100,000 of them up and running in countries all over the world.  I developed a relationship with WITTS from that day forward.  We spoke on skype calls, promoted all their products on our website, did a radio show together and also featured them in our movie.

WITTS wanted to sell their generator to Carol for $100,000. Carol wanted to have the device on her estate so that she could show it off to her friends. (We’ve since learned that this is a common pattern; many wealthy people want to have a free energy device so they can display it like a museum piece rather than use it.) Carol’s husband said he would pay the $100K but insisted that the money be transferred to WITTS via an escrow account. This made sense to me, as it ensured that WITTS would not just run off with the money, and deliver an actual product.

WITTS replied that they needed to “consult with the elders” about the escrow account.  We later learned that ‘the elders’ consists of one guy we will call Joe, who calls all the financial shots for WITTS that, apparently, not many people like very much.  Joe said no, they wanted all the money up front in cash and they would not put it in escrow.  Carol’s husband said no deal and dropped the idea all together.  This process took months to occur before they finally pulled out of the deal. In the meantime, I kept talking with Sir T and promoting WITTS on our website.

I wanted to help them get their stuff out there, and I told them I would try my best to promote them to the people that followed our work on my blog. This is all I ever promised WITTS.

During these few months of corresponding with them, my stepfather James started watching their YouTube videos. When James saw the 40 Kilowatt Generator video, and heard the device go into resonance for the first time, something clicked in his engineering mind. This is when James received inspiration on how to build this device.  It’s much like the way Tesla received his ideas about energy, it comes from within. James could not stop thinking about the generator, he kept ‘seeing’ in his mind how it would work, how it would produce enough power, and he was fascinated with it.

James put the RRFC to the side and focused all his time and energy on the generator which we call the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator).  His main drive was to build a device that could produce enough energy to power a home.  He wanted to just give it away to the world without patents, and help other engineers build them.  James paid $360 for a one hour skype call with Sir T. The information he received on this call was incomplete and very unprofessional.  Sir T held up a scribble on a piece of paper and said “here is the schematic.” Other than 1 hours’ worth of incomplete instruction, the rest of the information on how to build the QEG James came up with on his own, using his own engineering knowledge and experience.

Just to help make things clear, the QEG is an adaptation of Tesla’s patent, which is in the public domain, which means anyone can reproduce it. Ecklin reproduced it, WITTS acquired Ecklin’s device and showed it in a YouTube video.  James designed his own version by watching the video and talking to WITTS for 1 hour, but the details of the design all came from James’ knowledge of engineering.

(I will be bouncing around a little bit here in our story line, as so many things happened over the course of many months simultaneously.)

On the topic of WITTS:

WITTS claims to have been in existence for over 200 years. They claim that everyone that has ever had anything to do with energy has at one point in time come through their organization. This includes even the greats Nikola Tesla and Michael Faraday. They also claim to be a Christian ministry, and continuously state that they are only doing this work for humanity in the name of God.

The night before we open sourced the plans for the QEG to the world, we had a brief skype chat with Sir T. It was our last attempt to work together with him and it didn’t go to well.

Prior to this we had tried to work with WITTS in every way that we could. After many failed attempts, we wanted to give him one last chance to help us bring this technology to the people. We wanted to make another donation to their organization. We wanted to ask a couple of questions about overunity, self-running and further development.  Sir T immediately opened up his end of the conversation with vile insults. He said he would charge us $1000 just to speak to him. He then said “Hope promised she would give us 99% of all the income she ever made from any campaign she’s ever had.”

Yes, he actually said this. And actually expected me to give him 99% of all the GROSS revenue ever generated from any crowdfunding campaign I ever did. This of course included a few campaigns that had nothing at all to do with the QEG. And he specified GROSS too, which means he wasn’t even taking into account all the fees that need to be paid in order to just hold a campaign, or accept credit cards, or buy parts.  Of course I never said this, as no person in their right mind would ever promise such a thing. This man was beyond delusional.

But there is so much more. Over the last two years, we’ve spoken to many people who have had run-ins with WITTS, including a lot of their students who have spent thousands of dollars on consultations with Sir T.   We have videos of several of these consultations that we’ve had to watch over and over again in order to report or reference some of the technical information in our material. It’s funny, because sandwiched in-between all the technical info is a bunch of crazy wild claims from WITTS.  According to WITTS, “everyone in the free energy world started with them, they all stole WITTS’ work.  Sir T uses terms like abandoned us, stolen, lied, cheated and scoundrels when describing Ron Cole, Sterling Allan, Stephen Greer, John Bedini, Dennis  Lee, Tom Bearden, Nassim Harammein, Foster Gamble and  Don Smith.

