World’s Oldest Pyramids Found in Alaska Shocks Scientific Community


Written by Humans Are Free

Could it be possible that Alaska has the world’s oldest man made pyramids?

And, if true, is the recent snow and ice melting going to reveal even more ancient structures in the future?

Amazingly, a small team of explorers has just announced that they have indeed found at least two ancient pyramids.

Currently, only the upper portions of the pyramids are exposed but the general shape is obvious.

The team was able to find the outer rock edges of one pyramid and the stones were obviously stacked one on top of the other (comparable to Egypt pyramids).

The team actually made the discovery by accident while on a hiking expedition.

“What the geologists said they found under Alaska, was a pyramid bigger than the one in Egypt.”

In this exclusive EMN video shot at Contact In The Desert, Joshua Tree, California, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe shares her research about an alleged pyramid buried beneath Alaska and how it relates to the gods of antiquity.

Linda Moulton Howe:The Ancient Pyramid of Alaska is Real

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  1. Maggie may 3 years ago

    I wonder what else they find with the melting glaciers.a new disease from ancient times or disease that could destroy our forest or our crops… it boggled the mind what will come out of ..???????????

  2. LoveSprout 3 years ago

    Lol no dieases will come from this.. we are protected by the light and all these discoveries are made for us to learn that we are not made humans we are aliens put on this world

  3. LoveSprout 3 years ago

    Spread Love & Peace !

  4. jackson knox 3 years ago

    Ppl get a grip…. All this shock n awe and aliens..please… Quickly let’s learn.
    1. Pyramids All of them were built by Africans
    2. Africans travelled the planet and traded long before Europe ever existed
    3. Christopher Columbus did NOT discover the Americas…Africans were already there when he arrived…fact
    6. 95% of the earth human population is of color…
    7. Africa is not the original name of Africa…it’s really Ethiopia or Cush.. Africa is the name of the Roman general that invaded and Concorde Cuz I.
    8.Most history Before Christ has been hidden and or destroyed and or altered by the Roman empire which is still in power also known as the Vatican.
    9. Everthing you do and know today is from Africa… Your religion even your 7 day calendar… amen is African..
    10. The truth is there if you really want to know…common sense and the ability to read and comprehend are key… Stay Sober and stop looking up in the sky for answers…look in the mirror! Peace

    • Lyndy Siverly 3 years ago

      It is biblical that man spread out of Africa. Many however did not chronicle their historical movements. There is evidence that the Welsh reached the east coast of North America in the 1200s according to a high plains native American chief. He spoke of a large fierce tribe of white Indians that neighboring tribes feared. Their ships were set on fire and the Welsh were forced to seek safety inland and live as the natives did. Pyramids in Alaska… Time will tell.

    • Khem 1 year ago

      And Africa, as well as all the other continents, were once way back in the misty beginnings of the earth’s evolution, all part of a huge single landmass we call now “Gondwanaland.” And, per the ancient wisdom, we are now here inhabiting the earth on a globe that was re-made 3 times before this round, with 3 more remakes planned for the future. So, who knows how many times and how many civilisations have taken their spiritual schooling in the past on one or more of the incarnations of this planet?

  5. David 2 years ago

    Lmao, what a load of garbage, several things;
    A pyramid that large like the supposed ones in Antarctica are multiple times larger than the Giza ones. It’s a natural formation.
    2) the Norse have been found in China, they were the ones who traveled to the Americas and the native Americans spoke of along with factual archeological evidence.
    3) Africans didn’t travel the world they didn’t have the boats that were able to. We do all descend from one female in Africa that part you have right as well as the naming.
    4) no gov. Could keep massive secrets secret unless only one person knew of it. Told no one, and it died with them.
    5) people from China and that region migrated thousands of yrs ago across the land bridge to Alaska and down the Americas, they also went south through Korea, the Philippines, and on down to New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii eventually.
    Sorry to burst your bubbles. I watch acient aliens on tv for a laugh and some noise while studying. The entire premise of how they justify what’s said is the same as Fox News uses in the some people say phrase. Yeah that person says it, and it makes them into the some people saying it. Just like some acient aliens theorists beleive…. what a joke.

  6. ChicoEsqualia 2 years ago

    I believe in the Word of God in His Holy Bible. The Bible outlines salvation history and who we are. We will be returned to God’s Light, Heaven, when our souls leave our bodies. The body remains of this earth. We do not know everything about how our Creator went about putting us here; we may never know everything, even in Heaven. St. Paul said, ‘the agendas of evil will be revealed in the End Times.’ Satan is the current prince of this world until the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ. So called, ‘aliens’ do exist. I have seen their ships up close. I have not seen the aliens inside. The pieces of God’s puzzle will be revealed slowly, when we are ready. Good (God) and Evil (Satan and his forces) exist within the whole universe. When the Son of God returns to earth we will know the greater part of the ‘puzzle’ and at that point will have all the information we need finally choose between the Good and Evil. It will be clear. Revelations mentions the ‘final battle’ and I believe that we are getting close to that point in our history. ‘Aliens’ did not create us. What has been created cannot create. Only God can create and the aliens know Him well. Be ready for Christ’s return.

  7. Duane Daugherty 2 years ago

    People believe what they want to believe. There are things in this world that modern science has a hard time understanding. Think about that, if we can’t figure it out?
    Personally I have seen things that can’t be human made, or at least that we have heard about.

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