Sir T states, “Most of the people that started with us weren’t supposed to go out on their own. They were supposed to stay with us and work with us.”

When asked if they were trying to raise $12K to build a solid state demo, Sir T states “No we are not doing fundraising like that, we are raising $20 million for a factory, we are tired of doing demos.  We are supposed to be raising money for WITTS Ministries and others have stolen every dollar WITTS ever raised. To this day they are still doing it. Even the super-rich stole billions from WITTS.”

After many conversations with people who have worked with WITTS, we’ve learned that many people feel WITTS acquires other people’s devices rather than inventing them or building them themselves.

After the opensourcing of the QEG brought in so much public attention, WITTS came out with some slanderous statements about our family and then tried to discredit the QEG technology.  At one point in time they said publicly that “the QEG might disrupt the Quantum field”.  The engineers that I was hanging around with at that time couldn’t stop laughing when they read that.  When I asked them why they thought that was so funny, they said “Its like saying a solar panel could disrupt the sun”.

WITTS then changed their tune and re-designed their website to feature the QEG. They also increased their prices (formerly $360) charging people $1,000 to talk to Sir T for an hour about the QEG.



Now back to the Millionaires of Yelm:

I only bring this story up because I want to detail what it was like to be exposed to this strange inner world of the elite. And I wanted to pass on the unbelievable knowledge about this world that I learned from Carol.

Carol taught me about how the extremely wealthy think. Many of the elite are very spiritual people, they know all about ET’s, black ops, free energy, secret societies, and mystery schools, but they will never admit that they do.  According to Carol, all of them already have free energy devices running their homes, and they just don’t want to share.  She wanted to mold me, and shape me into being an elite CEO.  She was teaching me about spiritual discipline, about how to act and think and take charge of my own reality. She was into all that stuff that you hear about in alternative media like the movie The Secret, the law of attraction, quantum physics, and creating your own reality.  She also really wanted to help people in her own way.  She cared about the sick, the poor, the starving… and there was a part of her that really wanted to do something to change it. Yet, even with all her wealth, Carol had a lot of limitations beyond her control.

Over time, Carol and I lost touch with each other and I traveled to Australia and had many experiences which I’ll tell you about more in our next letters.  For the most part, I met a lot of new people and remained quite busy. I met a well-known internet psychic that I’ll call Peter. He and I became good friends and had plans to do some work together in December of 2013. Then one day, out of the blue, I received an email from Carol. She was incredibly interested in meeting Peter because she wanted to know about his psychic abilities, and she had heard that I knew him.  I told her that Peter and I were going to be touring together and would be in Mt. Shasta.  She said she wanted to meet up with us there – it was her birthday!

Mt. Shasta in California has an incredible community, and I was planning on staying there for one month with Peter to work on a big media project together with several other colleagues. Three days before they were supposed to arrive,  our two business partners pulled out and left Peter and I stranded to handle the project on our own.  It was a very difficult time for both of us.


It was during this time that Carol flew into Mt. Shasta on a private jet and rented a very posh cabin for one week. She had Peter and I stay in the cabin with her and for the whole week it was just the three of us. The owners of the cabin informed us that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, had stayed in this cabin the week before, and I couldn’t believe I was sitting in such unimaginable wealth.  Honestly though, while it was quite beautiful, it really didn’t do much for me at all. This is mostly because of where my heart is at. Fancy material things and wealth have never impressed me. Good people that do good things, or moving stories that make me cry, are what impresses me. I believe that we as humans are so much more than these imposed westernized ideals of what happiness is supposed to be when it comes to the acquisition of “stuff.”

The Cabin We Stayed in at Mt. Shasta

cabin 2 Inside the Cabin At Mt. Shasta

In fact, I was shocked at the sheer amount of money that was being spent on this ‘vacation’ of Carol’s. Please bear in mind that at this time, I was doing everything I could to get funding for our new organization, so this is where my mind was focused. (Small amounts from donations coming in were helping me to survive, while my family and I did the work to build the foundation for open sourcing our free energy plans.)  I grew up middle class American and money was always tight in my house. Plus, I spent most of my younger life as the ‘working poor,’ earning minimum wage as a waitress, a retail sales associate, a radio advertising sales rep, and a home health aide before I finally got my corporate job working in finance.

During the time of staying there with Carol and Peter, the rent for this lodge was around $1,000 USD per night. Carol wanted to stay there because it was her birthday, and she wanted to ”get away from it all.”  We sat in that cabin for 7 expensive days. Carol and Peter went in and out of spiritual trances and had lots of ceremonial bonfires, with a constant supply of wood coming in from the ground’s caretakers.  They held spiritual ceremonies for horses, and did lots of ‘energy work’ which consisted of standing around the fire and speaking things out loud with conviction, then trying to convince me that something, somewhere had happened as a result of what they said. There was a non-stop cloud of marijuana smoke in the air as Carol and Peter continuously lit up one joint after another (I myself am not a pot smoker).  I recall sitting in a bear claw bathtub one night thinking of how perhaps Mark Zuckerburg had been in this same tub the week before, and how utterly ridiculous this whole fiasco felt in the face of all the real problems that were occurring in the world.

Peter told us that he was getting ‘instructions’ on how to build technology devices from ‘the other side.’   Well, having a stepfather like James who gets inspired by the work of Tesla, I believed him.  I thought that perhaps all this extremely expensive new-age hippie stuff might lead to something worthwhile.  Carol seemed to be supportive of Peter’s technology devices and told him, ”tell me what you need and I’ll buy your supplies.”  So then Peter took us to a crystal shop in Mt. Shasta where Carol spent almost $10,000 on several large boxes of bulk assorted crystals and beeswax.

The Crystal Shop in Mt. Shasta

Then a very determined Peter and Carol, toting along my very bewildered self, headed back to the lodge to build the “devices”.  I admittedly had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. And in many ways I felt like they were sort of keeping it a secret from me. Perhaps they thought I wasn’t “spiritually enlightened” enough to understand what it was that they were doing.  But Peter told me it was ancient Lemurian technology that he was building. I heard the word “technology” and “device” and though that perhaps he was an engineer and they were going to build some sort of energy device that could power a lightbulb or something.

They took crystals, rocks and melted bees wax and put it into a baking dish, waved their hands over it, did some meditation and that’s how they made their devices. Below are some pictures of these “devices”. They claimed that they did all manner of incredible things.  There are substances called orgonite that you can measure with scientific equipment to show how they block out different harmful energy fields.(they kind of work like those heavy blankets they put on you to protect you from xrays) This was not orgonite.  These Lemurian Devices did not power lightbulbs, and I didn’t see a single piece of scientific measuring equipment anywhere.  They were pretty though.

Devices built by Peter and Carol.

Devices built by Peter and Carol.

Shortly after our lodge retreat, Carol insisted that Peter and I come to stay with her in Yelm.  This time, Carol had no interest in me or my humanitarian organization; instead she was only interested in Peter’s psychic abilities and wanted to introduce him around to what she claimed where her “soul-sick”, wealthy friends who needed something worthwhile to focus on.

She told Peter she could make him rich, that he could give psychic readings to her billionaire friends for $1,500 a day and then sell them the same technology tools, the bees wax and crystals, for between $500-$2,000 each.  She immediately had him booked for 12 days in a row of readings.  On one occasion, he went off to a crystal show, this time with a stack of other people’s credit cards with the intention of spending $100,000 to buy crystals to make more Lemurian technology tools for his readings.

Nine out of ten people reading this right now would look at some of these figures I just listed and they would feel sick. I’m only listing the amounts spent on such nonsense to make a point.  There are a lot of wealthy people in this world that are spending enormous amount of money on completely ludicrous things. Carol told me that most poor people would want to lynch the wealthy if they knew how they really spent their money.

I watched Carol drop more money in one week than most people in the world make in a whole year.  Peter was able to buy a new car after two days of telling people they were Cleopatra in their past life.  There is a tremendous amount of insane imbalance in this world, and I feel strongly that it’s going to have to correct itself in some way. (During the entire extent of my friendship with Carol she invested a total of $1,000 in me and my organization, $100 of this went into a crowdfunding campaign to help us film a movie that she was helping edit, and she smuggled $900 in cash to me (because she couldn’t let her husband know) inside of a mashed potatoes box she mailed me with some homemade jam from her farm.

I needed to leave Yelm. This was insanity to me and I had to go back home to help my stepfather with the QEG. Before I left however, I witnessed the most shocking behavior I’d ever seen from my friend Carol.  One day she got a letter in the mail from one of those Christian Children’s Funds asking for money to feed starving kids in developing countries. Something in Carol snapped and she went on a tirade of hatred for the poor people, claiming all they ever wanted was her money, that they were all lying scammers, and that all these charities are bogus and they just want to take her money that she works really hard for.  I think Carol was having some sort of a breakdown.

In those last days I spent with my extravagant friend, I learned a few key pieces of information that had been previously hidden from me.  I learned that Carol had no real control over her own money as she had to have her husband’s permission to spend it on only what he deemed worthy.

Sometime in the months that we’d lost touch with each other, Carol made two bad investments on people that took her money and ran off with it. One of these investments was in her maid: Carol and gadgetman gave their maid’s family a loan to open up a restaurant.  Everyone in their small town knew this.  The maid’s family decided they wouldn’t or couldn’t pay back the loan, and it put a really bad taste in Carol and her husband’s mouths for lending out money.  Since this time, her husband put a moratorium on Carol’s spending (no more helping out friends who were working on projects or trying to start new business ventures). However, if it was something she could categorize as entertainment, such as a birthday retreat or a very expensive purchase of pretty crystals, she was allowed to get away with it. And she told me she was trying to make sure that Peter rolled in enough money from her rich friends to immediately pay her credit card bill before her husband saw the money was gone.

Remember the cab driver? Well it was at this time that I learned from Carol’s mother (who leaked it out by mistake in front of me) that the cab driver flat out lied to Carol’s husband, and made up some elaborate story about what a bad person I was and how I was just using Carol for her money.  This was the cab driver I spent one hour with in the car.  Carol’s husband had never met me, but he believed the cab driver and told Carol that I specifically was not allowed in their house. So all the time that I was at Carol’s house she was sneaking me into her home while her husband was away, and I had no idea.  I found this out in the most horrible way. Carol and her whole staff were busily running around the house trying to clean an already pristine estate in a nervous rush to get it ready for her husband who was coming home early.  She rushed me out of the house and paid her cook to drive me back to the hotel so he wouldn’t know I was there – all based on the lie of a jealous cab driver – jealous because, as Carol later told me, “ she wanted us to give her, the cab driver, a lot of money because we had just bought our maid a family restaurant.”

Carol was my friend and we were very close. She knew all my little secrets and I knew hers. We spent hundreds of hours together on phone calls and I cared about her very deeply as a human being. She taught me a lot about this world that we live in, both directly and indirectly. And in many ways I still miss her as a friend. She was not perfect, as I am not perfect.  People make mistakes, and I know I’ve made my fair share too. And I still feel awful about the way things ended. There is still a part of me that wishes I could speak to her again.  I hope that one day her husband will come to his senses and see that taking the advice of a jealous cab driver is not the best way to make his judgement calls.  They would see that we have built the device they were willing to pay $100K for, and that we are serious about wanting to do this for humanity. We have gone forward with creating our business entity and opening up a community center for the poor, but it seems as though Carol has absolutely no interest in the QEG and the endeavor that she herself helped to bring about for the whole world when she introduced me to WITTS. Does she even know that there are over 100 QEG’s being built right now in over 40 countries? Does she even have any idea? I have to wonder.

As for Peter, he never left Yelm. He still lives there and he and Carol now do YouTube shows together. Unfortunately he and I don’t speak anymore either. He stopped responding to my messages and I feel quite saddened by this too.  He was a good friend and I cared about him a lot, but I think Yelm and all that money really changed him.  I did speak with him one time after this experience and he told me he had been following the QEG news after we open sourced.  Apparently, at one point, he was charging for readings he did for engineers who wanted him to tell them how to energetically build a QEG.  No I’m not kidding. This is the kind of crazy stuff that happens around a free energy device. I’ve since learned that there are many people who go to psychics specifically to ask them about the QEG.  Supposedly, people have channeled alien beings who talk about the QEG. One blogger told us that the entire Galactic Federation has recognized the QEG and its open sourcing as a milestone in humanity’s history.

As for us, we prefer to stick to more concrete readings. Like schematics, measurements on a scope, and lighting up the homes of the poor, one bulb at a time.

Coming up next time on the QEG Chronicles: Our Unexpected Initiations, and the OPAL Tour.

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